Simply Entertaining Apps

Parker i-Run Chase 1.0
Help Parker Run, Jump, Fly, and Glide in this dangerous platformergameThe worlds most powerful weapon - Remote Nuke Activator (RNA)was stolen and is currently with the top runner. Secure this RNA bybeating other online players and by topping the "Leaderboards"chart. Shine brightly in the leaderboards and defeat the top runner- in the new games 2016!You are going for a joyride. Experiencedifferent worlds - underground, underwater and space using cooljetpack , rollerblade, spacepod . Dodge dangerous cars, missiles,rockets and explosives to reach to the top. Beat online players andlead to the top to secure the RNA. Top new games2016.***Features**** Compete in Leaderboards worldwide* SteamingMissions* Eye-popping Game Environments* Gadgets ride likeRollerblade / Jetpack / Spacepod * Enhanced Power-Ups with Upgrades* Surprise Bonus Gifts* HD Graphics***Join Us in the new games2016.***Google+ :Facebook : Twitter :
Where Is My FRUIT 1.0
Swipe fruits to feed cute animals, that is all you need to know toget started with the very addictive, fast paced arcade game - Whereis my fruit. Get a collection of Pets, each pet comes with a superpower which will help you get more score.Play with friends andfamily - challenge friends on leaderborad chart.
Brain Cells - Physics Puzzles 1.4
Brain Cells is a physics based problem-solving logic game.Drawlines and solve puzzles. Simple rules, simple fun and great BrainExercise Game! Try Now!!!Explore your creative side by creatingyour own levels and challenging your friends!!! Brain Cells is agood strategy game for brain exercise, boost your thinking abilityand Brain Training.How to Play: Guide Brain cells to "brain" bydrawing lines to create a path. (Simple? Think again.)Each levelplays as an interesting problem-solving challenge where you mustcarefully observe the playing field and obstacles to guide thecells to Brain, and all levels are a stern test of your ability tofigure out the correct path.Level Editor: Create your own levelsCool build blocks to create your own puzzles and publish to theWorld. Challenge Friends, Follow top Puzzle makers. Play TopTrending Levels.500+ Free Brain Games with fresh Brain TeasingPuzzles every day. A good Brain exercise to increase your thinkingability and enhance your problem solving skills. Brain CellsPhysics Puzzle comes with many features- Every day new mindboggling physics based brain exercises to keep your brain sharp.-Hints to solve brain puzzles and learn new tricks - Easy to verychallenging Mind Puzzle Games to give your perfect Brain Workout-Create your own Brain Teasers using logic and let the world playand decide how good they are?- Rate good puzzling logic basedlevels - Follow other Players who create good brain gamesA Braingame that encourages you to think outside the box and to see thingsfrom another view. Check out how many puzzles can you solve.
Kids Words Learning Game 1.0
Dream World is designed to improve spelling abilities that you andyour kids will love.Being a parent ourselves we know how hard it isto find good games for kids, so they learn new things whileplaying. We have designed this game where parents and kids bothenjoy playing and learning at the same time. Dream World is a freshway for Kids to learn and practice spellings - while having fun.Word Game - Boost vocabulary, Scrabble Master Words to make newwords and gain coins - Level Progression is designed with CommonEducation Standards and Ideal for 2nd Grade to 5th Grade. -Complete missions and gain new belts as you progress. - Cute andColorful images with Voice over! Thus learning on pronouncing theletters. Archery Game - Aim at letters to complete Words - Manydifferent levels with different challenges to improve your aimingskills - Help's to improve your Kid's hand-eye co-ordination. CoolFacts - Kids will learn a new cool fact per day. Your Child willlove the bright colors, unique sound effects, exciting animationsand dragging letters around the screen. Give it a try! You won'tregret it! Note to Parents: We encourage you to play this game withyour little ones, thus helping him/her learn new words.
Game Recorder with Facecam 1.0
Capture your game screen video with No Time Limit, No ROOT and allextraordinary features for Free. Game Recorder let's you recordyour game play videos in HD with audio, camera preview, comments,text and logos so that you can create amazing game play videos withface-cam commentary, tutorials, promotional videos muchmore.Features:1. Fast & Easy Recording - Record your game playvideos any time with just one touch2. Add face-cam commentary - Addcamera preview with game recording3. Record game videos with audio- Record game video with game sound and your own voice4.Personalize Recording - Add your personalized text and logos5.Configure Recording - Configure game video by adjusting Resolution,Frame Rate and Bit-rate6. Control Recording - Control recordingeasily from status bar7. Stop options for Recording - Stoprecording on screen off and shake or from status bar8. View &Share Recordings - View your recorded game videos and share withyour friends directly from the appMake your own screen-cast gamevideos. Try Now!!
