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Abris 1.2.0
Abris is aimed to make process of surveyingfaster and easier. Graphical editor was implemented in the app tomake the drawing and editing of complex cave walls simple. Thecenterline is drawn automatically after each shot is added.User interface was designed having in mind specifics of the work incaves. It demands minimum actions to add measurement and is easy oneyes.Abris features:- Drawing of centerline- Graphical editor for drawing of lines and cave elements- Entering of forward and backward shots- Entering of information about survey- Auto-hints of station names- Closure error calculations and loop defining- Statistical data- Export/import of survey for transfer between devices- Export of survey to vector (.svg), raster (.png) and csvformatsWe continue development of the app. Following is the list ofsome planned features:- Export to popular desktop applications for cave mapping- DistoX support- Walls guidelines based on LRUD data- Cross-sections support- Map symbols and labels- Additional line types- Attaching photos