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😎 WhatSmiley : Smileys, GIF, emoticons & stickers 4.3.6
WhatSmiley is a free app with more than 2400 creative smileys, cuteemojis, crazy GIF and stickers to send to your friends. Try it now! ★★THE BEST FEATURES OF WhatSmiley - Smileys & emoticons ★★ 😇Very easy to use ; select one or several emoticons, then chooseyour chat messenger. 😂 Send on many social chat apps: improve yourWhatsApp emojis, your Facebook & Messenger chats, enhance yourtext message (MMS), Snapchat emojis, Viber, Imo, Telegram stickersand more. 🤗 Our smileys can be sent on all devices ★★ Ourcollection includes ★★ 😎 Cool & popular smileys like the DAB& more. 💘 Love smiley, “I love you images” for special events:Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day… 👯 Best Gifs: happy birthday GIF,Love GIF, Christmas GIF ★★ Exclusive PACKAGES★★ 😎 Stylish EmojisGIF in real 3D model 🦄 Android O new Emojis 💕 Love in black &white 😻 Exclusive animated Cats 😲 The standard emojis reviewed(◕‿◕) Kaomoji: Japanese emoticons in HD 🏐 Football pack forfootball fans! 🍰 Happy Thanksgiving 🎃 Cute Halloween 🎄 GIFs +Smileys + Animals of Christmas To download as free pack, fee-basedor rewarded-video pack. Simply email us what new smileys you'd likeus to have. 🆕 We add new stuff regularly! MORE FEATURES 👍👍👍 🎁Frequently new smiley & GIF to never get bored ! 🔧 Make yourown emoji! Change your emoji background colors. 🎂 Premium versionto remove Ads and add more functions. 🏆 Reward Program runs allalong, for all users. 🎮 Emoji game to win achievements. 🌎 The mostused emoji across the world, in the Top Category. THIS IS NOT! 🚫🚫🚫⌨ This is not an emoji keyboard. 📝 This is not emoticons fortexting: text emoticons are preloaded on all devices, not ouremojis. Ours need to be sent as images (MMS, not as SMS) to ensurethey can be sent and received by everyone. 👏👏👏 SPECIAL THANKS TOALL ARTISTS : ✔ 7inc: ✔ Bad Bloodartist: ✔ Design Bolts: ✔ East718: ✔ Emoji provided free by ✔ Freepik: ✔ IconCreme: ✔ Icon Drawer ✔ ✔ Icons Land ✔ IconTexto: ✔ Jojo Mendoza: ✔ PeHaa: ✔ Seanau: ✔ Oliver:✔ Szgfx: ✔ Titos2k:✔ UnreifeKirsche: ✔ VisualPharm: This application is not endorsedby or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Messenger, its name,trademark, and other aspects of the app are trademarked and ownedby their respective owners. (Some countries use names such aswhasap, wasap or zap zap instead of WhatsApp.) 💌 Contact us Leaveus a message for any ideas or questions: 📧🌍 🏃🏃 Follow us 💟💟💟 Don’t forget to send Love& Fun everyday! 💟💟💟
😜 Big Emoji - large emoji for all chat messengers 4.3.5
😂 Enjoy +5000 awesome emojis from the Unicode & other greatemoji stickers. Compatible with any chat messengers. 😄 Try it now,It’s Free ! Best Features of Big Emoji App ✔ Very easy to use ;select one or several emoticons, then choose your chat messenger. ✔Send on many social chat apps: WhatsApp emojis, Facebook emoji,Messenger emoji, emojis for android text messaging, Snapchatemojis, Telegram stickers & more. ✔ Our emoticons can be senton all devices (iOS, android) ✔ Customize your own backgroundcolors by swiping a finger ✔ You can also adapt with your skincolor 🆕New Emoji from Unicode 11.0 ✔ 118 new emoji, including thenew variations for skin tone and gender. Man and woman with Redhair, Curly hair, Bald or White hair. New Smiling Face With 3Hearts, Hot Face, Cold Face, Partying Face, Woozy Face, PleadingFace. Superhero and Supervillain. Pirate flag, Softball, Kangaroo,llama, Parrot, Lobster, and more. 🆕 We add new stuff regularly!Emojis and stickers sorted by family 🆕 Unicode 10 &11 😂 Emoji& people: smileys faces, people & signs 🐻 Animals &nature 📱 Objects ⚽ Sports 🎌 Travel & places (flags of theworld) 🔣 Other symbols 🍟 Food & drinks 🙌 Gestures (fingers inthe nose…) 💘 Love: Valentine’s day stickers… 🏁 Flags: even the newBrittany! and now pirat 😎 Superheroes: star wars, batman, hulk,spiderman. 