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Indian Police Directory SOS
Hello Every One,INDIAN POLICE DIRECTORY IS SPECIALLY DEVELOPED FOR GIRLS/WOMEN ANDCHILDREN.PURPOSE OF DEVELOP INDIAN POLICE DIRECTORY IS, RELIEF THE PERSONWHEN THEY ARE INTROUBLE.Download INDIAN POLICE DIRECTORY for : ----1. Police Station Contact Numbers.2. Women Help Line Numbers.3. Major Blood Banks Numbers.4. Consumers Court Numbers.5. Other Important numbers.6. Flash Light.7. INDIAN POLICE DIRECTORY is very simple to use, no sign upneed.8. INDIAN POLICE DIRECTORY is an offline/online application.9. INDIAN POLICE DIRECTORY provides you all states (Except Gujarat)Police Stations Contact numbers.10. Share your GPS location.11. If any contact number found incorrect for this I am notresponsible.12. Read terms and conditions mentioned in application before useof INDIAN POLICE DIRECTORY.
Ayurvedic Medicine Ayurved 1.4
1. This is very useful application. 2. Completely freeapplication.3. Easy to use.
Bubble / Balloon Shooting 1
A first game by Siha ApplicationFree and easy game with 10 levels
MS Power Point Full Course (Offline) 1.4
Complete PPT TutorialOffline ApplicationCompletely freeapplicationLearn Advance Power Point Presentation
Computer Keyboard Short Keys 1.0
All Computer Keyboard Short KeysOffline and free application
Full Offline Course for Excel 1.8
Complete Excel TutorialOffline ApplicationCompletely freeapplicationAdvance Excel Formula
Computer Course in Hindi 1.3
Completely Free.Easy to UseLess AdsVery usefull for you and yourChildrenLearn Windows instalation from USB
Science Projects 1.0
Completely free application.Very useful for Science, Biology Chemistry andElectronicStudents.Easy way to learn step by step with pictures.Complete projects.Less Ads.
Vastu Sashtra / Vastu Jyotish 1.4
1. Completely free application.2. Offline Vastu Sashtra.3. LessAds.4. Easy to use.5. Customized contents.6. Vastu Tips for yourhome, office, career, love, health, finance ,Your Career , life ,Marriage, Wealth , Health, construction and many more.
टैली फुल कोर्स (GST सहित) हिंदी में (Original) 2.2
Download this original application and stay updatedTally Erp9 inHindiFree offline ApplicationImportant information of Tally forBeginners.Easiest way to learn Tally ERP-9Now you may add yourbookmark
English Speaking Course 1.3
1. This is very useful application for you and your children. 2. Ifyou want to speak fluent English than you must download this app.3.Completely free application.4. Easy to use.
MS Word Full Course (Offline) 1.7
Offline ApplicationComplete TutorialEasy to use
ABCD Kids Complete Learning 1.6
A good application for your children. Kids Learning is simple andeasy to use. The App contains various information with attractiveclip-arts and voice:1) Alphabets2) Writing A to Z for your wardspractices3) Numbers 4) Writing 1 to 10 numbers writing for yourwards practices5) Colors 6) Shapes7) Fruits8) Vegetables9) Days10)Months11) Animals12) Birds13) Flowers14) Body Parts15) Insects16)Reptiles17) Water Animals18) Vehicles19) School ItemsTest your kids(Math, English and other knowledge)through game.
English to Hindi Dictionary 1.3
Offline Dictionary Big Dictionary containing 61000 words, with addword facility.
Kids Canvas 1.3
Offline Free ApplicationLess AdsYou may use it as white board toteach your kids
Vedic Mantra Part 2 1.2
श्री अष्टकम, श्री स्त्रोतम, श्री नाम रामायणम,श्री सुन्दरकाण्ड, वेदसारांश, वादिक मंत्रोचार, आरती, चालीसा and many more
Best Unit Converter 1.4
All unit converter Available unit conversions include:- Temperature- Length (kilometer, miles, meter, yard, feet, etc)- Mass/Weight(kilogram, pound, ounce, ton, stone, etc)- Speed (km/h, mph, knot,etc)- Area (square kilometer, square mile, hectare, acre, etc)-Cooking Volume (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, pint, quart, ounce,etc)- Pressure (kilopascal, bar, PSI, etc)- Power (watt, kilowatt,horsepower, etc)- Energy (joule, calorie, BTU, etc)- Time (year,month, day, hour, second, etc)- Fuel Consumption (miles per gallon,liters per 100km, etc)- Digital Storage (bit, byte, megabytes,gigabytes, etc)
Science Project 1.1
Completely free application.Very useful for Science, BiologyChemistry and Electronic Students.Easy way to learn step by stepwith pictures.Complete projects. Less Ads.