Choppa Risky Rescue 1.0
Choppa Risky Rescue is a simple yet challenging fun flying game.Try Now!!! - Steer the plane to rescue the stranded and avoidmissiles and obstacles!- Simple Fun Innovative controls ( Touch toRotate and Tap to Add Force)- 30 Demanding Levels with 3 beautifulflat designed worlds- Complete each level within Time Limit, AvoidCrash and Save Stranded to get Stars- Choose the plane you like(Already Unlocked different planes )Risky Rescue! Can you save themall?
Zero Dimension Adventure World 1.0
Get ready for ZERO DIMENSION WORLD adventure puzzle. ♥♥♥A consolegaming experience right on your phone ♥♥♥ .Top new games in2016EPIC ADVENTURE ( Feel the Rush)• Embark on this action andadventure world journey.• There’s never a dull moment as you hopbetween platforms and slash your weapons against a plethora ofenemies • Explore the unknown with intricate levels, enemies,poisonous plants, and Bosses. • Discover Hidden Weapons, Coins andPower ups.• Overcome extreme hurdles and encounters withthreatening foes in order to find the Orb and escape through thePortal.PUZZLE OUT 30+ LEVELS - (Get some Brain exercise)• Find thequickest path to escape.• Puzzle over the paths and find the mostquickest way to find Orb and Portal.• Most addictive and funenvironment to get your brains working.• Challenging physics based,mind boggling, puzzled levels designed by top Psychologists. UNIQUEGAME PLAY - (Get your adrenaline pumping)• Teleport from one sideof screen to other by freezing screen (Zero Dimension power). •Embark on this thrilling ride through platforms dodging obstaclesand killing enemies to collect Orb, open Portal and escape levels.• A combination of Action, Adventure and Puzzle.• Bring your Brainsand Reflexes. Yes, you will need both, your Brains to use the ZeroD screen wrapping power and your Quick Reflexes to Jump and fightwith Enemies and Bosses. GRAPHICS • Beautiful 3D graphics presentedin innovative block design will immerse you in the mostcontemporary world of Adventure. • Designed and optimized forMobile and TabletsEPIC BOSS BATTLES - (Use your quick reflexes tocombat with Bosses)• Epic Shell Shocking Battles • Find and beholdhidden weapons to fight with Bosses and kill enemies.• Super Herosbecome Super Villans, • Fight with DARIO, • Dodge KONGLI's Bananas,• Beware of DINO's tail, • Ditch TONIC's spin attacks, and • Watchfor WIZZY's spells. MULTIPLE CHARACTERS • Collect coins to changeyour AvatarSOCIALLY CONNECTED (Beat your friends & Save them)•Challenge your friends on the leader boards or invite your friendsthrough Facebook to prove who is the best.• Find your Facebookfriends in the Level Map• Check out how your friends stack upagainst you.Disclaimer: The game is not like regular Super MarioBros or Leps World. The game is based on Zero Dimension feature -where you have to use Screen Warping to teleport to clear levels.You will find Bosses resembling Mario, Sonic, King Kong, Dinosaurs,Sponge bob, Wizards, Crossy Road - but our characters arecompletely different characters and have different game play.
Face Blemish Remover - Smooth Skin & Beautify Face 1.4
Face Blemish Remover, Pimple Remover, Acne Remover is a perfect appto make your face a "PerfectFace". Want to look good on our profilepictures but a pimply complexion, dry skin, a hair out of place,red eyes, or just bad lighting really messing up an otherwiseperfect-for-sharing picture? Face Blemish Remover - Smooth Skin& Beautify Face is the perfect app for you. Face BlemishRemover will do the hard work for you easily. All you need to do isselect areas with blemishes, dark spots, marks or pimples and theapp will remove it completely. It will give you a natural retouchedtreatment without affecting your skin color. Face Acne Removerphoto editing tool works on all skin tones and complexions toremove those face pimples and imperfections to give the mostnatural look. Face Blemish Remover also comes with Skin Smoothingoption to make the skin smooth flawless and natural. The facedetection feature clears and smooths only the face skin rather thanapplying filter on entire photos. Face Blemish Remover app alsocomes with additional make up art to beautify and enhance yourpicbeauty like: - Apply Blush - Apply Lens - Eye Lashes - Lipsticks- Hair Changer - Crown Stickers - Flower Stickers and much more...Blemishes Acne, pimples, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots arevery easy to remove, just tap on and see the magic. Apply SkinSmoothing, Beautify your photo with tons of cosmetic make upoptions and create a perfect photo 365 days a year and post onfacebook, instagram, twitter, WhatsApp and other social networksand get more likes. So having a very bad acne days? With faceblemish remover give yourself acne and wrinkle-free skin. Changeyour eye color and beautify face, with this handy app. Try Now!
