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Glow Head Soccer 1.0.2
Glow Head Soccer delivers a new style ofSoccer Game, is the perfect mix between Soccer and volleyball. inGlow Head Soccer challenge yourself with the CPU opponent orchallenge a friend in two players mode. You can also practice(Practice Mode) and check if you have the level to win the WorldCup (beginner to expert). This game is the perfect balance betweensimplicity and fun. Choose among several famous soccer players toplay with and enjoy a soccer game with easy controls that everyonecan learn in 1 second..Play this fun soccer game anytime, anywhere.•• FEATURES ••• Different languages to select (English and Spanish)• Single Player Mode (you vs CPU)• 2 Players Mode on the same device• 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard)• Practice Mode with experience meter (Beginner to Expert)• 20 soccer players to choose (the best)• Easy to play• Colorful and Glow graphics• Smooth and responsive gameplay• Realistic physics• Vibration for more realism (enable or disable)• Great sounds.• Game totally FREE (Without In-app purchases)•• Shared Dreams Studios ••
Bucket Toss 1.0.8
Bucket Toss is an simple but very addictivegame which base on realistic physics. this game is for lovers ofthe challenges, if you are someone playing paper toss in the officewith your friends or you like coin toss for a decission this gameis for you. Easy to play but hard to master. if you want be a realtoss all you have to do is tossing balls in the bucket, yo need arapid toss. Sounds easy? the balls have very differentcharacteristics. Discover them!Download Bucket Toss with confidence. It’s a classic time wastergone digital and best of all, it's free.Bucket Toss is the "hello world" app for Android Phones &Tablets. Tried paper, trash, coins. Now try it with these balls,you'll see it's much more fun! All Sports in one.FEATURES:• 10 different balls: Tennis, Football, Baseball, Beach Ball,Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Pool and Bowling.• All balls with different characteristics• Nice graphics• Realistic physics• Smooth and responsive gameplay• Easy to play• Realistic sounds• Vibrate when scored (enable or disable)• Install Bucket Toss - It's Free!Is brought to you by Shared Dreams Studios.Enjoy!
Glow AA 1.0.5
Glow AA is a puzzle game published by SharedDreams Studios with easy controls that everyone can learn in 1second. Play this fun puzzle game anytime, anywhere, tap the screento throw balls to the big wheel as long as they are not touchtogether.Glow AA delivers the perfect balance between simplicity andfun.Glow AA is designed with 500 LEVELS and more and more levels comingsoon for you.Glow AA is really a challenge to whom are interested in puzzleadventures.FEATURES:• Easy to play• Colorful and Glow graphics• Smooth and responsive gameplay• Vibration for more realism (enable or disable)• Game totally FREE (Without In-app purchases)• 500 Levels for you• Fast and Light game• Many levels and few mb•• Shared Dreams Studios ••
BasketFloo 1.0.2
This is the more crazy basketball game, youare a nice little friend called FernanFloo and you have to beat arival ugly. BasketFloo is a game to play alone or with friendssince the multiplayer mode is available.Also, as if that were not enough, you have the practice mode tobecome a lousy player at best, you just need practice.Based on Glow BasketballOffered by Shared Dreams
ElRubiusOMG Vs Vegetta777 1.0.1
ElRubiusOMG Vs Vegetta777 es el juego deacción y estrategia donde estos dos personajes serán parte de unabatalla sangrienta a muerte. Elige a tu personaje favorito yelimina a tu oponente en cada nivel arrojándole bombas que lo hacenvolar en mil pedazos. Ten en cuenta que ElRubiusOMG Vs Vegetta777es un juego muy sangriento e impresionante, solo juégalo si eres losuficientemente valiente.+ El diseño es perfecto+ Adictivo al máximo+ Fácil de Jugar+ Liviano para todos los teléfonos y tablets+ Muchos niveles y más están por venir+ Guarda tu progreso automáticamente+ Los mejores sonidos+ Es y será siempre gratis (sin compras integradas)+ Las físicas más realistasLo pediste, lo esperaste, acá está tu juego. Sólo tienes quedescargarlo y divertirte a lo grande.El juego está dedicado a nuestros amigos ElRubiusOMG yVegetta777, a continuación sus canales, recomendamosvisitarlos:El Rubius: por Shared DreamsElRubiusOMG Vegetta777 Vsis the action strategy game where these two characters will be partof a bloody battle to the death. Choose your favorite character andkill your opponent in each level by throwing bombs blow it topieces. Note that ElRubiusOMG Vs Vegetta777 is a very bloody andimpressive game, just play it if you're brave enough.+ The design is perfect+ Addictive maximum+ Easy to play+ Lightweight for all phones and tablets+ Many levels and more are to come+ Save your progress automatically+ The best sounds+ It is and will always be free (no-stop shopping)+ Physical realisticYou asked, what you wait, your game is here. Just download itand have fun in a big way.The game is dedicated to our friends and Vegetta777 ElRubiusOMGthen channels, we recommend to visit:The Rubius: by Shared Dreams
