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XOS Launcher(2020)- Customized,Cool,Stylish 4.0.8
XOS launcher is highly customizable, smart, beauty and so cool.*Rolling effects Fresh icon scrolling effect makes phoneinteresting. *Font Swap One-click font preview, so easyto apply font ! *Amazing setting * Abundant Themes&WallpapersChoose your favorite. * Stylish Instant App Free installation,Multiple entries, One-click direct access. * Customized Zero ScreenLocal cards make your life better! *More Cool FunctionsA-Z/Folder/Clean/Global Search+Hot words/Lock screen…… to becontinued..... ABOUT XOS Launcher XOS is an Infinix Project broughtto you. Learn more about XOS at: If you have questions orsuggestions, please share them with us!
HiOS Launcher(2020)- Fast, Smooth, Stabilize
HiOS launcher is faster and lighter. *Fashion Desigh Give yourphone a new look ! *Rolling effects Fresh icon scrollingeffect makes phone interesting ! *Font SwapOne-click font preview, so easy to apply font ! *FasterA-Z Quickly scrolling effect on horizontal A-Z * Lighter InstantApp Free installation, Multiple entries, One-click direct access. *Hide Apps Your Privacy is in hands. * Smooth ZeroScreen Local cardsmake your life better! * A vast number of Themes&WallpapersChoose your favorite. *More Stabilize Functions Folder/Clean/GlobalSearch+Hot words/Lock screen…… to be continued..... If you havequestions or suggestions, please share them with us!Facebook:
XShare - File Fast Transfer
The world's fastest transmission speed, QR code matching the mostconvenient file transfer tool, can be no traffic, no networkenvironment with friends to quickly share all the files in thephone. Special features: ► No network restriction: Share fileswhenever & wherever ► Fasted in the word: 200 times faster thanBluetooth ► QR code fast matching: The most convenient QR codematching program, gently sweep, finish paired share ► Quickinstall: Enable quick install to skip frequent confirmation
Recharge King - Top up tool, Recharge phone V1.4.013.0
Recharge King is a tool with no pain when you topup. It is base onOptical Character Recognition technology and smart enough to knowhow to topup.It is fastest tool to top up using scratch cards.Supported Operators for now : 1.Safaricom , Orange , Airtel ,YUfrom Kenya 2.Vodacom , Airtel , Tigo , Halotel , Zantel , Smart ,TTCL from Tanzania . 3. MTN, GLO , Etisalat & Airtel fromNigeria 4. Ethiotelecom from Ethiopia 5. Orange , MTN , Nexttelfrom Cameroon 6. Orange , Tigo & Expresso from Senegal 7. MTN ,Airtel , Africell , Vodafone , smart & UTL from UGANDA 8. MTN ,Tigo , Vodavone from Ghana 9. Orange , MTN , Cellcom from Guinea10. Vodafone , Orange , Etisalat from Egypt 11. Tigo , Airtel , MTNfrom Rwanda 12. XL , Three , Indosat from Indonesia. 13. Airtel,Tigo ,Salam from Chad. 14. Econet Leo , Smart , Lumitel fromBurundi. There are more to come. How to use :  Scratch off thesilver foll to see your voucher number.  Open Recharge King toscan voucher number.  Click OK if scanned voucher number is right,otherwise click rescan.  Click topup airtime or add data bundleto get things done.
Phone Master - Quick Clean Booster, Battery Cooler
THE BEST Phone Manager! Phone Master - BEST Applocker, DataManager, Junk Cleaner, Speed Booster, CPU cooler and Battery SaverHighlights: 🏆 High rated:4.7 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 🔥 10 million users worldwide✅ All-in-one junk cleaner and privacy guard Note: Five Star rating★ ★ ★ ★ ★ means Good/Excellent. 🔔 Why Choose Phone Master? ✅ Withpowerful cleaning engine: Cache Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, Phone Mastercan fully improve your phone performance. ✅ With multiple privacyprotector to protect your phone security. Core Features of PhoneMaster: 🚀★ Speed Booster No more auto-start application in thebackend. Phone Master boosts processing speed, clean unnecessaryapps that running in background and save battery. 🗑️★ Junk CleanerAlways feel slow and need more space when using your phone? BestPhone Cleaner to remove junk cache files, Clean up storage, boostperformance 🔋★Battery Saver The battery saver can analyze batteryusage and monitor all apps that drain power while not in use.Hibernating the apps to stop battery draining and promote batterylife. 📱★CPU Cooler Cooling the CPU heat by detect and close appsthat are likely to cause temperature rise. 🔒★Applocker App Lockercan lock up apps, photos, messages, and other private data withpassword or pattern. You can easily protect your privateinformation. Hide sensitive photos, videos, contact, SMS andcommunication apps by encrypting it. Give your secret solidprotection as your best defender. 