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aa game 1.0.7
aa is like ff, uu, ki, fi, rr, sn, sp"aa game" is a very addicting minimalist game. "aa game" is verysimple and addicting. All you need to do is to align the dotsaround the Big Dot in center. Things you will find in this game...** aa game is Very Simple to Play **** aa game is Very Hard to Master **** aa game is Very Addictive **** aa game is Very Crazy **** aa game is Very Cool **** aa game is Very Colorful **
Azadi Bird 1.1
We have made Azadi Bird for People wholovePakistan and want to Play Game about Pakistan. In Azadi Birdthereis a Bird which is locked in a Cage (English Cage). You needtobreak the cage and fly the bird. Bird wants to collect moreandmore Flags to celebrate the Independence Day (14 August).How much Pakistan Flags you can get?You will see in this game** Pakistan Flag Theme **** Beautiful Birds **** Nice Graphics **** Wonderful Game Play **
Math workout - 3rd 4th game 2.0.4
Math is a key to analytical skills that's whymath is very important for every kid and student. And studentshould be good in maths and extra ordinary, as "maths" is veryimportant in everyday life so that player can become problem solverof math. And Learning math should be funny and easy. So It helpsyou become ninja in basic math.Math workout is a game for kids of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4thGrade/Class specially and also for adults and all other graders whowant a math exercise. Math workout is kind of math games. Its bestin Math Game/Class. The students and kids of 5th 6th, 7th, 8th,9th, 10th and 11th grade and all onward can also have their braintraining and IQ boost and test it by playing it. Its a Unique gamefor 1st, 2nd, 3d, 4th and 5th graders.Fun is essential part of every math game so is in this game kidsenjoying and having fun by playing game mean while they are havingbrain training of math and practice.Game play is very easy and addictive, One Mathematical puzzlequestion is asked and there are four solutions options are give andplayer is to guess the right one from the give solutions. A formulais presented and there is a black part in the equation and playerhave to select the correct one from the options. The questions arein form of mcq (Multiple Choice Question) quiz and test.There are two modes of this app and these areEasy -- This is light mode in which extra time is given to solvethe math problem presented for start gradersHard -- This is the race mode in which time is short for eachquestion so it is reflex mode. You need some tricks to survive inthis mode as its for advance gradersThere are several types of questions and features and these are asfollows- Basic Math Exercise like +,-,x, /- Subtraction calculation- Addition/Summation calculation- Multiplication calculation- Division calculation- Tables of multiplication- Some Logical Questions- Upcoming featuresLogical Questions Greater, Less, Equal Not Equal EtcSounds of numbers from 1 to 20 to 100
pixel up - Pixel Art Game 1.0.2
How far you can go in pixels of pixelmonstyle.Pixel up is a fast paced pixel game which keeps your head up bystopping by going up in pixels. Pixel up - pixelmon is single tapside scrolling game with minimalist awesome fun andchallenging.pixel up - Pixel Art Game is Addictive to keep your head up.pixel up - Pixel Art Game is Challengingpixel up - Pixel Art Game is awesome
Hexagon 1.1.5
Keep the Hexagon on the tower of blocks and Don't let it fall fromblock tower If you are looking for a minimalist challenging hexagongame and if you like breaking the bricks or blocks, then you'vereached right game. There is a hexagon shape on the tower ofblocks. Its basically a tower building of blocks. Crush the blocksbeneath the Hexagon (six sided shape) to make the score. Break theblocks in a way that hexagon(sides) does not fall from the tower.If the hexagon falls from the tower, the hexagon will crush andgame will over. If you want to make more score then trick is tocrush only the consequent blocks for the defense of hexagon. Youcan tap one block at a time so that game is totally addictive andunder your control. The Hexagon is six sided shape The Hexagon issuper cool The Hexagon is super awesome The Hexagon is super FunnyThe Hexagon is super Addictive The Hexagon is super Challenging
Brain Rush Up 1.0.0
Brain Rush upAll you need to catch the Dots and Squares by the same shapewherethe shape will be converted when you touch.-- Fast Paced-- Smooth Control-- Awesome Game Play
DUO - Twins 1.0.6
Do you love colorful games ? Well you reached right game. "DUO -Twins" is a colorful game in which a ball is navigating upwards ina fast paced manner. DUO - Twins is for both kids and adults,Senior men and women will also enjoy it. Left half of the screen iswhite and right half of the screen is colorful, means of multiplecolors. There are spikes coming the way of ball. Color of ball onLeft Side, white, of the screen will be colorful and color of ballon right side, colorful, of the screen will be white. "DUO - Twins"is a Classic game with modern look and feel. Look and feel of thegame is modern while the game play is classic. There are multipleHD color themes of game Color of game. Ball has a super sonic speedand design of game is very intuitive. PLAY Game play is very simpleyet addictive in which you need save the ball/dot from touching thespikes while catching the rewards.Its a tap to jump simple yetaddictive game if you tap on the left side the colorful ball willjump and when you tap on right side the white ball will jump. Whenball will jump from left side to right side to left side the ballwill switch/shift its color to white and when ball will jump fromright side to left side then ball will be become colorful. Therewill be a reward to make the game dual play, means there will betwo balls one colorful and one white in that case you will have tocontrol both balls. In Dual/DUO play mode touch left side of screento jump left ball and touch right side of the screen to jump rightball/dot. In Dual/DUO Play When the two balls will collide eachother then two balls (2 Balls) will be merged to single ball(1ball). Dual/DUO Play mode of the game will make the game littleimpossible but still playable and addictive. Dual/DUO Play mode isnot multiplayer so you don't need to be confused. DUO - Twins sidesis totally/completely free game which can be played offline, meansyou can play it without internet. It is One of the best offlinegames available.
