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Feed Hungry Lazy Monkey 1.0
Highly addictive fun game, for people of allages! Enjoy the exciting and fun physics of this great arcadeadventure game! Intros app you must ensure that monkey(starvingChi-Chi) are well feed! Ready? Let’s start the adventure!«Feed Hungry Lazy Monkey» is simple, free and fun game for kids andtoddlers about feeding your pet. The goal of this game is simple:feed your cute, lazy and greedy pet with the best delicacy formonkey: bananas! Highly dynamic game will provide endless joy inthis never-ending fun feeding monkey pet game.GAMEPLAY: on the screen of your mobile and tablet you will see thehungry and lazy doodle monkey(your lazy, cute and jumping petChi-Chi), who is sitting on different locations and reaching thebananas,make your game through various landscapes, and waitingwhile player feed the monkey with yellow bananas, give him as muchbananas as you want(one, two, three, as much as you can afford it):BUT REMEMBER: bananas are falling down and you should tap on screenby using your one finger(don’t tap the monkey) to slow down them(ifyou can't slow down bananas, it will hit the Kong and you willlose) make a portion of 2 and more bananas to get higher score. Themore Bananas, the better score. Catchy sound effects will help youto play! Share your results with friends, and get know who is thehighest ranks! Download now and feel the joy of new fun andentertaining game!This app isn’t other feed and take care app like ginger and om,this is talking and hungry feed the monkey app, our monkey canbecome very angry, if you can’t feed it! Do your best! This is notrun or race app, in this app you can only feed the Chi-Chi withdonuts, not insects or worms!Key Features:170+ unique levels, simple and not, to come through;A lot of sweat bananas(not candies) to feed the hungryChi-Chi(brown lazy monkey);One of the best games for kids of all times;Great entertain for people of all ages-toddlers, children andadults;Colorful and funny graphics;Catchy sound effects and music;Simple controllers;Absolutely FREE, no in-app purchases, min of Ads;Optimized for mobile and tablets.«Feed Hungry Lazy Monkey» is free fun game for both children andadults, and of course for toddlers!If you meet some problems or bugs please mail us!We will be glad to hear your feedback!ENJOY GREAT TIME!
Pro Street Nitro Speed Racers 1.0
Get ready for the most hardest andrecklessnitro race game ever! Prepare to get new game experience innitrorace battle on hot asphalt tracks! It can be your one andonlyexclusive chance to get new drift app on your mobile or tabletincar game sim or racing game fever!“Pro Street Nitro Speed Racers ” nitro game cars and racersgame,with simple and addictive gameplay and cool graphics. So, inthisapp you will use your fingers to smash opponent nitro cars,that’swhy this game has simple and addictive gameplay, and you willneverbe bored! Nitro till the end!GAMEPLAY: on screen of your device(mobile or tablet) you willseethe cool cars and experience the fierce combat(drift also). Itisquite easy and simple to control the game. If you are a carlover,then don’t miss it! Your mission is to destroy opponent nitrocars,that want to bust you! Attack them, when enemies’ nitrocarsappear. Or you can destroy your opponent cars with tapping onthem.Thrilling mad death race battle! You can select yourfavoritecars(charger) and customize it, what will help you defeatall yourenemies! Remember to protect your cars(skyline) well whenattackothers! You will experience the wonderful parking lot war inthisgame! Get started now! This app not only for car lovers,becauseeach mission progressively becomes more complicated, andsuits forall kind of ages! Share results with your friends, and getknow whois the best nitro cars-owner! Also remember that this isnotsimulator game for cars and real tracks, this is tap game. Thisisnot drag racing, driving simulator game or something likethat,this is tap arcade game!FEATURES:99+ cars(choose yours);Customize cars in your own style;Incredible graphics;Easy gameplay;Catchy sound effects, wont make bored;Simple controllers;Absolutely FREE game, no in-app purchase, min of Ads;Minimum AndroidOS 2.2;Hours of fun gameplay;Can play everywhere, because it has offline mode;Optimized for mobiles and tablets.We will be glad to hear your feedbacks and rates about app, tomakeit more interesting! If you meet some problems or bugs pleasemailus!More updates full of exciting new features are coming soon!Have great time and joy!