Slick - Auto Background Changer & Eraser 1.5
Slick - Auto Background Changer allows you to change photobackground, you can erase or remove any portion of the background.This background eraser supports good collection of backgroundthemes, multiple tools to erase photo background and also photoeffects, this is professional photo background eraser. Thisbackground eraser supports multiple erase modes and Handy Toolslike - 1. Auto erasing: This mode allows you to Touch and eraseportions of image based on Color, Threshold and Texture. Use thisfor Fast Processing when background has similar colors 2. Manual:Allows you to Erase Manually by just using your finger as a brush.Use Offset for easy erase. 3. Extract: Allows you to select an areato Cut by just drawing a closed loop 4. Restore : Allows you torestore erased areas. 5. Zoom : Zoom your picture for perfect cut6. Magnifying Glass: Shows you which portion are youcutting/selecting. 7. Different Brush Types : Change Brush Size andBrush Type - Circular and Square 8. Undo/Redo Option for handlingany mistakes. Cut Photos , Erase Backgrounds, Create Photo layersSuperimpose and Photo Montages with this easy to use Autobackground changer. Auto Background Changer supports powerful photoediting options like sharpen, bright, opacity and contrast. AutoBackground Changer also supports beautiful background themes, youcan even pick image from gallery and camera to set it as abackground. Background changer also have colour option to setcolourful background . Background remover supports below features:1) You can select and cut Photos particular area of the image usingthis background remover. 2) Background remover supports adjustablebrush to erase or remove particular portion of the image 3)Background remover supports good collection of themes and Images 4)Background remover also supports beautiful photo effects 5)Multiple erase tools to remove photo background - Auto BackgroundEraser , Extract Mode, Manual Cut Paste Photo , RestoreFunctionality, Seamless Merge to other backgrounds. 6) Features awide range of tools and options for removing image backgrounds ñex. crop, undo, redo, cursor offset, marker size, backgroundrepair, background color, smooth edges, etc. 7) Magnifying glass:It helps to cut the image precisely across the edges. BackgroundChanger can be used for 1. Change background of your cutest photo2. Teleport yourself (your photo) to different places 3. CreateFamily Photo Montages by creating Photo layers and Superimpose. 4.Family Photo Frames by superimposing all your loved ones photos. 5.Put all your Baby Milestone pics in One Photo 6. Merge your partyPhoto together and create a photo montage 7. Party Photo Booth -Superimpose multiple Events on a plain or designer background. 8.Create Free Form Photo Collage by pasting multiple cut photo intobackground photo. 9. Cut from photos and paste the content in otherphotos. 10. Create customized photo with animal, peoples, famousplaces, mountains photos, objects, beaches, rivers etc. 11. Cut theobjects from photos and place them on different background. Createa new photos with this simple applications. 12. Create your ownLibrary of Cut Photos and Create Awesome Photo Montages 13. CreateMovie Posters 14. Superimpose photos and make good compositephotos. .. and many more... Background Eraser is a free imagebackground removal app. With this app, you can quickly remove thebackground of any image and use the extracted image as a stamp,collage, sticker, etc. You can also make transparent images withease without having to rely on advanced image editing tools. AutoBackground Changer is one of the best photo background erasing app.Download this top background erasing app, for free, and create somemesmerizing photos..
3D Movie Effects - Movie FX Photo Effects 1.4
Want to be in your favorite movie scene? Want to look like a moviestar with FX, VFX movie effects like real movies? If yes, then thisis the app for you. Change normal backgrounds of your photos toawesome Movie Scenes and Add Special Effects like super powereffects, VFX/FX/SFX effects, Sci-Fi effects, war zone effects,animation and more. 3D Movie Effects a unique app designed for allthe Movie Lovers to bring their creativity and imagination toReality! 3D Movie Effects app contains a huge collection ofrealistic VFX/FX/SFX effect stickers and hand-picked selected movieHD backgrounds. Edit your photos using this awesome 3d movie effectstyler app and impress your friends & family by sharing yourcreated pictures on social media. Try to create special moviescenes and pictures by choosing your characters, select a scene andadd special effects to bring life to your Movie Picture - Lightning- Blasts - Energy Ball - Lightsaber - Light Stroke - Fire - Water -Explosions Much More... 3D Movie Effects works on cut paste photophenomenon. To create a 3d movie fx effects from your pictures youjust have to follow three simple steps: 1. Cut Photo: Cut theobject out from your photo to place on movie background usingprofessional photo editing tools like: - Auto Erase: for one touchbackground removal - Manual Erase: for finger rub (traditional)background removal - Lasso Erase: for area selection backgrounderase - Restore: for finger rub background retrieval - Undo, Redo& Zoom: for accurate result 2. Paste Photo: Paste your cut outon movie effect background using professional photo effect(enhance)tools like: - Opacity: for blend with background - Brightness: toincrease brightness of cut out - Saturation: to adjust saturationof cut out - Sharpness: to adjust clarity of cutout 3. ApplyVFX/FX/SFX effect stickers: Apply special visual effect stickers tomake 3D Movie Effect pictures more realistic. Make your normalpictures memorable using 3D Movie Effects. Try Now!!