👍 Trendy : Trump or Not Trump, exclusive DAB… ExclusivePackages to download - FREE 🦄 Android O new Emojis 💕 Love in black& white 😻 Exclusive animated Cats 😲 The standard emojisreviewed (◕‿◕) Kaomoji: Japanese emoticons in HD 🏐 Footballstickers pack for football fans! 😎 Stylish Emojis GIF in real 3Dmodel 🎂 Premium version. Removes Ads and add more functions. 🍰Happy Thanksgiving 🎃 Happy Halloween 🌹 Cute Halloween 🎄 GIFs +Animals + Smileys of Christmas This is not an android emojikeyboard, emoticons are sent as pictures! 💌 Contact us 📧 🌍 🏃🏃 Follow us See you soon on Big Emoji!😂😂😂
💘 WhatsLov: Smileys of love, stickers and GIFs 4.3.7
💋 Surprise your loved ones, adding sweetness and love to yourmessages. Try it now, It’s Free ! WhatsLov is a free app with alarge selection of emojis, smileys, stickers ad animated images touse via your favorite messaging app. Have fun and share the lovefor a better world! Best Features of WhatsLov ● Share cute emojismileys, emoji stickers and best GIFs for free! ● Special Packagesto download to personalise your library ● Enjoy a large selectionof images and themes. ● Great stickers for WhatsApp, Facebook,Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Snapchat, IMO, Viber, Instagram, Lineand also by e-mail and MMS... ● No keyboard installation required.Send as stickers. Tap directly to share. ● You can find somesecrets to win points and compete with other players ● Customizeyour own background colors by swiping a finger. ● Rotate the image★★ Exclusive PACKAGES★★ 💕 Love in black & white 💕 More of Love😻 Exclusive animated Cats and Dogs (◕‿◕) Kaomoji: Japaneseemoticons in HD 🌹 Cute Halloween 🍰 Happy Thanksgiving 🎄 Smileys +GIFs of Christmas 🐻 Christmas Animals 🎅 Packages for Greetings;Happy New year, Best wishes and Happy holidays To download as freepack, fee-based or rewarded-video pack. Simply email us what newsmileys you'd like us to have. Emoticons and stickers sorted byfamily 💘 Artistic Hearts 💗 Red Hearts 💟 Emoji of heart 😍 LoveSmileys ✍ Comics-stickers: I love you, I miss you ... 🐼 Animalsstickers: panda, cat, teddy bear ... 💍 Celebrations: Wedding,birth, family, baby ... 🎁 Gifts: boxes, flowers ... 💝 Holidays:Happy Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Happy birthday 🍓 Sweets:candy, chocolate, ... ❤ Black and white 💋 Kisses: Mouths, couples... 💞 Animated smileys: Happy birthday gif… 🆕 We add new stuffregularly! 🚫 ⌨ This is not an android emoji keyboard , emoticonsare sent as pictures! 🚫 📝 This is not emoticons for texting.Because our emoji are not preloaded on all devices, they need to besent as images to ensure they can be sent and received by everyone.So, our smileys are sent as MMS (MMS pics) and not as SMS. 👏👏👏Thank you to all artists for their creative smileys & GIF ♡Aha-Soft: ♡ Daily Overview:♡ Design Bolts: ♡ Icon8: ♡ IconDrawer team: ♡ Iconka: ♡ IconMaster: ♡ Mirella ♡ Seanau: ♡ Succo ♡ Visual Pharm: Thisapplication is not endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.WhatsApp Messenger, its name, trademark, and other aspects of theapp are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. 💌 Contactus 📧 🌍 🏃🏃 Followus SEE YOU SOON ! ♡☮ App madewith love & fun ☮♡
💞 Love emoticons & stickers - animated - Package 1.3.0