📉★Data manager Data manager canset data plan for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and whatever date circleyou want. Data Manager also can display data usage per app. Easilyidentify most data-hungry apps in your device. Make your cellulardata usage more clear and simple. ★Deep Clean Manage all your phoneon one screen. Delete unwanted image, video, audio, installationpackage. ★File Move Full of different kinds of files can take lotsof phone memory. Move your large file in just one single tap tofree up space. ------Q&A-------- ★How does Phone Master Cleanyour device? Make your phone clean is our top priority. We haveseveral features to help you improve your device. No more bust andfreeze. ✔ Clean cache trash – clear system cache and apps’ cachejunk files to reclaim the space. ✔ Clean apps' installation package– clean the installation apk of apps ✔ Clean uninstallremains-clean residual junk file from deleted apps; ★How does PhoneMaster make your phone faster? Does your phone speed become slowerday by day and even hang up? Our phone booster will accelerate yourdevice and cool down the CPU temperature. ✔ Boost processing speed,halt unnecessary apps that running in background. Improving therunning speed. ✔ Analyzes CPU usage detects overheating apps, andclose them immediately to cool down phone temperature. Never makephone hot. ★How does Phone Master help you master your phone? ✔ UseData Manager to set a data usage plan, monitor what apps are usingthe data a lot, and get alerts before you run out of data. ✔Battery Saver can help you find out what’s draining your power.Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery. ★How does PhoneMaster Protect your privacy? Sick of people spying your privateinformation and intruders trying to snoop your privacy? Let usbecome your super defender. ✔App Locker can lock apps that youdon't want people to check. Set password or pattern to lock up yoursecrets. Give your private data, sensitive photos and videosstrongest protection. Keep snoopers away from messing up yourpersonal information. Your feedback always keeps us improving withmore and more cool features. If you like our app Phone Master,please rate us 5 stars ★★★★★in Google Play store. Follow us onFacebook @ to keep up withour latest update, promotions.
This app provides all the features offered by Tecno Mobile'sofficial forum web site Tecno Spot in a simple, clean and straightforward way. Key Features: 1. Synchronized account between websiteand app 2. Reply and start new threads 3. Send and read privatemessages 4. Receive notification from forum 5. Subscribe articlesor threads you like 6. Post your recent status 7. Keep in touchwith your friends
Daily Weather
The most accurate and reliable weather forecasts across the globe.Get real time temperature updates and weather warnings. Track windspeed and get weather forecast in current location, get preparedfor your outdoor plan. Real feel and humidity tells you how thetemperature actually feels outside.
Daily Weather
The most accurate and reliable weather forecasts across the globe.Get real time temperature updates and weather warnings. Track windspeed and get weather forecast in current location, get preparedfor your outdoor plan. Real feel and humidity tells you how thetemperature actually feels outside.
Money Saver- money manager,debt,budget 0.8
Money Saver makes saving money very easy. Now you can use the moneysaver to record your daily consumption flow, and check the monthlyfinancial report to control your financial situation. *Simpleincome and expense records Simply and quickly record every singleincome and expense, making accounting easier *Generate statisticalreports Money Saver makes saving money very easy. Now you can usethe Money Saver to record your consumption flow, manage yourdebts,and check the daily and monthly financial report to controlyour financial situation. * debt management You can use Money Saverto help you manage your debt, and you can edit and set remindertimes by sliding left and right on the debt page so that you don'tmiss the billing time anymore *Budget Function Money saver providesbudgeting to help you control your finances so you don't spend morethan your budget every month If you have any suggestions orcomments, please contact us:
FileManager Pro free up space WhatsApp status save
TRANSSION File Manager is a powerful, simple interface file managerthat supports multiple routine operations. Supports the exclusivefile classification of whatsapp and messenger, as well as music,video, images, applications, text, Bluetooth, and downloads to helpyou manage your phone. At the same time, we support professionalcleaning functions that can help you free up your phone space. Weregularly update our app to give you the best experience, and youcan use it to easily manage your Android phones and files. The mainfunction: Category: Sort by music, video, image, app, text,Bluetooth, download, whatsapp, messenger Clean up: Clean your phonewith one click and free up your phone space Global search: Quicklyfind files with keywords Multiple selection: support multipleselection operations and batch processing of files
Flashlight - Travel essentials V1.2.0.4
Flashlight - Travel essentials is a application for LED lighting,screen lighting and compass functions. Features of the application--LED lighting,Strong light --Screen lighting,Weak light--customizable flash speed -- Built-in compass viewer --Safe andfree Hope you enjoy this free light.Do not forget to give thedeveloper a 5 * rating
The best andriod font installer can change fonts on your phones,such as Tecno, Inifinix, third-party phone with HiOS launcher orXOS launcher. Main Features: 1.20+ free fonts are available tochoose 2.Easy steps to customize your own font 3.Support 15+Languages: French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, English,Turkish, German, Malay, Bengali, Tamil, Russian, Hindi, Arabic,Burmese, Thai