Tap Hungry Frog: Feed Pet 1.0
Hi kids and toddlers, and of coursetheirparents! Meet your new fun, lazy and hungry friend: green andlazyfrog- Aby! Feed this lazy pet with donuts, not insectsorcandies!Everybody knows that frogs can croak, but not everyone knowsthatfrogs are also very hungry and greedy! Each time, even sittingonthe ground, they are trying to catch some food to eat. Well, trytofeed the hungry frog, and take care of him!“Hungry Lazy Green Frog” is simple, addictive and entertainingfroggame feed for all ages. You have to feed the hungry FROGGY withthebest and delicious, you might think it should be candy, butno,there will be donuts. How many donuts your hungry frog(Aby) caneatat once? All tests showed us the result of 10 max sweat androunddonuts, not delicious candies! Can you beat this score? Thisapphas simple and addictive gameplay, so every kind of ages willneverbe bored while playing, no in-app purchases, you can useallfeatures now and absolutely free, great graphics, best suitforkids, but their parents also were happy playing it, and showgreatresults as a gamer!HOW TO PlAY:On screen of your device(mobile or tablet) you will see thehungryand lazy green Aby(your cute and fun pet), who is sittingondifferent locations and reaching the donuts, not to beboredplaying similar backgrounds, and waiting while player feed thefrogwith sweat donuts, give him as much donuts as you want(one,two,three, as much as you can afford it): BUT REMEMBER: donutsarefalling down and you must tap on screen by using youronefinger(don’t tap the frog, ) to slow down them(if you can'tslowdown donuts, it will hit the frog and you will lose) make aportionof 2 and more donuts to get higher score. The more Donuts,thebetter score. Catchy sound effects will help you to play!Shareyour results with friends, and get know who is thehighestranks!Remember!!! This app isn’t other feed and take care app like tomandnom, this is talking and hungry feed the frog app, and our frogcanbecome very angry, if you can’t feed it! Do your best! This isnotrun or race app, in this app you can only feed the frog withdonuts,not insects!This app best suits for kids and toddlers! Parents mustknowthis!Features:115+ unique levels, simple and not, to come through;A lot of sweat donuts(not candies) to feed the hungry Aby(greenlazy frog);The best game for kids of all times;Great entertaining game;High-quality, colorful and funny graphics;Catchy sound effects and music;Optimized for mobile and tablets;Minimum AndroidOs 2.2.“Hungry Lazy Green Frog” is free fun game for both childrenandadults, and of course for toddlers!We will be glad to hear your feedback, to continuedevelopinganother legendary saga of «feed the animals» games!Enjoy the game!
Farm Village: Hay Heroes Bay 1.0
If you like breeding domestic animals andsomefarming game is what you like then Family Hay Farm is the appyoumust download! With all the cute and adorable chickens, ducks,cowsand other domestic animals!Rotate the tiles to recover the original picture of cartoonfarmanimals. The gameplay seems simple at first; however, as yougofrom level to level, its complexity gradually increases. This isaneducational and entertaining puzzle farm animals game.“CartoonTiles: Hay Little Farm Animals Version” teaches andchallenges kidsof many ages. Find your favorite cartoon charactersfrom thewell-known cartoon about alice and rabbit, and yourwell-knownheroes in absolutely fantastic and unique puzzleapp!This app should the most popular among kids and toddlers, becauseofsome particular reasons, this app has simple and addictivemastergameplay, anyone can play this game with only ONE FINGER, soyourkids will never be bored playing it! Advance troughdifferentlevels, score points and set new records! Improve yourskills inmore than 34 unique levels! Challenge your friends bysetting thetop score an enjoy the high replay value that this gamehas tooffer! Help Alice and white rabbit!This is a challenging game. Rotate the tiles to recover theoriginalpicture of cartoon heroes. The gameplay seems simple atfirst;however, as you go from level to level, its complexitygraduallyincreases. This is an educational and entertaining puzzlegame.The“Cartoon Tiles: Hay Little Farm Animals Version” teachesandchallenges kids of many ages.How to play: The picture of your favorite cartoon hero farmanimalswill be cut into 18 or 32 (easy and hard mode) disarrangedpieces.You must put all puzzle pieces at the correct position. Youcanpress “Hint” to check the whole photo or press “hint” to seetheinformation of the picture puzzle. When you complete it, youcanset the photo as your wallpaper and go to next game.Awesome features of “Cartoon Tiles: Hay Little FarmAnimalsVersion”:Amazing quality of graphics and animation in style offavoritecartoon farm animals;High quality puzzle game for toddlers and preschool kids from ages0to 7;Many hours of exciting gameplay;Can play everywhere, because app has offline mode, nointernetconnection needed;Optimized for all Android mobiles and tablets;Absolutely FREE for download, minimum of Ads;Remarkable sound effects;Cool and fun images of well-known cartoon heroes.More updates full of exciting new features are coming soon,forabsolutely FREE! If you meet any problems or bugs pleasecontactus! We will be glad to hear your feedback about your puzzlefarmanimals adventures!Disclaimer:- All trademarks and copyrights are owned by theirrespectiveowners.