SightCall Apps

Visual Support 3.8.0
The Visual Support App allows support agents, experts and claimprofessionals to see what you see. Either by leveraging the backcamera of your Android device or by sharing your screen. To usethis application you must be invited via SMS or start theinteraction from a webpage. To start the visual interaction youhave to download the application and go back to the SMS or webpageto connect the session. During the interaction you can leverageadvanced capabilities as: • HD Audio • Video frame rate auto adapt• Screen sharing and co-browsing • Live remote pointer • 2 waysdrawing and annotations • Pause video, photos and picture saving •Session recording The app does not allow the remote agent to accessany data stored on your device.
AllianzConnX 3.5.3
The AllianzConnX App allows Allianz Claims Handlers and designatedLoss Adjustors remotely view and assess damage to your propertyand/or contents, either by remotely activating the back camera ofyour Android device or by sharing your screen.To use this App youmust be invited by Allianz and/or its partners via SMS or E-Mail.Tostart the visual interaction you have to download the App.Allianzand/or its partners will send you a second invite, again via SMS oreMail. You will need to click on this link to connect to theAllianzConnX session.During AllianzConnX you can leverage advancedcapabilities such as:• HD audio• Screen sharing • Live remotepointer• Two way drawing and annotations• Pause video, photos andpicture savingThe App does not allow the remote agent, (AllianzClaims Handler or our designated Loss Adjusters), to automaticallyaccess any data stored on your device but it allows them tocapture, store, process and retain photos taken, during the liveinteractive session. At all times, Allianz and/or our designatedLoss Adjustors will process your data strictly in accordance withthe Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003, and our Privacy Policywhich may be accessed via the link below.
Live Assistance 1.1.0
Get an Xfinity expert to guide you using the Xfinity LiveAssistance app and solve problems you may have with your Xfinityinstallation. To start the Xfinity Live Assistance app, you mustdownload the app and be invited by an Xfinity expert via SMSlink.During the live video session with an Xfinity expert you canleverage advanced capabilities such as:• Live video streaming• Liveremote pointer• Pause video• Two way drawing and annotations•Screen sharing