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न्यूज़ ख़बर टुडे 1.0
न्यूज़ ख़बर टुडे पर आपका हार्दिक स्वागत है।दोस्तों न्यूज़ ख़बर टुडे परआप देश दुनिया से सम्बंधित इंटरेस्टिंग और इनफार्मेशनल आर्टिकल्स पढ़कर अपना ज्ञान बढा सकते है। इसके अलावा इस एप के मध्यम से आप लेटेस्टटेक्नोलॉजी न्यूज़ और जनरल नॉलेज से जुडी रोचक और मनोरंजक पोस्ट भी पढ़सकते है।इस एप के माध्यम से हम हमेशा आपके लिए अच्छी एवं रोचकजानकारियां आप तक शेयर करने की कोशिश करते रहेंगे जानकारी पसंद आये तोआप न्यूज़ ख़बर टुडे एप को सपोर्ट करे।धन्यवाद...On a warm welcomeaboard news news today news report today you can increase yourknowledge by reading interesting and Infarmeshnl articles relatedto the world. Also the middle of this app you the latest technologynews and general knowledge of related interesting and entertainingposts can be read.Through this app we always good and interestingfacts for you to come try to stock as you would like informationyou Krekdnywad support News News Today App ...
Credit Card Bill Pay & Info. 2.0
Credit Card Bill Pay App is a complete payment solution for creditcard bill payment. Now you can pay your credit card bills easilythrough your Mobile Phone. No need to go to your Desktop PC. Youjust need to download this app, open the app and select your bankthen bill desk window will open directly to your mobile browserthen enter your card details & pay easily. Data Connectionrequires for this app. App Features:- Credit Card Bill Pay App hasa very simple user interface. Easy to use, Easy to pay instantlythrough mobile. No need to search bill desk window in the browser.Just one click it directly provides you concerned bank's creditcard payment window. Safe & Secure. Frequently asked questions& answers about Credit Cards Get all the information about thecredit cards. Please Note: Credit Card Bill Pay App just providesthe bill desk window of their respective banks directly to yourmobile. This app does not save any kind of data which you enteredfor card payment. In case any transaction is failed for any reason,we will not be liable for any loss occurred by this app. Pleasesend us an email at if you have anyfeedback/query ** thank you**
Bank Holidays Calendar 2018 1.0
Monthly images that allows you to view maasa, vaara, thithi, andall holidays information for all days in the year 2018 in Hindi.Bank Holidays Calendar 2018 gives all details aboutFestivals,Holidays,and important days. New app for your Androidphone save time and make the most of every day . This applicationis a great tool to help you get the most out of your day, and planyour days for success. App features:- Easy and beautiful interfacewhere user can select any month. Month wise Images Calendar Holidaydetails for year 2018 Details of major festivals, holidays observedin India Completely offline & small size app.
Monthly images that allows you to view maasa, vaara, thithi, andall holidays information for all days in the year 2018 in Hindi.Calendar 2018 gives all details about Festivals,Holidays,andimportant days. New app for your Android phone save time and makethe most of every day . This application is a great tool to helpyou get the most out of your day, and plan your days for success.
FB4U 5
FB4U app saves your internet data and battery because it loadsbasicversion so it is fast even on slower networks such as 2G. itisbattery friendly, uses less ram, less resources and is small insize(3 MB). FB4U app support login in multiple accounts. ** we donotreserve any copyright of any contents, all the rights arewithrespected owners.This is NOT an official app.If there is anyissueplease mail us.
