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Futuristic Flying Robot Attack 1.0
If you love Robot Fighting Games or flying games for that matter,then Futuristic Flying Robot Game is what you were looking for. Thebest of the robot car games available on Play Store, it offers youto go on a robot war with cars. In this intensive Futuristic robotbattle you need to shoot cars with your unlimited ammo to winlevels. There will be futuristic flying cars all around and youjust need to find them on map radar and shoot them right away.Unlike other robot games, you can both fly in the air or race onthe road to move around and find enemy cars. Ranked as one of thebest futuristic games, it offers best in class 3D scenes withrealistic graphics. Near to real gaming environment offers you tofeel like in a futuristic flying car battle with real look andfeel. Not to mention, unlike other flying car games, this game hasmore than just shooting cars as you also need to run throughsky-rings as well to complete your goals.Ultimate future fight getsonly more intense with every level in this battle simulator.Alongside robot racing, you also get to have the taste of futurecrime simulator games. While Robot Car Games are pretty much afashion these days, the real robot fighting games are hard to findby. The real Futuristic robot battle that comes along futuristicflying cars is your best bet to have fascinating time-kill robotwar, future fight game. What you can also experience is a battlesimulator with robot racing with splendid graphics and real lookand feel.Features: - Dual Experience of racing on the road orflying in the air- Infra red weapons with unlimited missiles andgun ammo- Thrilling experience with realistic 3D graphics for cars-Real Life car physics- Near to nature cars with environment- 3DSimulator- Heartthrobing city scenes- Countless thrilling actionfilled missions- Multiple camera views
Army commando Survival Hero 1.0
Army Commando Survival Hero is modern combat free action game thatcomes with spectacular endless shooting and killing adventure. Youaim your sniper for a clean kill at headshot or shoot twice in thebody for endless onslaught. You are in a warzone against ruthlessand veracious enemy that you need to shoot and push behind theirlines for victory of your country.This spectator worthy shootingand killing game has a shooter with unlimited ammo loaded in snipergun to aim directly for headshot. Everything else is secondary,simply aim and shoot to win levels.You are an army commando soldierand future of your country is depending on your performance todayagainst enemy soldiers. You clean kill them all until last drop ofyour blood. All your units are dead and you are last remainingsuper hero with specialized skills of dealing with large army. Youjust know one thing: Shoot in the head to avenge your fellowsoldiers. You are part of mission rocket rescue and your goal iskill all enemy soldiers to escape from the scene without gettingkilled.With intense firearms going around in Z War zone, you have aspecialized sniper gun for this co-op with endless ammo. You aresuper shooter with only aim to endlessly shoot and kill allopponents. With limited advertisements, all you have is to focus onthis epic melee war fight between world’s best commandos who arenothing but just killers. Dual stereo sounds will only make youfeel right into the war zone.Your sole responsibility is to savemotherland from enemy occupation which is a tough ask, but giventhe track record and your special training for dealing with militia– you are a machine man – you are to destroy all terrorists, eitherwith Sniper, pistols, AK47 bullets, avatar, mini shotgun, grenadesor missiles. You have sharpen your weapons to become world’s bestkiller and save victims from dangerous enemy soliders.You can playonline free this spectator game called Army Commando Survival Hero.There’s no working required, simply aim and shoot and that’s it.Please note that you can zoom in the sniper scope to better aim forheadshots.