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Website Builder for Android 2.0.14
This website creation app is designed to help you build a site thatwill be easily understood by its visitors. This website builder isset up to increase the chance of your site being found on searchengines. Forget about the technical frustrations. Focus on yourexpertise and get straight down to telling your story by creatingand organizing your content. Create your own professional websiteby simply presenting what you know about your field, business,activity, or hobby. SimDif is one of the few website builders to befully functional, with the same features, on a phone, computer andtablet. This allows you to easily switch from one device to anotherto edit and publish your site. KEY FEATURES • The optimization toolhelps you to understand what is important to make a good websiteand shows you what to work on, before you can publish. This willensure that your website has the essential qualities appreciated bysearch engines. • A clear and intuitive user interface. Even easierto navigate than the original SimDif. • Brand new graphiccustomization tools. • Respond instantly to your site’s visitorswith the in-app chat. • Rotate your phone to view how your sitewill appear on a computer. • Observe the behavior of your site'svisitors with new simplified statistics. • The app is like a coach,with built-in contextual tips and guides to help you build andlearn. Here is what REAL SimDif USERS said about the app: "I lookedinto various website builder apps before I chose to use SimDif andI never regretted my choice. It's the best: easy to manage andupdate the website from all devices and publish in an instant. WhenI couldn't resolve things by myself I got quick help from a kindcustomer service team. Recommend it 100%" "Outstanding, easy to useas well as having free features but I will be going with a proversion as I'm impressed" "Great website builder and hosting app.It's very convenient to be able to manage everything from one app""Even a novice can use SimDif" SimDif 2 has 3 different versions.Starter, Smart, and Pro. All versions include free and reliablehosting. SimDif 2 is available on most systems on phones, tablets,and computers. STARTER (Free) A free Starter site helps you toorganize your content into a simple and effective website. Up to 7pages | 14 color presets | Free domain name | thePre-Publish Optimization tool | Site visitor statistics. To keep inonline for free, all you need to do is publish the site at leastonce a year. SMART A Smart site offers more choices at a goodprice. Up to 12 pages | 56 color presets | Install and useAnalytics | Enable and moderate your visitor’s blog comments |Control the way your site is shared on social media | In-apphotline for direct contact with the SimDif team. More shapes, morefonts, more customization. PRO The Pro version offers morespecialized features and customization control. Maximum of 30 pages| Create your own color theme and shapes | Customizable contactform | E-commerce buttons | Password protected pages. Enhancedfeatures and finer customization. GET IN TOUCH Feel free to checkour website: Check out our social mediapages for more information and extra support including educationalcontent and updates: @SimDif If you got this far in thedescription - Thank you. Try out SimDif for yourself and see whatyou think. Get friendly support and professional advice from ourteam. We are always happy to answer your questions. Please let usknow if there is anything we can do to assist you. ••• SimDif Team•••