Siltrontech Electronics Corp. Apps

VerySafe Box 1.2.5
Private or secret files in your phone?Safe box provide a safe space to store your files.Your files are protected by passcode and nobody can access justyou.
Currency 1.1.1
Convert world currency with this Currency. Itprovides live currency rates convertion and calculatorfunction.
Unit Converter 1.1.3
A simple and friendly unit converter with aclean user interface.
ezSD 2.0
ezSD could let you access your SD cardthroughWiFi directly and provided photo preview. You can alsodownloadmedia files from SD card to your iOS device and upload themtoFacebook, Youtube, Twitter, Weibo and Email with yourownaccount.
iSensor 1.2.1
透過iSensor手環紀錄每日的活動量與睡眠狀態,協助您達成運動目標以及觀察睡眠品質的目標。 iSensor利用智能藍牙與App連線及時更新紀錄,瞭解最新狀態。 iSensor圖表統計協助您分析運動數據與評估睡眠品質,讓您一天比一天更健康。 智能藍牙的支援範圍如下,在使用本產品前請先確認手機規格是否符合Android OS版本: Android 4.3 以上手機藍牙規格: Bluetooth 4.0 ring record iSensorhandthrough daily activity and sleep, to help you achieve yourgoals andobserve movement sleep quality goals. iSensor intelligent use of Bluetooth connectivity with Appupdaterecords for the latest status. iSensor statistical charts to help you analyze and evaluatesleepquality motion data, allowing you to more healthy everyday.Smart Bluetooth support range  follows, before using thisproduct,please confirm whether the phone specifications    Android OS version: Android 4.3ormore    Mobile Bluetooth specification:Bluetooth4.0
Flashlight 1.2.0
Simple, beautiful and useful app to turnsyourdevice into a LED flashlight.keywords: flashlight, led, camera, light
Luxury Watch LiveWallpaper 1.0.0
Luxury Watch LiveWallpaper presenthighquality, luxury design watch in live wallpaper.