Better than love photo or love quotes... say him or her "I loveyou" with expressive Love GIF! Simply install our 💞 Love Packagethrough WhatsLov or WhatSmileys, our main apps, which support thispack . Try it now! THE BEST FEATURES OF 💞 Love GIF Images Package 💞😇 Very easy to use ; select one or several smileys, then chooseyour chat messenger. 😂 Send on many social apps: improve your GifWhatsApp, your Facebook, Messenger chats, your text message (MMS)& much more. 🤗 Our animated emoticons can be sent on bothdevices : Android & iPhone. OUR BEST GIFS COLLECTION 📚📚 We addnew smileys regularly! Simply email us what new animated emoticonsyou'd like us to have. 👧 For any sex, women & men👦 💏 Smileys ofcouple, hugging, kissing... 👪 Special family emoticons 😏 Flirtingemoticons 🔥 Sexy smileys 😭 Sad and heart-broken 💔 😍 Love smileyface 😻 Cats animated emoticons 💖 Emoji hearts 🗣 Chat messages: "Ilove you", "I want you", "call me"... 💬 🎁 Happy birthday GIF, 🎁Happy mother’s day GIF 🌹 I love you GIFs ☮ Cool symbols of loveTHIS IS NOT! 🚫🚫🚫 ⌨ This is not a gif keyboard. Let’s go ! Expressyour love ! See you soon 💞
🏈 Football Pack for Big Emoji 1.1
🏈 Football Package for Big Emoji is a special package of more than60 new american football emoji and stickers in High Definition thatcan be used in Big Emoji app 📦Football Package HD for Big Emoji isfree!In this package, you will find some:🏉 Football emoji🏈 Footballballs & fun images🐻 Beasts and mascots⛑ Football helmets 🏃Football players: quarterback, running back, running in flames🔥...Note: Big Emoji v2.0 is required to use this package....Appmade with love & fun...[[ Football Pack for Big Emoji by ShareIt Again ]]
💚 WeLove : love stickers (WAStickerApps) 1.2
💚 WeLove presents native stickers for chatting in WhatsApp(WAStickerApps). We selected the best of our love stickers. Theyare all absolutely free and in high resolution (HD). Enjoy rightnow this romantic sticker app ! Our stickers celebrate all thetypes of love; passionate love, casual love, romantic love, funnylove, maternal love, family love .... So, 💚 WeLove contains 300love stickers in 10 categories: 1-❤ Hearts 2-😘 Smileys emoji 3-💋Mouth 4-👫 Cute couples 5-🌹 Flowers & Gifts for all HappyBirthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day,… 6-🐻 Cute animals 7-🏠Family & wedding 8-💏 Kissing couples 9-💬 Love talks 1 10-💬 Lovetalks 2 All our love stickers have a great sticker style, fittingnicely on all custom WhatsApp backgrounds. We’ll update regularlyand add new categories soon How it works? Add stickers to WhatsApp(WAStickerApps) ★ Open the category you want to add. Tap on “Add toWhatsApp”. ★ Open WhatsApp, tap the smiley icon 😀 ★ Tap thestickers icon 🗒 at the bottom. ★ You new sticker category willappear in the list with a small green dot indicating that it isnew. ---> Now, you can enjoy and send your new stickers to yourWhatsApp friends 👏 Add to / remove from favorites in WhatsApp(WAStickerApps) ★ You can add a sticker to your favorites by longpressing on a sticker ★ You can remove a sticker from yourfavorites by opening the favorites category and long pressing onthe sticker Share stickers with your WhatsApp friends - Yourfriends do not need the app to see your stickers, but we will behappy if you share our app with our friends! 😉 - Your friends canopen the app by long pressing on a sticker on their WhatsApp - Youcan share the app link in the app via the “Share” menu Removestickers from WhatsApp (WAStickerApps) - Open WhatsApp, tap thesmiley 😀icon close to the keyboard, then tap the ✚ icon at the endof the sticker categories tab. - Tap “My Stickers” tab and removecategories you don’t want anymore. Don’t worry you can add it againlater. My stickers disappeared from WhatsApp (WAStickerApps) It canbe caused by your phone manufacturer that tries to optimize yourbattery. To avoid that you can try this solution, go in your deviceSettings / Battery / 💚 WeLove Stickers and select "Don't optimise"(or equivalent as it depends on the device/manufacturer) 💌 Contactus 📧 🌍 🏃🏃 Followus LOVE LOVE U LOVE U ALL ♡☮ Appmade with love & fun ☮♡