Kawaii Photo - Flower & Heart Crown Photo Editor 1.0
Crownify yourself with flower crown, heart crown and other crownsand make your photos Kawaii. Kawaii Photo editor provides abeautiful collection of different crowns like Flower Crown, HeartCrown, Jewel Crown, Bands and lots more with Photo editor,Stickers, Tags and Text so that you can make your pictures specialin just few seconds.Kawaii Crown Photo Editor is an photo editorapp that that offers you a variety of photo stickers to add to yourphotos and give a virtual makeover to your hair.Set amazing flower& heart crown to your face and create cute & creativephotos.Make your bridal photos more special by adding weddingflower crown & heart crown to your hair. Kawaii Crown photoeditor is not only a crown photo editor but it also provide manyphoto editing tools like - Photo Enhancer (Brightness, Contrast,Saturation, Sharpness)- Photo Effects & filters- PhotoOverlays- Crop- Orientation- Frames- Borderso that you can lookbeautiful like a princess.Kawaii Photo Editor provide a specialfeature i.e TAG, so that you can add tags and location to yourphotos. Kawaii Photo Effect Features:★ Easy to use with a simpleinterface★ Huge collection of Flower Crown sticker, Heart Crownsticker and other crowns★ Huge collection of Photo Stickers likeMasks, Earring, Glasses, Faces (Doggy Style, Cat Style etc), andother stickers★ Add Tags (Tag & Location)★ Easily add text andchange font & color★ Amazing photo fx filter & effects★Save your photos with Full HD quality★ Share your photos withfriends& family through social networkingLook super kawaii withheart crown, flower crown, photo effects & filters and otherphoto editing tools. Try Now!!
Magic Snap Photo Effects 1.0
Unleash your crazy artistic side and create amazing magic snapphotos with different pattern and share your creation with yourfriends & family on social media.Magic Snap Photo Effects willprovide the snap function for you . You can add the emojis and texttogether and share the snap photo for your friends.Magic SnapEffect is the best application to create awesome funny photos. Youcan add different Effects & stickers. You can select your photofrom camera and gallery and make awesome face snap.Magic Snap PhotoEffects is a powerful photo editor for you with snap pic and squarefunction. You can make the square photo without cropping. And addtext and emojis together with snap pic.Add different photo effects& filters and make awesome magic snap photo and share with yourfriends or family through social apps. Snap magic photo stickers& filters gives you a breathtaking enhanced photo experienceyou can share with friends and families tooMagic Snap Photo Effectis an awesome mirror types effects app which will let you selectyour photo and apply various mirror types effects including mirroreffects. We have included various Effects and other mirror typeseffects so that you can edit your picture in many mirror typeseffects format using this app.Magic Snap Photo Effect is a bestphoto maker for you with square and selfie camera. Magic Snap PhotoEffect will provide the snap function for you . You can add theemojis and text together and share the snap photo for your friends.Make wonderful photos with Snap Effects and Filters and get morelikes and more followers by using this app! Magic Snap Effect appcan make your photo in snappy effect Image, so many effect areavailable in different style.Magic Snap Effect : Photo CollageEditor for photo and photography funs. This Photo Collage Editorincludes the best features for amazing photo collages of yourpictures. and this Photo Collage helps you combine photos in agrid. Make your photo collages using hundreds snapshot stickers,animated filters, grids, layouts and discover photo frames for thebest pic collages.Crop, resize, blur and beautify pictures in agrid for your scrapbook, enjoy multiple stickers, texts, adjustphotos and layout. Choose your favorite snap photo collage andphoto editor app, step into photo collage editor world. This SnapPhoto and Magic Cut Photos is easy to use:1. Select the photo thatyou want to create Crazy Photo Collages.2. Choose one of the manyCrazy Cut Collages styles. You can check the preview and choose oneof the crazy photo collage styles.3. You can add Text on SnapPictures. Add Text on Photo Collage create with various styles andcolors.4. Add Emoji's and Photo Stickers to your Snap collages andcreate best looking Snap collages.5. You can save the Crazy CutPhoto as Snap collage and share with friends and family.CreateCraziest snappy snap pics using multiple patterns. TryNow!!Features:Multiple layouts and frames to choose from!Easy tochange patterns!Hundreds of fun stickers!Easy to add text andstickers!Easy to use fluid design.Amazing photo effects &filtersEasy to Share on social networkExperience multi-swapper anddouble-swapper snap photo collage patterns. Try Now!!
