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English Grammar Test
Language learning requires a lot of books and different onlineresources to be used during the curriculum. This is atime-consuming and uncomfortable way to learn English. Our languageapp is the best way to study English and to practice English.Stunning minimalist design and clear user interface make it easy totest your grammar skills. This English Grammar Test app is perfectfor Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. The test is dividedinto two levels. Each one contains 30 tests with 20 exercises. Wehave managed to put 20 English grammar units (for each level) ineach test in a way that each question is a part of a certain unit.When you complete your English test you see which aspects ofEnglish grammar you are good at and which of them require morepractice. When you make a mistake the app explains you why youranswer was not correct. Here we offer you an absolutely uniquefeature — simple explanations for each question that help youunderstand why we should use certain answer instead of the other.English learning is nothing without feedback. Use our app to getinformation about your good and bad sides. Take a grammar test onceor twice a week during your curriculum and analyze your results.Focus not on mistakes but on the explanations given. With theprogress page provided in the app you can see your total score andresult of each english test. There are three scales from bad toperfect which indicate your percentage. If your total score iscolored green then you are ready for a new level. Another uniquefeature that you will not find in other apps is the English chat.Download the app and join the chat where you can speak English withthousands of learners around the world. Moreover, our app providesFREE daily classes, exercises and lessons via popular social mediachannels. Learn English free, find new friends — this is the bestEnglish practice you can find at the store! Download one app to getmuch more: practice, analysis, communication, interestinginformation. Features: - 60 tests and 1200 english exercises - 20English grammar units in every test - simple explanations - totalscore and progress analytics - English chat - clear user interface- beautiful design - daily English lessons and exercises Syllabuscovered in english test: - Word Order - Articles - Present Tenses -Past Tenses - Future Tense - Passive Voice - Modal Verbs - PhrasalVerbs - Irregular Verbs - Pronouns - Adjectives - Adverbs -Relative Clauses - Noun plus Preposition - Prepositions - Adjectiveplus Preposition - Nouns - Some, any, a lot of, many, much etc. -Conditionals - Reported Speech - Gerund - Infinitives - ConfusingWords - Linking Words - Expressing hypothetical meaning - WordFormation
English Idioms and Phrases 2.0
This app is dedicated to one of the most difficult lexical topicsin the English language - Idioms. All English language learnersface these unusual phrases from the very beginning of theircurriculum. When you meet them for the first time you get confusedand usually try to translate each word and only after that you tryto understand the meaning of the whole phrase. But very quickly yourealize that you can not understand it at all. Such extraordinaryphrases are called idioms. To understand what they mean we have tolearn them. Some users often ignore these important topic. But whenthey begin to communicate actively they realize that nativespeakers use idioms in their everyday speech with great pleasure.Of course it is almost impossible to learn all idioms at once -there are thousands of them. But you should definitely try to learnthe most common idioms. With this pack of knowledge you will soonbecome an interesting communicator for sure. That is why our app isthe most easy and suitable way to reach this aim. We have created alist of the most widespread idioms. Each idiom has a clear andsimple explanation and an example of the context usage. But this isnot the only way to use the app. There are lots of tests which wehave made up to help you improve your skills and knowledge. Sohaving downloaded our application "Idioms" on your smartphone youwill be able to find and understand necessary phrases, learn themand also test your knowledge. The app is absolutely free and itdoes not have in-app purchases and offers.