com.prajapatishankar5.Calendar2019India 1.0
Calendar 2019 India provides complete details of all festivals,holidays observed in India. Calendar 2019 India app helps you toget details of all religious festivals, observances observed inIndia. Calendar 2019 is also gives complete details of publicholidays & bank holidays, Indian government holidays for 2019.App features:- Specially designed for indian people Easy andbeautiful interface where user can select any month. High Qualityof Images Calendar Holiday list for year 2019 Details of majorfestivals, holidays observed in India Completely offline &small size app. If you have any feedback/corrections please send usan email at ** thank you**
Phone Battery Info App 1.0
Phone Battery Info App shows battery information and statisticssuchas battery level, voltage, temperature and health. PhoneBatteryInfo App Features:- Displays battery information in percent(%)Power source indicator Additional battery information :Displaycurrent battery temperature status. Display current Voltagestatus.Display current battery health status. [Tips to increasebatterylife] - It can reduce the running apps - Fewerconnections(automatic data synchronization frequency) - Justwriting that youcan use (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC functionalitysuch as turn offif you are not using all the features) - Make a fewsteps down thebrightness of the screen. - Vibration mode and turn(to eat aportion of electricity) - The ambient temperature affectsbatterylife. Make sure that the battery is also too hot also cold.-Whenever possible, please charge. Chaewodo battery is full,thereis no damage. (Lithium ion batteries) ** thank you**
Bee Smash Game 1.0
Bee Smasher Game makes your brain and hand coordinationperfect.Smash all Bees by tapping finger on them. Kill more Beesand otherinsects like smash mosquitoes, smash flies to take highscores. BeeSmasher Free Game is fully addictive game foryoungsters. It's Veryentertaining for kids, boys and girls. Specialvirtual goods thatmake the game easier for young players can beacquired! Experiencethis killer bug invasion! How To Play: 🐜 Tap onants, bees, fliesand other insects to kill them 🐜 As fast you tapto kill ants, youwill get more scores and bonus as well 🐜 You haveto kill allinsects to get more scores otherwise game over. So Whatare youwaiting for ! Download the game now & enjoy...!! **ThankYou**
Age Count Calculator 1.0
Age Count Calculator is a very useful app for age calculation. Withthe help of Age Count Calculator, you can easily calculate youractual age and find days between two dates. You just have to inputyour full date of birth including date, month and year and you willget your exact age calculated in years, days and seconds instantly.easy calculation of your age and remaining days of your next comingbirthday or anniversary. No need to remember your family members,friend’s birthday & calculate their age individual. The mostinteresting features of this app are: - Calculate your perfect agein years, months and days. - You can find out how many Month anddays to go for your next birthday. - Share your age with yourfriends, family etc. - Multiple date format. - Small Size app - Getadditional calculation details of your age like total years, totalmonths, total weeks, total days, total hours, total minutes, totalseconds. Age Calculator by Date of Birth Calculator Age CalculatorPlease download this app, rate it and share it with your friendsand family if you like it. *ThanYou*
Cash Count Calculator 1.0
Cash Count Calculator app helps you to tally your cashdenominationcalculations / cash counting easily, quickly and hasslefree. Justenter note denominations and let this app take care ofthe rest. Doyou have to handle a lot of cash on daily basis? Do youstill usecalculator to tally your cash? Use Cash Count Calculatorapp andsave your valuable time to count Indian currency. Features:-1. AllCurrency notes are available (Include 2000 and 200 newcurrencynote.) 2. Simple to use. 3. Specially designed for Indianusers. 4.Unique cash counting app 5. Count NOTES of differentdinomonations6. Fast & easy for cash counting. 7. Useful indaliy financerelated work.
