ShashaVS Apps

BluetoothTalkie 1.08
Bluetooth Talkie - is an application that simulates the operationof the portable devices Reception (The radio, Walkie-Talkie).Bluetooth Talkie works via bluetooth adapter on your device andallows you to negotiate a one-way communicationmode._______________________Features of the app:- Quick search andconnect the two devices;- Simple and intuitive interface;- Theability to automatically connect when the connection is lost;- Theability to visualize the input audio stream;- The use of a headsetto transmit messages;- The ability to customize the use of soundand vibrations;- The application has many ways touse;____________________________How to use the application: UsingBluetoothTalkie is easy! On two adjacent devices must be installedBluetoothTalkie and enabled adapter bluetooth. If your phones hasnot been connected via bluetooth, it is necessary to searchdevices. In the "list of devices" perform to search for devices.After scanning, displays a list of devices (name and mac-addr) withenabled bluetooth. If the desired device is not listed, try toinclude the detection and search again. Next, select the devicefrom the list of the interlocutor and click "connect". Afterconnecting in the "radio" will be the name of the connected device.Now your device is in the "waiting" and you can talk. First theuser selects "transfer" (TX) and says, the second user deviceautomatically switches to "reception" (RX) - listening as long asthe first user does not switch to "waiting".
Like in any maze, in the "SPEEDY MAZE" you have to find a way out... but it must be done as quickly aspossible!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Selectthe size of the field and the "SPEEDY MAZE" generates a maze ... Tocontrol the player - just point him the direction. Tip: than longerthe line, indicating the direction, by that the player will movefaster.In order not to get lost - to help you issued a compass,which however, can be disabled at any time.
Dice in a Glass 1.03
Dice in a Glass replaces the dice and is perfect for a variety ofboard games.- In Dice in a Glass used three-dimensional physicalmodels.- To shake the glass, just tap the screen.- If you fill thelist of players, Dice in a Glass will keep your game and tell whoseturn it is to make a move.- In the Results menu you can find outthe amount of points each player.
Anagrammer Rus 1.02
"Anagrammer Rus" - the assistant in the selection of words from aset of letters or from other words."Anagrammer Rus " findsdifferent combinations of words from a set of letters, and gives adescription of the found words.Please note that this version usesRussian dictionary.
Where is this Place? 1.0
The app allows you to find specific places in a given radius ofyour location. You can find your current location, or set itmanually - on the map or by name. Places are marked on the map anddisplayed in the list. The search is possible in the followingcategories: atm, gas station, car wash, pharmacy, food.
Bluetooth Talkie 18.11.2018_ad
Bluetooth Talkie is an application that simulates the work of awalkie-talkie. Bluetooth Talkie works via Bluetooth adapter on yourdevice and allows to send voice or text messages in one-waycommunication mode. Up to three connections to one device areavailable in this app version. ____________________________Features of the application: - Quick search and connect; - Themultiple connections; - Voice and text messages; - Simple andintuitive interface; - Audio visualization; - The application hasmany ways to use. ____________________________ How to use theapplication: On devices (phone or tablet) you want to use as awalkie-talkie, you need to install the 'Bluetooth Talkie'application and turn on the Bluetooth adapter. 1. Go to the'Devices' tab and select companion* from the list of founddevices**.    * The number of simultaneousconnections can be set in the application settings.   ** If the device is not displayed in the list,then try to turn on Bluetooth detection in the settings of yourphone and repeat the search. 2. Click on the button with the numberof connections after the companions are selected. 3. The devices gointo 'waiting' mode after successful connection. In this mode, theapplication works according to the rule: while one speaks(transmission - TX) - others listen (reception - RX).____________________________ Please note that the working distancedepends on the device model and external conditions of use.