Vastu Compass Complete 1.4
***Your phone must support compass feature, otherwise app will not***How to use ?★ Hold your device parallel to the floor/ground likeyou would hold a compass. Stand at the center of the house andchoose an area (e.g. Balcony).★ The green color of the compass dialindicates favorable direction for the chose place and the red colorindicates unfavorable direction and blue color indicates neutralspace (neither favorable nor unfavorable).Features:* Easy to findlayout of Home and Office* Complete Vastu Guide for your Home,Office* Easy to use* Offline application
Backup & Restore Master 1.2
* Complete Solution for Mobile Backup and Restore* Backup andRestore your SMS* Backup and Restore your Contacts* Backup andRestore your Applications and save your data and time* Backup andRestore your Call Logs* Email all Data* Easy to use
Flows Free : The Game 1.0
**Simple puzzle game**Advanced version**Pure fun nothing else.
Kids Rhymes / Poems (Offline) 1.1
**Hindi & English Rhymes **50+ Top Selected Rhymes **OfflineApplication**Audio with Lyrics**Easy to read**Pause Button
Connect The Dots 1.0
Connect The Dots is free games for you. Connect all color dots, andfill the entire board to solve each puzzle. Don't cross or overlapthe pipes.Connect Dots game is easy to use. Just connect the dotswith the same color to complete the level and move on to anotherlevel. Finishing a level brings to you another new level.So why areyou waiting for? Install the game and connect the right colors todots.Play Puzzle
Color Switcher 1.0
Color Switcher HD graphicsPure time pass
Bubble Level Master 1.0
Bubble Level Master, is a well-designed tool for your cell toindicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical(plumb). Bubble Level Master Application is easy to use, accurate,and incredibly useful tool for your Android device. A traditionalmodern level meter has a slightly curved glass tube which isincompletely filled with a liquid, usually a colored spirit oralcohol, leaving a bubble in the tube. At slight inclinations thebubble travels away from the center position, which is usuallymarked. Bubble Level app tries to mimic the real level meter anddisplays the data as real level meter would.Bubble Level MasterFeatures :1 Level Vertical or Horizontal.2 Calibrate your device orreset default3 Shows Numeric angles4 Display in Angle / Inclination/ Roof Pitch5 Lock / Unlock Orientation6 Eco Mode7 Set Viscosity toLow / Medium / High8 Turn on Sound when level is done Where can youuse Bubble Level?You can use this app in construction, carpentryand photography to determine if objects on which you're working onare level. Used properly, a bubble level can help you createflawlessly leveled pieces of furniture, help you when hangingpaintings or other items on the wall, level billiard table, leveltable tennis table, set up a tripod for photographs, level yourtrailer or camper and much more. It’s a must have device for anyhome or apartment.
Candy Jump 1.0
Candy Jump is full of Fun & Adventure , It is very funny gamewith beautiful graphic. Collect all Sweet Candies of the game , andavoid sharp candies. This game is really fun for your kids and letthem focus trying to avoid obstacle there.Use familiar Graphic likeBlue candy, red candy, yellow candy, chocolate cake, strawberrycake, Blueberry cake and many more cake for you . Keep deliciousgame on your eye and play through the levelsFeel free to play candybest jump game on your phone , and share the high score to yourfriendsCandy Jump Features : **Easy To play** Simple One Tap Gameplay** Beautiful HD Graphic Candy **Suitable for Kids who wants toplay** Fun Game with Many Levels** Many Characters Available ongame and Many More
Indian Police Directory 1.0
Hello Every One,INDIAN POLICE DIRECTORY IS SPECIALLY DEVELOPED FORGIRLS/WOMEN AND CHILDREN.PURPOSE OF DEVELOP INDIAN POLICE DIRECTORYIS, RELIEF THE PERSON WHEN THEY ARE IN TROUBLE.Download INDIANPOLICE DIRECTORY for : ----1. Police Station Contact Numbers.2.Women Help Line Numbers.3. Major Blood Banks Numbers.4. ConsumersCourt Numbers.5. Other Important numbers.6. Flash Light.7. INDIANPOLICE DIRECTORY is very simple to use, no sign up need.8. INDIANPOLICE DIRECTORY is an offline/online application.9. INDIAN POLICEDIRECTORY provides you all states (Except Gujarat) Police StationsContact numbers.10. Share your GPS location.11. If any contactnumber found incorrect for this I am not responsible.12. Read termsand conditions mentioned in application before use of INDIAN POLICEDIRECTORY.
Computer Shortcut Keys 1.0
Computer Shortcut Keys is an educational application which providesyou approx all Computer Keyboard Shortcuts to increase your workspeed.Categories of Shortcut Keys.**Accessibility**MS Access**AdobeReader**Android**ASCII Table**Bash Shell**Character Map**ColoursCode**Dialog Box**DOS ** And many More**
Real Accordion 1.0
Real Accordion is a complete accordion application for tabletsandsmartphones. Its highly customization interface makes you abletofit it in your device screen in the best way.A FREE EducationalandFun App to learn to play the Diatonic Button Accordion.• Playslikea Real Button Accordion!• 7 Complete Tuning F/Bb/Eb, G/C/F,A/D/G,C/D/G, B/C/C, C & B • • 25 & 34 Buttons Layout•Settingsare stored• Beautiful interface• Best of all: FREE• 127Instrument•Button Reverse option is also available• 6 Backgrounds
Ultimate Solitaire 1.0
Play 15+ solitaires in single ApplicationFullycustomizableapplication:9 different looking card sets in this game,36different card backgrounds and 15+ different cool backgrounds.Soyou have a large choice to customize your game.Setupdifficulty:You can set up the difficulty for Klondike,Spider,Pyramid and Golf through settings!Automatic saving:Thecurrent gamewill be saved every time when you pause or close theGame. So youcan continue your game where you left it!High Scorelist:Whenwinning a game, your score will be saved in a list of upto 10 highscores.Game features:This game has an undo function totake back upto 20 card movements. A hint function shows you up to 3possiblecard movements at once.Left handed mode:There is an optionfor lefthanded people to mirror the card positions to the left sideof thescreen.Landscape and tablet support: You can switch tolandscapemode, this is better for larger screens. It is alsopossible tolock the orientation in the settings