Instasize Collage Maker - Photo Grid & Montage 1.1
Instasize Collage Maker gives you endless possibilities to createone of a kind layouts by remixing your own photos. Create a photocollage in seconds with our photo grid feature Or use . usefreestyle mode to create a photo collage in your own, unique style!Resize and filter your photo collage and share it to Instagram,Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and print it out on a custom phone caseor greeting card!A Unique Collage Maker - that allows you to createcreative collages in just few seconds.🎀 Fully adjustable the frames🎀Hundreds of layouts and templates to choose from but the best partis they are full adjustable - So you can resize the Layout based onyour Photo rather than adjusting photo based on Layout. AdjustBorder size or Make the Frames Rounded.✏️ Free Style ✏️Want to gooutside of Box? Go for free style, create your beautiful PhotoMontage, Write Text add Stickers and create your own stories. Gofreestyle and make a scrapbook of special moments.❤️ Best PhotoFilters ❤️Hundreds of Filters to choose from. You can apply it toOne Photo Or instantly apply to all Photos.💡 Complete Photo Editor💡Cut, Crop, Enhance, Change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation ...andmuch more. 🏃 Easy and Fast 🏃Beautiful UI packed with strong AIfunctionality lets you create Photo collages, montages, greetingcards, DPs in just a few seconds.📷 Backgrounds 📷Add Background,Tiles, Choose Colors you want🎃 Stickers for Every Occasion 🎃Edityour photos with thousands of fun and trendy stickers! Thousands ofexclusive stickers and backgrounds to beautify your photos anddecorate your stories👀 Beautiful Fonts to Write Messages 👀Writeyour messages on frames with 100s of fonts and 1000's ofcustomization options.🎨 Unleash Your Creativity 🎨Customize thephoto border, background, photo grid, filters and more. Not feelingcreative? No worries, we got you covered. Just choose the photosyou want to use, and we will suggest different layouts and gridsfor you! Creative Collages can be made Instantly and are ready toshare on Instagram( No Crop Required - already in 1:1 ratio), whatsapp statuses, DP's and Other social media. Try Now!!!
New Year Camera - Live Video and Selfie Effects 1.1
A must-have new year photo Camera app to capture all yourunforgettable moments during New Year. New Year Live Video andPhoto Effects. New Year Camera allows you to create Festive shortvideo selfies and photos with Christmas & New Year effects. Themost easiest to use app that has preset Christmas & New YearEffects to create Christmas & New Year Photo Frames and Effectsand Christmas & New Year Video Selfies for your loved ones.Capture this years Christmas & New Year Memories - right fromShopping, Decorating the Tree, Preparing for the festival, HolidayParties with live Christmas & New Year Effects and Cherishthese beautiful memories for ever. New Year Camera offers lot ofprebuilt functionality with cool effects and Christmas & NewYear filters ◇ Insta Christmas & New Year Effects - Real-timeChristmas & New Year effects and filters make you look festivein Photos and Videos ◇ Bring selfies to life with short videos -Snap and Done. ◇ Send Personalized Video Wishes to your loved onesby applying cool Christmas & New Year filters. ◇ Videos andvideo selfies with cool filters for better Christmas & New Yearvideos. ◇ Create & Share Beautiful MEMORIES ◇ Preset BeautifulChristmas & New Year FRAMES & EFFECTS - No need to choosestickers and animations - we have aleady done that for you. ◇ Easyto create Christmas & New Year Photo Frames and Videos asHoliday ECards. ◇ Create Decorated photos and videos like Christmas& New Year baubles, snow effect and garlands with just oneclick. New Year Camera is Ideal for ◇ Capturing all your Christmas& New Year Memories ( Dont wait until the Christmas & NewYear Eve, capture all your beautiful memories preparing forChristmas & New Year , like shopping, putting up Christmas& New Year tree, decorating Christmas & New Year tree,preparing food... - You will love it later ◇ Make your normalphotos & Videos Festive. Just select the filter and Done. Yourphotos and videos will look real festive. ◇ Send Personalized VideoChristmas & New Year Greetings and Blessings to your lovedones. Dont just send a Happy Christmas & New Year GIF frominternet. Send Personalized Videos to your loved ones. Add someholiday cheer to your photos & Videos with festive holiday NewYear Camera Live Effects & frames.
