Simon Zettervall Apps

Kitchen Bitch 1.0
A new revolutionary way to find yournewkitchen bitch! Just take out your camera, snap a picture ofyourkitchen and your victim, let KitchenBitch add it up and showyouthe match!
Ett Jävla Bilspel 1.0
In game you steer your car on the neverendinghighway running through different kinds of exotic locations.Butbeware, everything isn’t fun and games. Every now andthenobstacles in form of suicidal animals or constructions pop upandyou will have to avoid them, or else you crash. You snooze,youlose. But If you’re a good enough a driver to avoid them, you’llberewarded with points increasing the further you drive. Butthefurther you drive, the faster it’ll go, and the difficultywillincrease. Since the road never ends, the one who can survivethehard life on the road the longest gets the most points. Topscoresfrom all over the world are shown on this site. Try gettingthere.On your way to the highest score around, don’t forget to pickuppowerups along the dangerous highway. Why not run over aspeedboostto go faster? Or run over some alcohol to.. no wait,don't drinkand drive!