PC Shortcut Keys 1.0
PC Shortcut Keys App is an educational application available onplaystore at free of cost. This application provides informationofComputer Keyboard shortcuts tricks so that you can increaseyourwork speed & save your time. This app gives completedetails ofall keyboard shortcuts of computer's Softwares /applications. PCShortcut Keys Application is very useful app forcomputer learningstudents. This application can be very helpful toall employees whowork daily on computer/laptop at their offices.They just don’t getthe work done quickly, but also improves theefficiency. Thisapplication will increase your computer shortcutknowledge aseasily with free. You can use Keyboard Shortcutsinstead of mouse.Using of shortcut keys as an alternative to themouse when you areworking in Desktop. Keyboard shortcuts may alsomake it easier foryou to interact with your computer/ laptop. Thisapp containsfollowing softwares shortcut keys details : 🔥 AdobeFlash 🔥CorelDRAW 🔥Dreamweaver 🔥Google Chrome 🔥Ms Excel 🔥Ms Onenote🔥Ms Paint🔥Ms Power Point 🔥Ms Word 🔥Notepad 🔥Open Office 🔥Outlook🔥Photoshop🔥Windows 🔥Wordpad More Software's Shrortcut Details willbe addedshortly in our app. Please don't forget to provide us yourvaluablereviews and suggestions. It helps us to improve. If thereis anissue or feature request, please send us an
GST Rate Calculator 1.0
GST Rate Calculator app is simple & easy to use and thequickestway to calculate GST tax on sales or purchase of goods orservices.GST Rate Calculator app helps you to calculate all 4 GSTtax ratesat your finger tips. GST Calculator app speciallydesigned forIndian citizen comfort and easy calculations. AppFeatures:- » Addor Remove the GST from given amount with touch ofa button » Setcustom tax rate along with preprovided 5%, 12%, 18%and 28% » Getresults calculated as you type in. »GST Ratecalculator for quickercalculations. »GST Calculation Box appearswhen clicked on GSTRates. »Accurate Answers. If you have anyfeedback/correctionsplease send us an email ** thankyou**
Calendar 2019 1.0
Calendar 2019 app provides details of all religious festivals,observances. Calendar 2019 also gives complete details of publicholidays & bank holidays, Indian government holidays for theyear 2019. विवाह मुहूर्त 2019 – शादी 2019 की शुभ तिथियां और नक्षत्रGet an auspicious Muhurat for marriage rituals**. Even Hindu sageshad different viewpoints on some of the elements considered whileselecting auspicious marriage dates. Hence one has to be carefuland should analyze different opinions while calculating auspiciousdates for marriage**. प्रत्येक मांगलिक कार्य के लिए शुभ मुहूर्त काविचार किया जाता है। और अलग अलग मांगलिक कार्य के लिए अलग अलग मुहूर्तहोता है। शुभ मुहूर्त में किया गया कार्य से खुशियां, शांति, समृद्धिआती हैं। इसलिए अगर किसी कार्य के शुरू करने के पहले अगर शुभ तिथि काध्यान रखा जाये तो निश्चित ही सफलता और खुशियां आती है। Appfeatures:- The easy and beautiful interface where user can selectany month. High Quality of Images Calendar Holiday list for theyear 2019 Details of major festivals, holidays observed in IndiaCompletely offline & small size app. Shubh Muhurat Timings inIndia If you have any feedback/corrections please send us an emailat ** thank you**
Mahatma Gandhi Inspiring Quotes in Hindi 2
These quotes from India’s most respected spiritual and politicalleader will inspire and motivate you. Many of the quotes are basedon Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence. Employing this philosophyGandhi helped free India from British rule. Gandhi is known as thefather of the Indian nation and is also called ‘Mahatma’, meaningGreat Soul. Mahatma Gandhi Inspiring Quotes in Hindi app features:-Easy to read Easy to share to your friends Read daily &motivate your self. Social media sharing features MotivationalQuotes Images Inspirational सत्य और अहिंसा के बल पर अंग्रेजों सेभारत को स्वतंत्र करा करके हम सभी को स्वतंत्र भारत का अनमोल उपहारदेने वाले महापुरूष गाँधी जी को राष्ट्र ने राष्ट्रपिता के रूप मेंसमान्नित किया। महात्‍मा गांधी सत्‍य और अहिंसा के पुजारीथे।सत्याग्रह, अहिंसा, और सादगी को ही एक सफल मनुष्य जीवन का मूलमंत्र मानने वाले गांधीजी के इन्हीं आदर्शों से प्रभावित होने के बादरविन्द्रनाथ टैगोर ने उन्हे महात्मा अर्थात महान आत्मा का दर्जा दियाथा।।आइये दुनिया के महानतम लोगों में गिने जाने वाले इस महापुरुष केअनमोल विचार जानते हैं और उनसे कुछ सीख लेते हैं।