Flash Alerts on Call, SMS & Notifications 1.2
Flash Light Alerts is a very helpful app to get notified throughcamera flash blinking when you get a incoming call, incomingmessage(SMS) or any apps or system notification. This super brightFlash Alerts app uses camera LED flashlight and make blinkingsignals while your device is ringing or new notification message isreceived. You can adjust the blinking of flashlight. You can saveyour phone's battery by disabling flashlight automatically whenyour phone's battery is low. Flashlight alerts will be absolutelyhelpful for you in the night time, after dark Or when you are inmeetings, office or Movie Theatre when you do not want to hearringtones or disturb others but still want to know if someone iscalling. Fully customizable flashlight! Set custom amount offlashes and speed for all incoming calls. Enable or disableflashing by Contacts, Apps, Mode(Normal, Vibrate and Silent ) &Time. Battery saver mode is available to save you battery life. Trynow for FREE!! LED Flash notify was not available for Android usersin the meantime, Please install this Flash Alerts app now so thatthe iPhone's LED flash notification feature can be used even inAndroid phones. Features: – Flash alert on Incoming Call – Incomingcall page to provide more information about caller – Manage FlashAlert on Incoming Call by Contacts – Flash alert on Incoming Callwithout ringtone – Flash alert on Incoming SMS – Manage Flash Alerton Incoming SMS by Contacts – Flash alert on Incoming SMS withouttext tone – Flash alert on other notifications like Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, etc – Manage Flash Alert on Notification by Apps– Manage Flash Alert by Ringing Mode – Manage Flash Alert by Time –Adjust flashlight blinking – Test flashlight from app A smart appto notify you of an incoming call, SMS & notification with theblink of your camera's flash light. Try Now!!
Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker 1.3
"Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" allows you tocreate amazing designs without any graphic design skills. Noweveryone can become a professional designer delivering impressiveresults with this powerful graphic design tool! Whenever you feelinspired, you can always create awesome designs with our extensiveartwork and easy to use tools, Irresistible Youtube Thumbnails,Channel Arts, crafting jaw dropping posters, flyers, cards,invitations, social media graphics, banners and much more. WithThumbnail Maker, turn Your Ideas into Stunning Artworks. Not onlycan you create Thumbnails for youtube, you can also create -Channel Art for Youtube - Ad Pages for Facebook - Cover forFacebook - Posts for Instagram - Cover for Youtube - Cover forTwitter - Cover for Linkedin - Cover for Twitch - Flyers in A4 Size(72 DPI) - Device Wallpaper Portrait - Desktop Wallpaper - Logo -Cover for Google Plus - Art for Tumbler Graphic - Art for PinterestPin - Presentation - Infographic - Posts for Facebook - Thumbnailfor Youtube - Post for Twitter - Banners A highly customizablethumbnail maker app to design artwork for YouTube right at yourfingertips. - Design an eye-catching thumbnails for YouTube thatboosts viewership - Make it impossible for your audience to scrollpast your thumbnail without having a click and a look. - Piecetogether a thumbnail design in no time. - Play withTextures/Fonts/Colors/Photos - You can edit and save your designsas many times as you like. Every time you create a new design, suchas a YouTube thumbnail, it will appear in the “My Designs” section.Why Choose "Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker"? -Rich Resources : Function-focused resources make it simple tocreate collages, social media graphics, posters, cards, banners andmuch more with this Thumbnail Maker App. - Powerful Tools :Thumbnail maker provides powerful design and editing tools whichenables you to achieve high-quality results quickly and without anyhassles or headaches. - Easy to Use : "Thumbnail, Cover, Posts& Channel Art Maker" is all about making design amazinglysimple for anyone. With only a few clicks, anyone can createprofessional artworks, even without any experience. Are you ayoutuber? Download Thumbnail Maker now for Free and enjoy creatingchannel arts, banners and thumbnails within a few minutes."Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" is all aboutmaking design amazingly simple for anyone. Try Now!! Disclaimer:"Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" is not affiliatedwith, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by YouTube,Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitch, Google. All references to"YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitch, Google" are solelyfor the purpose of identifying the app for potential users. Notrademark infringement is intended, Neither are thesecompanies/entities responsible for this app.
