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7Boom 3.1
7 boom - Tap when you see a number that divides by 7 or include 7!get the highest score!
Jump It 1.2
Jump It - A new game by LudereMe!Tap and hold to charge the ball,release to make it jump!You can also charge the ball while it's inthe air, the ball will jump on impact.Jump from floor to floor andget the highest score you can! Be careful not to fall!Think you canJump It? think again!
com.sefer.yomleyom 1.0
355 ציטוטים של גדולי ישראל מסודרים ומתאימים לכל יום בלוח השנההעבריבשפה ברורה ונעימה, ציטוט אחד בכל יום."יום ליום" הוא אוצר שאיןכדוגמתו, הוא ליקוט מדויק של דברי חז"ל לאורך הדורות, הוא מתנה לכלאדם ובייחוד לכל מי שחכמתם של גדולי ישראל מקיצה בו איברים שלא ידע עלקיומם.האפליקציה "יום ליום" מבוססת על סיפרו של משה שרון הנושא אותושם,לרכישת הספר עם כל הציטוטיםלאתר של משה שרון greatest quotes of IsraelArranged andsuitable for every day of the Jewish calendarIn clear and pleasant,one citation every day."Day after day" is incomparable treasure, isaccurate gathering of sages throughout the ages, is a gift toeveryone, and especially for anyone wisdom of the sages of Israelwake up in organs not know existed.The app "Day after day" based onthe book by Moshe Sharon of the same name,To purchase the book withquotes - Sharon'ssite -
Atslan 3.1
Atslan is an advanced field-proven ballistic calculator appcombined into a sniper / long range shooter logbook. The app isspecially designed for snipers and any kind of long-range shooters.Atslan app provides the beginner and the professional shooter withability to record his / her performance in an intuitive and easyway. The main advantage is that the ballistic logbook is alwayswith you in your pocket so you never forget or lose your dataanymore.Atslan lets you record all your shooting and track multipleprofiles, rifles, scopes and ammo.features:• State of the artballistic calculator with support for: Spin-drift, Aerodynamic-Jumpand Coriolis Effect.• Basic ballistic table option.• Support for G1and G7 ballistic models, and multi-bcs(stepped bcs).• Bulletsdatabase.• Muzzle velocity based temprature.• Supports imperial andmetric units, MRAD(Mil) MOA and SMOA.• Special dialogs for: winddirection, azimuth, shooting angle and more.• Coriolis based onyour gps location.• Optional use for phone sensors to getbarometric pressure, humidity, azimuth etc.• Cold bore shottracking - per ammo.• Training performance summary.• Variety oftargets to choose from.• Backup/Restore options.* We are glad torelease this first version of our app. We will be happy to hearfrom you - please let us know if you encounter [email protected]