Short2Games Apps

StarClicker 1.0
STAR CLICKER is an incremental game of theGame & Watch style .At first, you earn one star per click.You may also purchase upgrades to increase the number of starsproduced per second or per click.The goal of this game is to produce 999,999,999 stars .Controls'CLICK' Button : produce star.'UPGRADE SPC' Button : upgrade star par click. (need star)'UPGRADE SPS' Button : upgrade star par second. (need star)
KALEID 1.0.3
KALEID is the newest and coolest in spot thedifference game!find the difference in kaleidoscope mirror images!There are up to 300+ levels for endless fun![HOW TO PLAY]KALEID is spot the difference game.Compare the mirror images of kaleidoscope and point out thedifference by touching the difference.Clear the level by finding all differences in kaleidoscope in oneminute.- lifeLife is required for you to play the game. (You can play the trialat Life free.)If you missed the time limit, you will lose one life.Lives are regained at a rate of one every 15 minutes.- coinYou can get coins by cleared levels or acquiring trophies.You need coins for you to buy an item in the shop.- detector loupeif you use this, then detect a difference in kaleidoscope.- recovery watchif you use this, extend 30 sec for your time limit.
MATHMAN is a math game of the Game & Watchstyle.Controls'EASY' : start easy level.'HARD' : start hard level.'+' : addition.'-' : subtraction.'×' : multiplication.'÷' : division.