HDR Camera 1.0
HDR(High-dynamic-range) Camera combines multiple exposures into asingle frame that encompasses the brightness range of the entireset.HDR Camera enhances your existing camera with easy to use and alot of AI Functionality to capture enhance your special photos.HDRCamera is a full functional camera with thousands of filterseffects and the best features for your photography. Features:■ Fullfunctional camera- Preview filter effect before taking pictures orshooting videos.- Gesture Recognition for easy operations- GorgeousLive Filters- Video Recording ■ Amazing Filters- Perfect instantselfies with 130 different filters- Massive filters available whenphotographing.- Realistic effects to make your pictures pop!- Lensflare effects or light leaked effects.HDR Camera provides livepreview and ability to function properly in low light and shakyenvironments. Try Now!!
Add Watermark on Photos 1.7
Try it for Free! Watermark your photos, right from your phone.Create and Apply Fully customizable watermarks (We aren't kidding).Watermark your content to Protect from unauthorized use (Copyright)OR Apply digital signature to create your Brand. Add watermark onphotos provides a complete watermarking solution right on yourphone FEATURES - Create and Save Watermarks Save your watermarks astemplates. Choose from preset templates or use your own logo. -Batch Processing Watermark hundreds of files at once. - Preview& Adjust Preview Photos before applying Watermarks, ChangePatern, position style on individual photos before processing inbatch. - Custom Text Watermarks Create fully customized watermarksin seconds. Edit text, color, font, size, rotation, background andmore. - Watermark Patterns Choose one of our pre-built pattern toquickly add style to your watermark. - Use Your Company Logo OrCreate One Watermarks can also be imported in the form of an imagesuch as a company logo - Copyright Symbols Make your watermarkofficial with a copyright, trademark or a registered symbol. -Pixel-perfect Positioning Position your watermarks with precision.All photos in batch are updated simultaneously. - Fonts GalloreChoose from hundreds of integrated fonts - Automatic Tiling Forultimate protection, your custom watermarks can be automaticallytiled across the whole photo. - Cross Pattern For ultimateprotection, your custom watermarks can be crossed with yourwatermark in the middle. - Digital Signature Digitally sign yourpictures and create your own brand. Start protecting your contenttoday!
Baby Photo Collage 1.1
Capture precious pregnancy & baby milestone photos in collageswith beautifully crafted artwork & personalized text. Share& treasure forever! Capture your baby bump growth week by week,first kick, first smile, first steps, messy moments or first day atschool. Add adorable artwork & treasure the special momentforever. Baby Photo Collage Maker is a powerful collage photoeditor for you to create amazing Baby Photo Collages using yourphotos, fun stickers, backgrounds, text with layout andtexture.Baby Pics Collage Maker can give you the best effect toyour baby images and add multiple baby photos within seconds tomake a beautiful Baby Photo Collage. Collect all your favorite babyphotographs in different shapes and effects and give a spark toyour photographs.Make a fancy Baby Photo Collage of your baby'sphotos, embellish it and send these personalized gifts to somespecial person. Everybody will surely fall in love with this BabyCollege.Baby College will help you to make photo grid by addingunique collage effect. With this app, you can enhance photos adjustcolor, add effects, rotate, crop, resize on your baby photos.Createyour baby picture collage using our Baby Photo Collage app andshare it with your beloved or friends. These Baby Photo Collagewill show them your care and will make them smile.Baby PhotoCollage allows you:★ Create your pregnancy stats and baby week byweek photos, save them and share. ★ Create beautiful photo memoriescollage★ Add cute phrases and text on photo★ Personalize the lookand feel of your photo with elegant and professional 50+ filters★Create baby milestone photo collages★ Add baby's name, baby'sweight, baby's height, add important date on photo...★ Applyamazing filters for babies & kids photo to make Baby Story lookeven more beautiful★ Create sweet newborn photo with cute stickers★Categories for baby's stickers: Birthday, Surprise, Every Day,Dates, Due & Weeks, Status, Christmas and Deco.★ Select fontstyle from a wonderful collection of fonts from the best designersin the world. You can easily personalize your texts for yourspecial moments.Baby Photo Collage comes with professional collagemaking features that allows you to create creative collages in justfew seconds.🎀 Fully adjustable the frames 🎀Hundreds of layouts andtemplates to choose from but the best part is they are fulladjustable - So you can resize the Layout based on your Photorather than adjusting photo based on Layout. Adjust Border size orMake the Frames Rounded.✏️ Free Style ✏️Want to go outside of Box?Go for free style, create your beautiful Photo Montage, Write Textadd Stickers and create your own stories. Go freestyle and make ascrapbook of special moments.❤️ Best Photo Filters ❤️Hundreds ofFilters to choose from. You can apply it to One Photo Or instantlyapply to all Photos.💡 Complete Photo Editor 💡Cut, Crop, Enhance,Change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation ...and much more. 🏃 Easyand Fast 🏃Beautiful UI packed with strong AI functionality lets youcreate Photo collages, montages, greeting cards, DPs in just a fewseconds.📷 Backgrounds (Handpicked specially for Baby PhotoCollage)📷Add Background, Tiles, Choose Colors you want🎃 Stickersfor Every Occasion 🎃Edit your photos with thousands of fun andtrendy stickers! Thousands of exclusive stickers and backgrounds tobeautify your photos and decorate your stories👀 Beautiful Fonts toWrite Messages 👀Write your messages on frames with 100s of fontsand 1000's of customization options.🎨 Unleash Your Creativity🎨Customize the photo border, background, photo grid, filters andmore. Not feeling creative? No worries, we got you covered. Justchoose the photos you want to use, and we will suggest differentlayouts and grids for you!
