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India Satellite Weather 5.0.4
"A picture is worth a thousand words". A complex weather data canbe conveyed easily with an image map. By observing the Cloudformations around your City, you can easily predict whether the dayis going to be Hot or Rainy/Cloudy.It is very well equipped withdata caching capabilities and will never download duplicate datafrom the server. The downloaded weather maps will stored locallyand can accessed offline.This application fetches the weather mapsdirectly from Indian Meteorological Department ( andCIMSS [USA] ( I really don't havecontrol on the missing north indian region of some map typesbecause they are provided by USA Meteorological Department.This isan Open Source Application: free tocontribute!
IRCTC Pro 2.0.2
This application is aimed at enhancing theUser Experience on IRCTC.This is NOT an alternate solution for Tatkal bookings. It will notwork while IRCTC mobile site is down.[FYI: Please drop me a mail if you have any issues orsuggestions]Key Features:-Auto Login.-Intelligent Session Timeout detection & Auto retryLogin.-Auto Fill Journey details & Payment details.-Access your Tickets Offline.-Faster page loading, No images are downloaded except whenextremely necessary.-Avoids unwanted usage of IRCTC resources, It never create a newsession if existing session still valid.-Major IRCTC navigation are redesigned(UI) with latest Android ICSdesign patterns.-Designed in multi-threaded architecture to utilize multi coreprocessors.Limitations:-The application’s Online functionalities are highly depends onIRCTC mobileweb page(, and it will not work if mobilewebpage is down.Upcoming Features:-IRCTC Ticket sync(similar to Google and Facebook contactssync)will be implemented and it will retrieve the Tickets directly fromIRCTC main web page.-Wait Listed offline tickets will be automatically updated once itconfirmed.-Train information should be accessed offline.Report us your feed backs and suggestion using provided “contactdeveloper”option in “App Main Menu -> About -> ContactDeveloper”.!!! This is not an official application of IRCTC and not relatedwith IRCTC on any manner !!!PLANNING TO DEDICATE THIS TO MY BELOVED OPEN SOURCECOMMUNITY!Keywords: IRCTC, Indian Railway, train ticket, ticket booking, railbooking, mobile booking, offline ticket, e-ticket