Math Mind Quiz 1.0
Test your brain ability to solve simple math questions quickly..!Play Math Mind Quiz daily to sharpen your brain in addition &subtraction skills. Math Mind Quiz is an educational game speciallydesigned for the student. Math Mind Quiz app is the best way totrain your brain in Mathematics Quiz like addition &subtraction. If you enjoy a good math quiz and wish to train yourbrain, then this is the game for you. Features: - The simple userinterface, easy to play game - Choose from addition, subtractionquiz games. - The game is fun for all. - Small size app -Completely offline game - It Improves your mathematic skills - Itis crazy test! - it is math brain test, math exam - brain challengePlease send us an email at if you haveany feedback/query ** thank you**
Rangoli Designs Collection 1.0
Collection of Rangoli Designs for everyday use in the frontyard.Rangoli Designs is collect the beauty full collection ofalltrending Designs. It is an art form from India in whichpatternsare created on the floor in living rooms or courtyardsusingmaterials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand orflowerpetals. Rangoli patterns is one of the richest Indian arts.EveryIndian, especially women should know and how to presentcreativelythe Rangoli decorations ideas. It is usually made duringHoli,Diwali (Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian festivals.DottedDesigns are passed from one generation to the next, keepingboththe art form and the tradition alive. App Features:- SimpleUserInterface Easy to Use Latest collection of trending RangolidesignsNo internet data required to use this app More Rangolidesigns willbe added in regular intervals
Whats Your Status (आपका स्टेटस अब हिंदी में) 1.0
Whats Your Status एप्लीकेशन से अब रोज अपडेट करें अपना स्टेटस वोभीहिंदी में..!! Whats Your Status App contain the lateststatusmessages in various categories. This application contain thestatusmessage in Hindi. User can daily set the unique statusmessage intheir Whatsapp and Facebook and other SocialSites.Applicationcontain best and Latest Shayari, Status andMessages..! ApplicationFeatures :- *Nice and Attractive Design,made for Indian people.*Category wise Status *Share your favoritestatus easily withfriends and others by one click. *Totally OfflineStatus. User canread without internet. *Easy Copy & Paste toclipboard by oneclick. *Status messages in Hindi Language. *Easyswipe and changestatus. *Best Status and message for Whatsapp andOther Socialsites. *With this application you can change yourstatus accordingto your mood & desire. >>You can shareyour feedback withus at ** thank you**
Calendar Card 2019 & Holidays List 1.0
Calendar Card 2019 app provides details of all festivals,publicholidays, bank holidays & Indian government holidays fortheyear 2019. App features:- Easy and beautiful interface.HighQuality of Images Calendar Holiday list for year 2019 Detailsofmajor festivals, holidays observed in India Completelyoffline& small size app. Whole year month wise view in onepage. Ifyou have any feedback/corrections please send us an ** thank you**
Bank Balance Caller 1.0
Bank Balance Caller Helps to Check Your Bank Balance & AccountStatement In One Click. Bank Balance Caller application enables youto view your bank account balance, mini statement & customercare number with just a single tap. You don't want to login to yourbank account or internet banking or any mobile banking. With use ofthis Bank Balance Caller enquiry app you can check your bank'saccount balance & mini statement at anytime anywhere by free ofcost, Bank balance enquiry number app provides list of all Indianbanks Official balance enquiry missed call numbers. Give a missedcall to the Official Phone number provided by the bank and getaccount balance details by SMS. Through this app you can avoid theuse of internet banking and frequent visit to ATM counter to checkyour bank account balance. How this app works: * This app provideslist of all major Indian banks Official balance & statementenquiry phone numbers/missed call numbers. *Incase of any queryregarding banking you can directly call to your bank's customercare number. *User need to register