Fingers Monster mmm 2.9
Hmmm Fingers, its the thing tiny monsters sayabout your finger, Monster is Finger SlayerCan you protect your fingers from hungry monsters?StoryThere are a league of monsters enjoying their party in a hotel inc.Someone disturbedthem by a finger.Game PlayNow all squad of monsters of the party including the legends ofmonsters want to take the revenge for this. Now lord of monstersand legends of monsters ordered their fellow monsters to cursh andeat fingers of everyone. Monsters are coming from top of yourscreen, you can not kill the monsters, but can avoid from them. SoAvoid from monsters and save your fingers. All these monsters arefingers buster. Also do not lift your finger and don't go off thescreen because there are monsters all over there off the screen.There is a lord or king of monsters who is ordering them and sendsquad of monsters who are super fast and will try eating yourfinger all the time.Fingers Monster mmm game is a fun, addictive, one touch endlessscore game in which you need to save your finger from hungrymonsters, the tiny monsters, long monsters, and moving monsters.Touch and hold your fingers on the screen as long as possible.Don’t lift your finger or touch anything with teeth otherwisemonster will chop your finger and game will over. Compete with yourfriends and community.Its best game in Monster High GamesIts best game in Monster Jam gamesmmmm its Best game in mmm fingers games 2016Its best in monster gamesIts addictive in monster gamesIts likely wild in wild gamesHungry features of game high with monsters★★ Fingers Monster Mmm is Addictive ★★★★ having a lot of fun ★★★★ Time killer ★★★★ Wild ★★★★ Epic ★★★★ Have Monsters ★★★★ Amazing ★★
Bottle flip 2k17 1.0.4
Do you accept the challenge to flip thebottle? You are on right game. Extreme!Flip the bottle onto the slap, lets see how many of your bottleflips are successful. Bottle flip 2k17 is inspired by world bottleflip extreme challenge. Going live in 2k16 is awesome.Bottle flip 2k17 has extreme challenge.Bottle flip 2k17 is super addictive.Bottle Flip 2k17 is awesome.
Circle Game 1.5
Keep the Circle Dot on Line and Avoidfromboxes approaching.In Circle Game control is very simple and smooth all you need todois to tap on screen to slow down the movement speed of circledot.In Circle Game There are several enemy boxes andrectanglescoming and you need to avoid from them. You can catch therewardand make circle Ir-resistible. If you would catch spikycirclereward then no box will harm you.
360 Inside 1.0.2
Do you have circular state of mind and wanttoenjoy ? You will enjoy 360 Degree Inside360 Inside is best game of its kind. All you need to do istokeep the dot ball inside the circle 360 Degrees. Lets See howmuchrewards you can catch.It isAddictiveFunnyEnjoyableAwesomeCircular
ROTATE 360 Degree 1.0.4
Can you keep the ball inside the 360DegreesCircular Fence, the CompassYou guide the bouncing ball so to avoiding the spikes andcollectingGems. You are required to move your Degree Circleclockwise andanti-clockwise in this challenging, fast pacedaddictive game.FEATURES:• Enjoy the touchdown of smooth and sleek angular motion• Tap left or right to rotate the Degree Circle to 360Degrees• Collect Rubies to change the look of your ball• Simple, intuitive Game Play• Colorful interactive design• Addictive and fast paced