Shotgun Gaming Oy Apps

Clay Hunt PRO 1.9.0
Just shooting with a shotgun is a thrilling experience. Combinethat with rapid clay targets or maybe high flying pheasants andit’s something special. Thousands of shooters around the world havealready devoted to Clay Hunt PRO and it’s community. Unique touchcontrols and authentic gameplay makes it easy for you to enjoy thethrill of shotgun shooting when not in the range. Clay Hunt PROtakes you to hunt birds and blast clays in varying disciplines.Features: • Get started with the tutorial and popup targets! •Olympic Skeet, Trap and Double Trap. • Sporting Clays - It’s likegolf with a shotgun! • Bird Hunting - Pigeons, Ducks and highdriven pheasants! • Become a monthly cup champion by dominating thelive events held every other day. • Choose your gun, rib, barrellength, chokes etc. to match your preference. • Unique first personshooting experience. • Realistic simulation of shot string physicsand leads. ----- For enjoyable experience, following or morepowerful device is required: Equivalent to Galaxy S3 (2012 model),Galaxy Tab 2 (2012 model)
Duckz! 1.6.5
Go hunt ducks, deers and more by foot and on a truck. The best partof course is that you’ll get to buy new guns and unlock newshooting spots with your earnings. How about going hunting with anautomatic shotgun? Duckz! reimagines classic duck hunt as a newkind of fast paced shooting game! Aiming is automatic, just tap toshoot! But remember to shoot ahead of the bird, since you need tolead your target in this game. Check out also Clay Hunt START formore shotgun shooting! So grab your new pump action shotgun and gethunting!
Rail Grinder
Pick up your kick scooter and dive to the bump track, jump hugeairsand grind through amazing rails! Super fun single touchcontrols:Press to accelerate, release to jump and press to grind!While onair, tap to do tricks!
Clay Hunt START 1.1.9
Bust clays in trap, skeet and sporting clays & go hunt pigeons!Get the complete Clay Hunt PRO - #1 shotgun shooting simulator inthe Google Play or get started with Clay Hunt START for free!Unique touch controls and authentic gameplay makes it easy for youto enjoy the thrill of shotgun shooting when not in the range. ClayHunt START takes you to hunt birds and blast clays in varyingdisciplines. Features: • Get started with the tutorial! • OlympicSkeet and Trap. • Sporting Clays - It’s like golf with a shotgun! •Pigeon Hunting • Choose your rib, barrel length, chokes etc. tomatch your preference. • Unique first person shooting experience. •Realistic simulation of shot string physics and leads. Get moregame modes and online monthly cups when you upgrade to Clay HuntPRO!
Pub Brawl
Welcome to Pub Brawl, mate! It's boxing mayhem! Drag to dodgeandrelease to throw a punch! Can You Beat The Boss of the Brawl?
Fire Rescue
Not all heroes wear capes. As an emergency rescuer, be readytorespond at any time! Your job will be to fight fires, rescue,andsave lives. Can you handle it? Reach incidents quickly andrescuecivilians trapped and stuck inside buildings. Use your waterhoseto extinguish fires, whether it be on buildings or onciviliansthemselves! Lives depend on it.