Only A Circle 1.0.1
Only A Circle is a a puzzle game published byShared Dreams StudiosOnly A Circle is designed with 500 LEVELS for youOnly A Circle is really a a challenge to whom interested in puzzleadventuresOnly A Circle is very simple game and suitable for everyone*********************************HOW TO PLAY:Just tap screen to shot balls, the big wheel has small balls inorbit and you have to destroy them until only a circle. If yourshot hitthe ball, good! it's destroyed, but if your shot gives the bigwheel, you're dead.General adaptive for all resolutions on screen.FEATURES:• Easy to play• Colorful and Glow graphics• Smooth and responsive gameplay• Vibration for more realism (enable or disable)• Game totally FREE (Without In-app purchases)• 500 Levels for you• Fast and Light game• Many levels and few mbOffered by Shared Dreams Studios
Glow Smasher 1.0.3
Simple and fun game where you have to kill asmany glow insects.• Friendly and fun game• Nice graphics• Use low memory• Progressive difficulty
Moth Smasher 1.0.4
It is a very nasty bug. It's ugly, dirty,awkward, overwhelming and as if that were not enough eating ourclothes. It's time for revenge, kill them all, crush themmercilessly.• Friendly and fun game• Nice graphics• Use low memory• Progressive difficulty
Tick Smasher 1.0.5
Ticks are a nasty bug that feeds on innocentanimals, mainly from man's best friend, our beloved dog. It is aninsect that besides being horrible and disgusting is able to eatuntil explode. This is the time for revenge, spill blood!• Friendly and fun game• Nice graphics• Use low memory• Progressive difficulty• Completely free
Dad Jealous (Suitors Smasher) 1.0.2
It's your chance!you always wished to kill every man who comes to your daughter,your baby, that little girl who suddenly became a woman.Everyone knows that the worst moment in the life of a man is whenyour daughter grows up and begins to surround himself with menthirsty for love, desperate. Fortunately there will always be dadto drive them and give them a beating if necessary.In this fun game you can be happy, you have to kill them all.Good luck! you'll need ...
Eat The Cheese 1.0.6
My goodness! How come so many mice? My foodwas stolen!!! Help!A big group of mice of unknown origin invaded your farm. Being acheese farm owner, it's time to stand and defend your farm. Now,only you can stop these greedy mice with your poisoned cheese. Youryour skill is the best?Eat the Cheese is a very challenging physics-based puzzle gamewith gorgeous graphics, simple controls, and sensational soundeffects.- More levels and modes are coming soonFEATURES:• Free• Funny• Simple to play• Addictive• Graphics very nice and friendly• Real-like physical collision and gravity simulation• Available in English and Spanish• Lightweight for any phone or tabletWhat are you waiting for download? try it and then tell us. Goodluck!★ Copyright Shared Dreams Studios
Larry and Lucy on Wheels 1.0.0
They are Larry and Lucy, a funny couplewholost everything by the economic crisis and the only thing lefttostart again is a moped and with this they begin anincredibleadventure in the world of motorcycle racing, they willdoeverything to make money.In this great game you will face the biggest challenges,getmoney to buy better vehicles and win more challenges. LarryandLucy is a crazy game based on the physics driving, vehiclesmoverealistically and accidents happen in the same way.FEATURES:- You can choose to Larry or Lucy, even go changing themduringthe game- Lots of different vehicles with unique upgrades (manydifferentvehicles: Moped, Scooter, Harley, Chopper, Monster,ATV,etc.)- 168 levels replete of challenges, curves, jumps and more.- 7 worlds: Desert, Arctic, City, Forest, Beach, SavannahandCavern- Beautiful graphics and Realistic Physics- The game is designed to look great on phones and tables ofallresolutions.- Intuitive controls and sensitivity to move the device- It's free and always will be- Possibility of obtaining many coins without spending a penny,justshare the game by Whatsapp, Facebook or shape you want.This is not just any game, here you are not comfortablesittingin a car, if you want to win you have to do the best tricksand ofcourse hurt again and again to perfection.We'd appreciate if you'd report any issues you're having withthegame to please include yourdevicemake and model.Music by Kevin MacLeod(