their mobile number with thebank to get balance enquiry by missed call. *App Features: SmallSize app, Simple Interface, Easy to use, One Click call. List ofbanks that included in this Bank Balance Caller -ADC Bank-Allahabad Bank -Andhra Bank -Axis Bank -Bank of Baroda -Bankof India -Canara Bank -Central Bank of India -HDFC Bank-ICICI Bank -Punjab National Bank -State Bank Of India -UnionBank of India -United Bank of India -Yes Bank Please note:User need to register their mobile number with the bank to getbalance inquiry by missed call.If you Like our app then rate it,review it and share with your love ones. Please send us an email if you have any feedback/query ** thankyou**
Stopwatch Time Counter 1.0
Stopwatch Time Counter application is a simple, easy andaccurateapp for android that will help you to measure the time,likesports, cooking, games, education, etc. The most useful,popular& free “Stopwatch Time Counter" app on Android. This appisVery simple and easy to use - this is a practical stopwatchandtimer to get the job done. Stopwatch Time Counter app isperfectfor every timing situation including cooking, sports, gamesandwork tasks. **Please support app with a good rating, ithelpsfuture development thanks**
YouSee Browser 1.0
YouSee Browser use much less memory usage on your androiddevices.Keep your android devices as fast as new. YouSee Browser isa freeweb browser for android devices with Fast browsing.. YouSeeBrowseris smooth for most android device. And we optimized a lotfor fastbrowse. If you enjoy the light browser , you will love thisone.Enjoy your light web browsing experience. Try the bestexperienceof android browser
Steps Counter (Walk with Steps counter & stay fit) 10
Steps Counter app records and displays the number of steps youarewalking & time spent to cover the distance. Steps Counterappautomatically and accurately tracks your daily walk and numberofsteps you walked with time & distance covered! How to Use:-All you have to do is push the Start button and start walking!Onceyou push the Start button, all you have to do is holdyoursmartphone as you always do and walk. Of course, it willcontinueto automatically record your steps even if you put it inyourpocket or bag. Start, Pause and Reset: You can pause and startstepcounting at any time to save power. The app willstopbackground-refreshing statistics once you pause it. And youcanreset today’s step count and count step from 0 if you want to.Savebattery :- This step counter uses the built-in sensor to countyoursteps. No GPS tracking, so it barely consumes batterypower.Note:-If there is a mistake with the number of stepsrecorded,further sensitivity adjustments should be made.
CC Bill Pay on Mobile 1.0
No need to go to your Desktop PC. Just download CC Bill Pay onMobile App & pay your credit card bills easily through yourMobile Phone. You just open this app and select your bank then billdesk window will open directly to your mobile browser then enteryour card details & pay easily. Data Connection requires forthis app. App Features:- CC Bill Pay on Mobile App is very simpleinterface. Easy to use, Easy to pay instantly through mobile. Noneed to search bill desk window in the browser. Just one click itdirectly provides you with the concerned bank's credit card paymentwindow. Safe & Secure. Credit Card Bill Payment app Get allinformation regarding Credit Card in hindi & english PleaseNote: CC Bill Pay on Mobile App just provides you with the billdesk window of their respective banks directly to your mobile. Thisapp does not save any kind of data which you entered for cardpayment. In case any transaction is failed for any reason, we willnot be liable for any loss occurred by this app. Please send us anemail at if you have any feedback/query** thank you**
Jana Gana Mana Vande Mataram National Anthem Song 1.0
The national anthem tells us that India is a diverse nationandthere are differences in culture, traditions, religionandlanguages, but despite these differences, it reminds us thatIndiais united under one flag. Features The official duration oftheNational Anthem of India is 52 seconds. The voice quality ofthemp3 is simply excellent & good quality. Jana Gana Mana&vande Mataram song. Lyrics Available in Hindi and EnglishLanguage.Get it in Hindi and English as well as its meaning.CompletelyOffline. No internet requires. Disclaimer: All thecontent shown inthis application is taken from the public domain,and we justbroadcast that music/song. we do not reserve anycopyright of anycontents, all the rights are with respected owners.Please send usan email at if you haveanyfeedback/query or correction. ** thank you**
