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WiFiReconnect 1.2.0
If you noticed that your phone stops automatically re-connecting toyour WiFi, while it is still in range, this app is for you!Somepeople have noticed that their phones will appear to loose or stopreconnecting to their WiFi automatically. This app sits dormantuntil it notices that your WiFi disconnects. At that point itretries to establish the previously held WiFi connection. It canalso help if you stray to the edge of your WiFi limits, byreattempting to establish the connection if Android momentarilydrops the connection. You may even noticed that this app willappear to give you more reliable WiFi at the edge of your receptionrange.This app does NOT improve the actual signal of your router ormobile. It just attempts to reconnect in cases where Android "givesup".This app simply needs to be started once, and will thenautomatically start on every re-boot. It should also restart itselfif Android tries to close it. So start it sup straight afterinstalling. It will automatically close (i.e. there is no userinterface), but will be sleeping, waiting for a WiFi issue.The appwill display a sticky notification to show it is running. It alsouses this technique to make it more difficult for Android to shutit down unexpectedly and thereby inadvertently disabling thefeatures. Clicking on this notification will take you to thesettings app management, from which the "force close" button can beused to disable / turn off the app. But don't forget to restart theapp to have it active. You do not have to manually start it after areboot.If you find that when you are away from your WiFi range fora long period of time, if it does not reconnect, check that yoursettings for "Network Notification" are turned on. This setting isnormally found within Settings / WiFi, select "Advanced" from themenu (the three dots on the top right), and it should be near thetop if not the first option. Ensure it is turned on, if you want itto automatically reconnect after some time away from yournetwork.*** DEVELOPER OPTIONS ***If you are a highly technicaluser, the app can be configured in the following waysCreate thefollowing file to specify a list of WiFi SSID's (hotspots) totry/sdcard/Android/data/sickpenguin.utility.wifireconnect/files/config.ssid.listThefile is simply a text file listing the SSID's you want to try toconnect to in priority order, when the WiFi connection is lost. Itis a single SSID per line. Delete the above file to simply connectto the first connect SSID from startup/reboot. After the list hasbeen exhausted, it will attempt to connect to the previouslyconnected SSID. Creating this file, can make the biggestimprovement to the apps performance.Create the following file toturn off the sticky notification NB: this may hinder this appsability to stay working, but not too significantly. You would bebest to keep the sticky notification, but disable notificationsfrom the app (a feature of Android Marshmallow and Nougat), as itonly disables the visualaspect./sdcard/Android/data/sickpenguin.utility.wifireconnect/files/config.foregroundservice.offDeletethe above file or create the following file to turn the stickynotification backon./sdcard/Android/data/sickpenguin.utility.wifireconnect/files/config.foregroundservice.onNB:the "off" file will take precedence over the "on" file if both arepresent.Create the following file to enable logging. NB: THERE ISNO AUTO CLEARING OF LOG FILES. YOU WILL HAVE TO MANUALLY MANAGETHEIR DELETION IF LOGGING ISON./sdcard/Android/data/sickpenguin.utility.wifireconnect/files/config.logging.onDeletethe above file or create the following file to turn logging backoff (the defaultstate)/sdcard/Android/data/sickpenguin.utility.wifireconnect/files/config.logging.offNB:the "off" file will take precedence over the "on" file if both arepresent.