Solitary Glow Hockey 1.0.2
Solitary Glow Hockey delivers a new styleofhockey game where you play against yourself. How is it? Simple,Thedisc goes into the small slot is a point for you, the discgoesinto the large slot (your side) subtracts one point. Good Luck!• Easy to play• Colorful Glow graphics• Smooth and responsive gameplay• Realistic physics• Fun and addictive• Game totally freeSolitary Glow Hockey. Easy to play, hard to master.Challengeyourself
Girls Hockey ♀ 1.0.9
This game is the classic tablehockeycompletely realistic exact physical. It is a game where a lotofintelligence and patience, so it is for women. Let the gamesbegin!In this game you will need all your skills to try to controlthepuck on the table using physical, just like a real table. It isanaddictive game that requires a lot of skill if you want to getagood score and be among the best.The rules are simple. The puck goes into the small slot isapoint for you, the puck enters the large slot (your side)minusone.Sounds easy? give it a chance, you will not regret.• Very realistic• Fun and addictive• Smooth Gameplay• Very nice graphics• Light and fast game
WaterDrops 1.0.3
You have to draw with your finger on thescreento direct the drops in the cups. Each level is a newchallenge, newpuzzle elements are introduced as you make progress:colour filters,gravitation buttons, an eraser and more...This is a brain-training game that everyone from childrentogrown-ups will be able to enjoy!tests your logical thinking and the flexibility of your mind.More and more levels are coming soonThis game is free and always will beDeveloped by Shared Dreams Studios
Louse Smasher 1.0.12
It is a nasty bug, it feeds on our bloodandlives in our heads. This is the time to take revenge and killthemall, do not wait! Kill them now! good luck• Friendly and fun game• Nice graphics• Use low memory• Progressive difficulty
Halloween Smasher 1.0.10
Halloween Smasher is an addictingandentertaining game available on Google Play.Destroying pumpkins is you have to do, is simple, only bytouchingthem makes boom! and they became history, are puree.Rememberpumpkins are horrible inside and out, is the food we getwhen we'resick,It's food for the sick!!!. It's time for revenge,just do it!• Friendly and fun game• Nice graphics• Use low memory• Progressive difficultyBest Halloween Game for kids, for those who loveGalloweenstories, glowing pumpkins, Halloween costumes,Halloweenpartydecorations, this is the game.
Best Archer 1.0.9
We are looking for the best Archer intheWorld, are you ready?The Stickman, a bow, 10 arrows and an interactive target isallyou need to prove that you are the best Archer in the World.A game based entirely on physics, if your shot is perfect youwinanother arrow, so the score you can reach has no limits.Most importantly: In this game you will compete with yourbestscore against everyone, where the first places are only forthebest players.If you get frustrated easily do not play this game, there aretoogood players.
Bloody Archers 1.0.5
Bloody Archers is a Bow and Arrow gamewhereyou have to kill every stickman that appears, with two arrowsinthe body or one in the head is deadIt is a game based on physics, just touch your Stickman anddragyour finger to stretch the arrow and when you release BUM,thearrow is in the air.Simple, intuitive and very funny. You will also participate inaWorld Ranking, the more enemies you kill, the better yourpositionwill be, if you strive can get to the first place,everythingdepends on you.
Basketball Square 1.0.0
Do you understand how crazy it sounds toplaybasketball with a square ball? If you can not even imagine it,donot break your brain and lower this crazy and fun game,it'sbasketball but the ball is square and has all the physics ofasimple square, accept this crazy challenge.
My old Pocket Basketball 1.0.1
This is classic pocket basketball, justlikethe old games that were so funny. If you are very young youareabout to discover a game as simple as addictive, you can playwithyour parents, surely you will make them very happy.This game is for two players, choose your opponent forthechallenge and go to play. Good Luck!
Apple Challenge 1.0.0
This is the classic challenge of the apple,youhave your bow and arrow, your goal? nail an arrow in the applebutkeep in mind that if you fail one, the game is lost, if youwant tohave a good score on the world leaderboard you will have topracticea lot. At first it will be easy but the apples will becomesmaller,you really should become an expert for win.
