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illi 1.2.0
Set Snail
illi is a polished one button platformpuzzler. As the creature illi, you jump your way through a strangeworld where gravity follows you! Things you take for granted inyour world is different here. illi travels through portals andenters barren worlds where she gathers light crystals that remain.The creature illi can bend the fabrics of the world and makegravity-defying jumps. Each new unique world introduces newmechanics, traps and obstacles, which will make each world a biggerand more difficult task than the last.- Brain-melting arcade-puzzle-platformer.- Play as the fluffy, slug-goatish creature, illi.- Travel through a beautiful, surrealistic universe.- Take on 60 gravity defying levels!- Over 170 quests to be completed.From us at Set Snail, we hope you enjoy the game.