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Unofficial Reader 4 AO3 FanFiction: Fanfic Library 1.29.17
Unofficial fanfic Reader for the Archive OfOur Own (AO3) web site which has a huge fanfiction library.Search your favourite AO3 fanfics by multiple tags, exclude tags,search by fandom, fanfic title, author, characters and otheroptions; read fanfics right from the app with no need to open themin separate reader app, download the best fanfics for later offlineaccess.Night Reading Mode: switch to day/night theme by using icon onNavigation Bar while reading the fanfiction story.Fullscreen mode: tap in the centre of the screen while reading thefanfic to enter full screen, tap again to go back to normalview.When you launch the app, it shows list of fanfics from AO3 mainpage. To filter results use Search option. To view fanfic, click onthe item with its description. Then you will be taken to the ficsdetails page which show all the information including author name,title, number of chapters, kudos, comments, views and other infoabout the fanfic (fandom, characters, relationships, category,rating).This is not official AO3 app, I just like AO3 a lot as you do :-) Iam developing this fanfiction reading app in my free time because Ineed offline access so I can read fiction stories from anywhere andanytime. I hope you enjoy it!As AO3 doesn’t have any API, some issues may occur. Thanks forunderstanding.The application includes Auto-Renewable Subscription(Prosub).Once you have purchased it, the subscription starts. Since thenevery week you will get digitally generated recommendations offanfics (fanfiction works) to read. Subscription length is 1 monthand it its auto-renewable.Payment will be charged to Google Account at confirmation ofpurchase.Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned offat least 24-hours before the end of the current period.Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to theend of the current period, and identify the cost of therenewal.No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed duringactive subscription period.Privacy Policy and Terms of Use link: unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will beforfeited when the user purchases a subscription to thatpublication.
Sudoku Game 1.1
Sudoku Game is absolutely Free Simple Sudoku game contains threelevels of puzzles: low, medium and high. Sudoku helps to enjoy yourfree time and exercise your brain! Enjoy playing our sudoku game!
Compass 1.0
Beautiful compass app for your device.Shows north direction and azimuth.Enjoy.
Pocket Antivirus for Android 1.5
100 % Free Pocket Antivirus Defender forAndroid that scans your phone effectively against unwantedphishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses. One of the bestoffline Virus and Malware protection android apps.You can see all the applications with dangerous permissions,which can cause your personal data and money lose.Pocket Android Antivirus scans your device for potential threadsquickly, but search every area of device. Scanning all installedand pre-installed (system) apps takes only few seconds.Protect your identity and your pocket with Pocket DefenderAntivirus for your Android devices.Features:• Simple usage with one-click-scan.• Free built-in Task Killer allows you to control runningapplications.• Memory usage helps you to analyze which applications are usingphone's memory.• Anti-theft feature (Find My Phone) locates your phone on the map.You also can block all (incoming and outgoing) calls on yourdevice.• On-install scan prevents harm to your device from newapplications and updates in real-time.• No Internet connection needed.Pocket Antivirus for Android would help to remove the threadswhich come from different source like viruses, malware andspyware.
Easy Cleaner + App Manager 1.07
Easy one click uninstall of any application;fast cleaning call log and SMS.Basic functions also include:- quick uninstall of selected app- quick launch of selected app- view information on Google Play Store
2048 Puzzle Game 1.03
Super addictive game for FREE!How to play:- Use your fingers to move the tiles.- When two tiles with the same number touch, they mergeintoone.- Combine the numbers displayed on the tiles until youreach2048!
Simple Text Recognition 2.03
Simple app for text recognition.Good quality image is very important for text recognitiontowork.Handwritten text will work ONLY if written carefully.What cases will NOT work:- text with not clean background (for example, background consistofimages);- text surrounded with borders or lines (for example,excelsheet).
Fandom Ship Names Generator: Fluff and Fun 1.13
Thinking about a perfect pairing (ship) name for any fandom or justfor loving couple? Don’t know how to name your OTP? Then you willlike my app! Just enter two names and the Fandom Ship NamesGenerator will combine them and generate a list of Ship Names foryou to choose from. Fans or fan communities often develop differentnaming practices for ship names in their fandom although thesepractices overlap, change and spread into other fandoms. The mostpopular practice to generate ship names is combining parts ofcharacters’ (couple) names. Very often a pairing is given a namegenerated by combining the letters of the two characters' names.This is used in many fandoms (by TV Shows fans, Japanese fandoms,on Tumblr, Pixiv and even outside fandom) and is called portmanteau(OTP names are combined (or "smooshed") to form one word). ShipNames Generator is based on this practice and is a powerful toolmaking generating ship name for any fandom very easy and fun. Justenter two names and it will combine them and generate a list ofShip Names for you to choose from! After you select a Ship Name youcan copy it to clipboard, share on Facebook and Twitter, throughMessages and Mail. Ship Names keeps an editable history of thegenerated names you shipped so that you can easily recreate them.You can generate Ship Names for: - You and your significant other(couple name is very cute not only for girlfriend and boyfriend butmarried couples too) - Friends and family - Coworkers - Favoritecharacters in a book or movie (or your fandom) - Favorite Hollywoodcouples - Pets - OTP's (be original on Tumblr!) in your fandom -Superheroes and villains - World leaders - Sports athletes - Andmuch more name pairings! Ship names generator may be used for avariety of purposes, such as: - To label a particular fanwork - Todescribe all fanworks featuring that ship - Community and eventnames - Tags on Pixiv, Tumblr, Twitter, or other multi-fannishsites - To help shippers in fandom identify each other Ship Namesgenerator is completely free!