Matchstick vs Lighter 1.0.0
This is a crazy game, you aretherepresentative of an army of matchsticks and you have to facethelighters ¿your mission? Throw matchsticks and shoot down allthelighters, you can bypassing some annoying obstacles that fallfromthe sky, if you shoot down many lighters will be among thetopplaces in the world ranking. Let's do it!
Don't Step on the Lines 1.0.1
The game consists of something that weallknow, who has not played to not tread the lines of the floor?Thosethat are between the tiles, have you done it? If your answeris YESyou have to download this crazy game, if you want to be themostpopular among all your friends you can share this game andsurelymake them explode of laughter.To make it more realistic, the sidewalks also have the famousholesthat you avoided treading when walking down the street,becausestepping on the broken part is more frustrating thanstepping onthe lines.The game is ideal for those obsessive compulsive like ourfriendFernanfloo to whom we dedicate the game and we are sure thatitwill play it, also other youtubers are invited to thisridiculouschallenge.As dessert cherry we also put a world ranking, if you read well,aranking where those who advance without stepping on thoseodiouslines will occupy the first places.Any questions or suggestions writetoshared.dreams.studios@gmail.comEnjoy our crazy games! Which are and always will becompletelyfree.
FB 1.0.0
A nice bird that you have to guide movingyourdevice to pass through the middle of the pipes, competes intheworld ranking, I can bet you do not reach 50
12 MiniBattles - Two Players 1.0.37
Guaranteed fun, here are 44 simple and great games head to headstyle to have fun with your friends. Immerse yourself in a world ofpixels and fantasy where the hours will pass very fast. If you like1vs1 games, this is for you! As if that were not enough, the gameis free, you should never pay to enjoy it. It's a pleasure for usto have you here, now to play! Good News! the family expanded, nowthere are 44 mini-games, enjoy!
MiniBattles - 2 3 4 5 6 Player Games 1.0.11
Many minigames to challenge your friends without internet on thesame device, it sounds incredible but it is real! Up to 6 playerscan play at the same time in "all against all" battles where therewill always be only one winner. With this incredible game you canorganize tournaments with your friends since a counter willindicate who has the most battles won. There are many games, amongthem you will find Soccer, Cars, War Tanks, Sumo, Archers, Vikings,Spaceships and much more. This game developed by Shared DreamsStudios is completely free, light and you can play it on anydevice. What are you waiting to download it?
MiniMissions 1.0.9
Do you like challenges? According to many players, this is themostdifficult new game in the world, fulfilling all 80 missionsiscomplicated but someone won this game some time! Minimissions isaworld of passionate and challenging mini games, each mini game isamission to be accomplished. As you make progress, you willhavemore missions available to have lots of fun. You must beready,this challenge is not for everyone. To accomplish yourmissions,you´ll have to run, jump, fly, hit, shoot and much more!Bear inmind that each challenge has new characters and differentways towin. With MiniMissions fun is guaranteed, because here youwillfind everything you need to make time fly. Funny and realphysics,different characters, crazy challenges, game dynamics whichare sosimple and at the same time so thrilling, and in little timeyouwill become totally addicted to MiniMissions. Once youstartplaying, you can´t stop. The best about Minimissions is thatit´stotally FREE and not heavy to be played with any device. Whatareyou waiting for? There are many missions to be accomplished.Youshould start as soon as possible!
GlowIT: Games for Two Players 1.0.2
A turn-based two-player game composed of many mini-games, idealforchallenges. Glow MiniBattles is more than a game, it is thebesttool to show your opponent that you are a winner, fasterandsmarter. A game for two players that has everything, a lotofbrightness, exciting challenges and unlimited fun. WithGlowMiniBattles you will have fun while learning everything abouttheworld of physics. It is completely free, light, you canplayoffline and is full of mini-games. If I were you, I wouldhavedownloaded it :)
DRAMA 1.0.4
After entering a portal, Frank finds himself in a totallyunknownplace. Among the deadly traps, SURVIVING AND ADVANCING inthe hopeof returning home is his main goal. Time run and this worldbecomesincreasingly hostile. Can you resist and decipher each test?• Makethe best decisions to guide Frank to finish his path with themostlives in the shortest time possible. • If you request a clue,alife will be subtracted. • If you restart the level, you willalsolose a life. Time is controlled. Don't get distracted, useyourwits and be smart.