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Real time Weather Forecast
The accurate weather report will be provided with the help of GPSfunction and location service. When you open the APP, you caneasily receive real-time temperature, air pressure, wind forcescale and wind direction. It is your best choice to lookup theweather forecast.Functions in detail:1 Live weather report isprovided, 5-day forecast as well.2 Detailed weather information in24 hours.3 Weather information for about 220,000 cities anddistricts around the world.4 Alarm automatically for terribleweather and weekend weather tips, making your travel decisioneasier.5 Weather information in detail, such as temperature,humidity, air pressure, wind force scale and direction.6 Grace UIand animations of all kinds of weather.7. New theme function, andyou can change the theme easily with a switch.8. Each weather typehas appropriate fine wallpapers, providing better user experience.
APE Weather ( Live Forecast)
Get weather in real time as well as air pressure and wind speed Donot be surprised by the weather anymore and plan your day quietly.Main features : Weather information of the day up to 5 days Realtime updated weather information About 220 000 cities around theworld Notification for daily weather information and alert forweather change Beautiful interface with background animation andsound according to the weather New feature : you can applydifferent theme to customize your experience
Smart Assist - Clean & Boost & Security
Strong and persistent free memory, improve the speed of the phone.Clean up junk files, keep your phone clean and tidy. Authoritativevirus scan engine, protect your phone from vulnerabilities.Optimize and improve overall performance with one-tap only. SmartAssist is a mobile phone management and smart optimization tool. Itcan help you clean up background processes and services. Clean upall the junk files on your phone, include software cache andresidual, junk apks and junk system files. Antivirus for mobilephone, etc. Make your phone faster, safe, efficient and convenient.☆ One-tap Optimize Optimize and improve overall performance withone-tap only, include memory boost, junk files and safe protect. ☆Junk Files Smart Assist rely on powerful analytics engines, cleanup the cache and residues of apps, help user move out more storage,keep your phone clean and tidy. ☆ Memory Boost Adopt smart cleanstrategy, Powerful close process and background service, speed upyour device and save more battery. ☆ Antivirus Scan thepre-installed and user-installed apps to keep your device safe fromvirus, trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware. Keep yourprivacy safe by scrubbing personal info from your device. ☆ Freemore space Scan all the big files and similar photos on the phone,choose to clean and release the storage space. ☆ Cleaner forspecific apps Cleaner for social apps, release more storage.
File Manager
This is a simple and convenient file manager, whether the file isin mobile phone, or SD card, users can quickly find the rightcategories, and the file is easy to copy, paste, cut, rename,search, share, etc. Features: 1. Free, simple interface withcomprehensive features; 2. Small memory requirement; 3. Supportsplit screen, the user can use the file manager while using otherapplications; 4. You can browse the files at any time, without theInternet.; 5. Intelligent categorization, quick browsing ofdifferent types of files; 6. Support copy, paste, cut, rename,search, share and other functions; 7. Support wireless remotetransfer to realize the file be transferred between mobile phonesand computers, or between mobile phones and mobile phones; 8.Support more than 40 languages. such as English, French, German,Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and so on.
APE Discover
Ape DiscoverLightweight entertainment applications that only touchwhat you want. Such as simian-like quick, fast can not imagine,excellent mobile phone experience, the choice of global users!☆popular games - support fun games, Fun more exciting games;☆recommended news- look around you and things, recommend the mostintimate content, many countries support multi language;Smaller,faster, more intelligent, surpassing everything.
Gallery lockscreen
The Gallery lockscreen with users experience of Androidnativesystem-level. Weekly will update a number of premiumqualitywallpapers.You can to swipe left and right to view thewallpaperson the lock screen and Bookmark you favoritewallpapers.(1) Thefirst boot up phone and enter into lockscreenwill show the guideanimation(2) Swipe left and right to view thewallpapers on thelock screen(3) Wallpaper changes every time thescreen islightened(4) Swipe up the camera icon to use the camera onthe lockscreen(5) Swipe up the voice search icon to use the voicesearch onthe lock screen(6) Swipe up to unlock the phone on thelockscreen(7) Display all updated wallpapers in "ALL" Category(8)Display all favorites wallpapers in "FAVORITES"Category(9)Favorited wallpapers will not be deleted when thewallpapers isupdated(10) Weekly will update a number of premiumqualitywallpapers.
Weather Go (Live Forecast)
Main features :Weather information of the day up to 5 daysRealtimeupdated weather informationAbout 220 000 cities aroundtheworldNotification for daily weather information and alertforweather changeBeautiful interface with background animationandsound according to the weatherNew feature : you can applydifferenttheme to customize your experience
Simple Mode
Enjoy your smartphone without any heavy settings to do and unwantedfeatures! Simple mode launcher allows you to: - Select yourfavorites contacts and access them one swipe away - Choose the appsyou use the most to launch them quickly - Change your phonesettings at a glance - Activate notification dots over your Phoneand Message apps icon