Cute Cats Memory Matching Game 1.76
Cute Cats Memory Matching Game is a classic card matching game. OurGame has real pictures of real cats. See if you can match allcards! This is a great brain game about cats to exercise andsharpen your visual memory with lots of cute cat photos. Initiallyyou see all cards turned face down. Tap on any one of the cards andremember what picture is on it. With the next tap try to find andflip the card with the same picture as the previous one. Our gamewill bring much fun for children and adults because here you canfind all kind of different cats. Our memory matching game helps youor your child to improve memory, concentration and patience. -Match the same cards. - Visual memory training with 300+ pics. -Different cards to be easily remembered and give a lot of fun. -Simple and user-friendly brain game interface, easy to play. -Brain trainer. - Concentration improvement. - Enjoy funny catspictures and become smarter. - Play with your kids to train theirmemory while having fun together! Every time you start a new game,a random selection of the cards ensures all different games, so youcan replay endlessly. Turn 2 cards over by tapping them. If cardsmatch, they will stay there, if do not match, they will flip backover. Adorable cats and kittens on your phone melt your heart everytime you train your brain with kitty cards!
Bzz-bzz-bzz Bee Racing Arcade 1.5
Explore the world of bzz. You are a small bee. Your name is Bzz andyou need to collect flowers in a dangerous place full of angrymonster insects. Collect flowers, stars and lives, avoid angrymonster bugs and get as much points as possible in this fastendless arcade. This is a fast accelerometer control game onlything you need is tilt your device and bee will fly for youavoiding monster bugs and collecting flowers and bonuses. FEATURES:- Very addictive endless arcade game! - Fast fly. Try to survive ina swarm of angry monster bugs! - Smooth control! You control thebee using accelerometer so you just need to tilt your device tomove the bee! Fast reaction will help to have much fun and reallyenjoy playing the game. - Cute main hero he is the bee and his nameis Bzz! - 8 Different kinds of angry monster insects! - 6 Kinds offlower items! And 2 kinds of bonuses which increase your pointsfrom collecting flowers!
Cute Dogs Memory Matching Game 1.2
2018 is a Year of Dog! Dogs matching game will bring you morefortune in 2018 :) Cute Dogs Memory Matching Game is a classic cardmemory matching game. Are you ready to challenge your memory dailywith cute dog playing our super cute animal memory matching cardgame? Cute Dogs Memory Matching Game has real pictures of real cutedogs. See if you can match all cute dogs cards! Cute Dogs memorymatching games will bring much fun for children and adults becausehere you can find all kind of dogs: funny dogs, cute dogs, prettypuppies, relaxing puppies, sleeping dogs, cuddling cute puppies andmany more! Cute Dogs memory matching games help You or your childto improve memory, concentration and patience. What can be betteridea for game for remembrance than brain game about dogs? - Matchthe same cards of pretty and cute dogs. - Visual memory trainingwith 100+ cards with different cute dogs cards. - Different cardsof real cute dogs to be easily remembered and give a lot of fun. -Simple and user-friendly brain game interface, easy to play. -Brain trainer. - Enjoy cute dogs pictures and become smarter! Everytime you start a new game, a random selection of the cards ensuresall different games, so you can replay endlessly. If you downloadour Cute Dogs memory matching games, you will get some of the bestreal cute brain games for kids and adults completely for free!Adorable cute dogs and puppies on your phone melt your heart everytime you train your brain with cute puppy cards!
Cats With Me 1.5
Thousands of cats in your mobile.New cats every day.
Luma: heic to jpg converter and viewer offline 3.8.3
Luma is designed to enable you open and convert to jpeg multipleimages with *.HEIC file extension at a time. These are images inHigh Efficient Image Format (HEIF). Images in this format taketwice less space on your device without any loss of image quality.Using this format will help you to save up to 50% of storage spacefor images. Luma works completely offline and you don't need tointernet connection to make the app working. You can either opensingle image or select any number of images and convert them tojpeg without loosing quality or metadata. App features: * Browseand view any folder containing *.heic files. * Open and view *.heicimages. * Save and share *.heic images in *.jpeg format. * Batchconvert any number of *.heic images preserving quality andmetadata. * Preserve all image metadata like: location, Exif, XMP,Copyright, ICC profile. * Preserve depth image if presented. HEIFis smaller and better HEIF — or High Efficiency Image File Format —is the still-image version of the HVEC — or H.265 — video format.Its main advantage is that photos saved in HEIF are roughly halfthe size of JPEGs, and of better quality. That means you can storetwice as many photos on your phone before filling it up or, lookedat another way, you can keep all the photos you have, while freeingup a ton of gigabytes on your device! HEIF is flexible HEIF offersother advantages over JPEG. For starters, it is not so much a fileformat as a container for files. A JPEG is a single image, but aHEIF can be a single image or a sequence of images. This makes HEIFperfect for Live Photos, but also makes it a potential replacementfor GIF. HEIF also supports transparency, and image color up to 16bits, versus JPEG’s measly 8-bit color. In practice, this meansthat HEIF can capture all of the extended color range provided bythe camera’s 10-bit color output. In other words, you will nolonger see ugly banding across a blue sky. Photos will take up lessspace, while looking better They will upload and download muchfaster. And, if the rest of the world adopts HEIF in place ofJPEGs, then the whole web will operate more quickly. By making themove to High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and High EfficiencyImage File Format (HEIF) we are getting ready for the future ofmedia consumption and creation! *For now Luma supports only onestill image in HEIF format. Multi-image and video support will beadded in next versions so keep updated!