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Quick Settings
If you have some problems to apply tiles, please add every QuickSetting is in the top and then remove tiles you aren't interestedin Note: It does NOT work on Chinese ROMs. This is NOT app's fault.It doesn't work because THE MANUFACTURER didn't include TileServiceAPI. It won't work until that API will be implemented by theMANUFACTURER. If you have MIUI, you need at least MIUI 10 ---------This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This permissionis used only to lock the screen if the user enables this feature.It will never be used for other purposes and always with themaximum freedom of choice from the user. ---------- Android Policereview:'s one of the easiest to use while still packing a lot offunctionality - Android Police Other reviews: More than 53 cool quick settings: - Dice - Counter - SmartReminder - Night screen filter - Weather - Battery - Music volume -Play / Pause - Volume - In-Ear Audio - Ringer mode - Cast - App& Shortcuts #1 - App & Shortcuts #2 - App & Shortcuts#3 - Calculator - Lock Screen - Contact - Search - Storage - Alarm- Timer - Camera - Advanced reboot - Caffeine - Screenshot -Brightness - Auto brightness - Sync - NFC - Screen timeout - VPN -Rotation - Vibrate for calls - Cellular data type - Input methodpicker - LineageOS Profiles - Hotspot - Immersive mode - Heads-Up -Battery saver - Ambient Display - Invert colors - Reading mode -Position - Mobile data - Mono audio - ADB - Adb Over LAN -Animations - Notification LED ***************** Enable lots ofquick settings, even without root. On your PC type: adb shell pmgrant it.simonesestito.ntilesandroid.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS ****************** DO YOUHAVE AN IDEA FOR THE APPLICATION? Write to simone@simonesestito.comand will be answered as soon as possible ******************
Escape Earth - Space Launches
NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018 product This app is open sourceandlicensed under the terms of GPLv3 License The source codeisavailable at Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?Collectflight schedules and projected launch dates to assemble anapp withall the latest rocket launch information. In just 2 days!More infoabout thechallenge app does The app has different main sections: - FAQaboutlaunches (scroll the rocket up) - News from official NASA site-Next launches - Search launches - Countdown until the next launch
WallApp - Wallpaper Manager 2.2.1
The new and cool application where to download all the wallpapersyou want is here. Key features: - Original wallpapers: we hate tocopy. Every single wallpaper in the app is made by us! - Fresh UI,for a fresh UX - Built using the latest announcements in Androiddevelopment world - Following modern Material guidelines - PreviewMode: try a wallpaper without losing the old one
Among Uscreen - Lock Screen 🔒 1.0.1
Introduction 👋 Among Uscreen is a Lock Screen directly inspiredtoAmong Us, to make your friends feel impostors when they trytounlock your phone without permission! It's free and offers afullycustomizable screen with exclusive options! How does it work?😕Among Uscreen is a little and optimized service whichadministratethe unlocks of your device: the custom screen triggerswhen the pinor pattern inserted is wrong! The animation can bestopped with asimple tap on the display, and the sentences willappear with thesame animations of the game! The app can be disabledin thesettings, and it's designed not to drain battery, but to havefun!Features 🔒 ◾ A smooth and automatic animation will triggerwhensomeone enters a wrong pin or pattern! ◾ The animationiscustomizable (crewmate color, main sentence, secondary sentence)◾A Simple app will help you to preview the animation andcustomizeit to your likings! ◾ Lightweight, optimized and easy touse: AmongUscreen won't drain your battery, it's guaranteed! Notese Credits⚡ The app is free with a little in-app purchase for thebonusoption and the ad removal, and it was made with many hours ofworkand commitment. If you like it, a review is always appreciated!Theapp is available in english, spanish, french, italianandportuguese. If you want to translate it to your language, sendusan email. 😉 Same if you have any suggestion or criticism!Credits:- Simone Sestito for the development - m.i.n.a.r. for thedesign NOCOPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED This app is not anofficialapplication. The content in this app is not affiliatedwith,sponsored or endorsed by InnerSloth. This app is created byfansfor fans. All trademarks and copyright in this app go totheirrespective owner (InnerSloth).
Finger Gestures for 8.0
With this app you can perform custom actions simply swiping onyourfingerprint scanner. This app requires a compatible device.Atfirst launch, a compatibility test will be performed ------Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. This permissionisused only to lock the screen if the user enables this feature.Itwill never be used for other purposes and always with themaximumfreedom of choice from the user. ----- This app usesAccessibilityservices. ----- Do you need more information? Email