Best Deals 4U 1.0
Best Deals 4U app gives you an opportunity for online shopping@amazing offers. Best Deals 4U app helps you save a lot moremoneyon your wanted items to improve your standard of living.Neverspend too much of your hard earned money again! Search onBestDeals 4U and find amazing offers. Every day the best deals foryou.Best Deals 4U has the best online deals and updates the dealseveryhour. Save up to 80%* on wanted deals today. ** Affiliatedwith**
com.appybuilder.prajapatishankar5.TShoppingStore 1.0
T-Shopping Store (Trendy & Funky Arts Collection)
com.appybuilder.prajapatishankar5.AllNewsEPapers 1.0
Read all Hindi newspaper and Hindi news TV is easytoread Hindi news all at one app. Now you can keep yourselfupdatedfrom time to time and get detailed news of every second fromallover the world by surfing news browser application. Read AllHindiNewspaper.सभी हिंदी अखबार पढ़े Very Simple and FastNewspaperBrowser in which you can get all trending news updatesfrom leadingnews channels & also read e-papers. Breaking News,NationalNews, Sports News, World News, Business News, Tech News,ElectionNews Updates etc all in One App. App Feature: SmallSizeApplication Simple & easy user interface One clickfastbrowsing to your favourite newspapers Read news from allleading& top news channels easily at one place. Please Note:All thecontent/material shown in this application are taken fromthepublic domain, we do not reserve any copyright of any contents,allthe rights are with respected owners. Please send us an if you have any feedback/query **thankyou**
Calendar 2020 1.0
- Calendar 2020 app helps you to get details of all religiousfestivals, observances observed in India. - Calendar 2020 alsogives complete details of public holidays & bank holidays,Indian government holidays for 2020. App features:- Speciallydesigned for Indian people Simple and beautiful interface whereuser can select any month. High Quality of Images Calendar Holidaylist for the year 2020 Details of major festivals, holidaysobserved in India Completely offline & small size app. Calendar2020 specially designed for India State holidays 2020 Holidays inIndia 2020 Bank holidays list 2020 If you have anyfeedback/corrections please send us an email ** thank you**
com.appybuilder.prajapatishankar5.KahaniyaMajedarStories 1.0
Best Hindi Stories with Moral for kids is an interesting waytoteach your children about good morals and right conduct.SuchStories gives good moral to your kids as they are attheirformative years and that is why they need to be taught goodvaluesto make them good for society and family. This app is acollectionof famous Panchatantra, Akbar-Birbal, TenaliRama, VikramBetal'sHindi stories. These famous stories have spread all over theworldfor centuries, especially as bedtime stories for kids.“कहानियाँमज़ेदार स्टोरीज” एप्लीकेशन में बच्चों एवं अभिभावकों के लिएअनोखी औरप्रसिद्ध प्रेरणादायक कहानियों का संग्रह किया गया है, जिसेपढ़कर आपअपने बच्चों को मूल्यों के निर्माण में मदद कर सकते हैं, साथही साथउनके पढ़ने की समझ एवं कौशल में सुधार कर सकते हैं। AppFeatures:> Clear and Best design so you can view clear text.> Thisapplication is following category of Stories BetaalPachchisi,Akbar-Birbal, Tenalirama, Panchtantra, Vikram BetalStories inHindi. > Simple user interface. > Small Size App>User-Friendly for kids. > Attractive design specially forkids.hindi kahani. kahaniyan. akbar birbal stories hindi. hindistory.hindi kahaniya. akbar birbal stories in hindi. stories forchildrenin hindi. story books in hindi. stories in hindi withmoral. hindistory book sachhi kahani. hindi kahani book. kahani inhindi. dadimaa ki kahani. hindi khaniya. Disclaimer: All thecontent/materialshown in this application is taken from the publicdomain, we donot reserve any copyright of any contents, all therights are withrespected owners. Please send us an if you have any feedback/query **thankyou**