English Phrasal Verbs 2.1.1
This application is dedicated to one of the most complicated topicin the English language — Phrasal Verbs. There are dozens of rulesand nuances in this topic, but we have made maybe the easiest wayto deal with it. When students face a phrasal verb for the firsttime, they usually do not know how to translate it and then how touse it. The problem occurs rather often because there are more than10 thousand phrasal verbs in English. That means, that we meet themevery day in the spoken and written language. But at the same time,such a big number does not mean that all of these phrasal verbs areof common usage. The majority of them just rest inside thevocabulary. Native speakers know them but they hardly use them inevery day speech. That is why we have collected phrasal verbs ofwide usage. They will help you extend your vocabulary andunderstand native speakers. Being the developer, we take much careabout our users. We understand clearly that it is not appropriateto give just a list of verbs like all other vocabularies do. It isnot comfortable for learning, understanding and practice. We reallybelieve that learning apps should develop students’ skills in aclear and simple way. That is why you will find a very friendlyinterface and useful functions inside the app. We have included 247phrasal verbs. You can read and learn them in two ways: — use analphabetical list and open a card with the verb you do not know; —swipe each card one by one. Every card contains a simpleexplanation and an example of usage. Also every verb is markedseparable/inseparable. Students can use bookmarks to form the listof necessary phrasal verbs. After you have studied the verbs youare able to check your knowledge. We have made up a collection oftests where users are offered to choose the needed phrasal verb orto choose the needed meaning. When you complete a test the appshows you the result and mistakes. And one of the most importantthings about our app — it is absolutely free.
Word search game 1.3.3
**ABOUT THE WORD GAME** Word search game is a good way to spendyour free time smartly. You will have fun while guessing the wordsand trying to get the highest score. But be careful! This is not anordinary boring cross-the-word-game in which you see a word andsimply find it inside the field. No. Our word puzzle is much moredifficult and smarter. You will have to use your brain, logic andknowledge to pass all levels. We created this word puzzle both fornative speakers and English language learners. There are 1700hidden words and such a word puzzle is a great opportunity toexpand your vocabulary. In case you do not know a word, just tap onit and get the translation and meaning. Simple technologies whichhelp you learn. There are many tasks that make a simple gameplaymore interesting and catching. You never know what kind of wordsyou will need to find in the next square with letters. And one ofthe most important things. Our vocabulary game is absolutely freeand doesn't include in-app purchases. We still believe thateducation can be free. **GAMEPLAY** The Find a word game offers youto search words which are hidden inside squares with letters. Youdo not see the words that you need to find but the game gives youdifferent tasks. For example: find all words on the topic“Television”. Or find out only certain parts of speech: verbs,adjectives, nouns, adverbs, etc. Or even synonyms, antonyms andhomonyms. Also, there are mixed squares which means you are to findas many words as you can. Hidden words are taken from differentspheres of our every day life. That makes this vocabulary gameextremely useful for learners of English. Play, have fun and study— this is the best way to learn the language, isn't it? The size ofthe squares increases as you move further in this word search game.If the first level has 3x3 squares, then the last one is 10x10. Itmeans that the number of hidden words gets bigger. So, at first youneed to find not more than 6 words, but at the last stage it ismore than 20. There is a number of different hints to help you passthe stage if you get into trouble. You may open one word in thelist or all of them. Be careful: you will get less scores if youuse hints. But we believe you will solve all word puzzles with theuse of your brain and skills. This word game gives opportunity tocontest with gamers all over the world. Due to the worldwiderating, you will always know who does it better than you. You willdefinitely want to beat them. **WHAT'S INSIDE** -- 1700 hiddenwords -- 100 word puzzles -- worldwide score rating -- online wordtranslator -- beautiful and bright design
English Irregular Verbs
"Irregular verbs" is a basic pattern of English Grammar. We startlearning this topic from the very beginning. At first the list ofirregular verbs has about 20 items than it increases to around 200.That means, that you need to learn all irregular verbs if you wantto speak English correctly, and tedious memorization is the onlyway to learn all the words. We know how difficult it is to memorizesuch a long list. So, we made a simple app dedicated to irregularverbs that will facilitate this work. We have created an algorithmthat leads you not only to memorization from A letter to Z. We havedivided irregular verbs to levels, so you could learn them partly.Every irregular verb in the app has a card with the meaning andexamples. Also, there are tests which will help you learn how touse each verb correctly. In addition, we would like to focus on thedesign of our app. Clear and beautiful interface will make learningirregular verbs in a pleasant way. It is also important: “EnglishIrregular Verbs” app is totally free. Learn, have fun and speakEnglish!