Paint Me - Coloring Book to Relax 1.0
Paint Me - Coloring Book is an interactive coloring App featuringdelicate and highly detailed line arts, all waiting to be broughtto life with color. Stressed, Bored, Overworked, Need a Break ?Fill Line Art with colors and create amazing artwork. Paint MeColoring Book - beyond the obvious outcomes of beauty andenjoyment, is an alternative to meditation, as a means ofrelaxation, and as a calming tool.Coloring Pages can help theindividual focus on the act of coloring intricate pictures forhours on end, vs. focusing on intrusive and troubling thoughts.Stop thinking about your job, your credit score, your reputationwith your co-workers, your goals, your waistline, your retirementsavings, etc. Remind yourself that coloring is like dancing, orbeing alive. It doesn't have a point; it is the point. Make thatsimple Line Art beautiful.Adult coloring books can help with anumber of emotional and mental health issues. For many, boredom,lack of structure, and stress are the greatest triggers they have.The time and focus that adult coloring takes helps the individualremove the focus from the negative issues and habits, and focusthem in a safe and productive way.This stunning, colouring book appoffers a practical exercise in mindfulness that draws on yourcreativity and hones your focus. This Coloring book app is filledwith templates for exquisite scenes and intricate, sophisticatedpatterns, prompting you to meditate on your artwork as youmindfully and creatively fill these pages with colour. Take a fewminutes out of your day, wherever you are, and colour your way topeace and calm.Paint Me - Colouring Book App has tons of Features-Mandala's and More : A great variety of coloring pages: enjoy therich collection of fascinating images of animals and birds,butterflies and flowers, people and places, mandala and geometricpatterns that would be so relaxing to take the time to color. Colorbeautiful Mandalas, Animals, Famous People, Famous Paintings,Celebrations, Kids, and much more.- Color Palettes : Choose frompre set beautiful color palettes Or Create your own Custom palettesin the drawing game for adults by combining any paint colors youlike, enjoy more personalized coloring and paint matchless works ofart; Finish your creation with unique style effects that bring yourdesign and creativity to life. The fresh and harmonic colorpalettes are designed for stress relieving coloring! - SimpleControl and Handy Tools : Tap to paint and pinch to zoom on thecoloring pages. Handy tools for easy coloring - Undo, Reset, Zoom,Pan.- Coloring Game is for everyone -For adults and Kids. ThisAdult painting app is designed also for Kids. The beautifulcoloring pages are chosen to appeal to adults and also for kids andtoddlers.Each picture in the adults coloring game has beencarefully chosen so even kids would like to paint it. - Easy toShare : Share and post to social mediaEnjoy coloring app thisholiday season by painting some cool Christmas and New Year LineArt. We wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year. Try Now!
Font Rush 1.1
Add text on pictures with 200 + amazing fonts on 250 + BeautifulBackground Pictures Or on your photos. Font Rush is the easy toolto automatically turn your words, saying or quotes into beautifulphoto text designs. It's the coolest typography tool. With oneclick, you can create amazing text on photo with cool fonts andstunning layout design. Whether it's a photo editor, picturecollage, logo, invitation or poster maker you're looking for - FontRush makes graphic design easy. You can use Font Rush for almostanything as it gives you options and tools to create - Write onpictures, - Make your own quotes - Add stylish quotes to elegantphotos. - Make beautiful graphics for social network. - Captionyour words and memories. - Create flyer and share. - Create photoswith love quotes and life quotes for inspiration. - Social Media& post maker - Make social Media Banners - Create Calligraphy,- Name Art Font Rush is a super easy to use application that allowsyou to add text on pictures with amazing Font & Stickers. Auser can choose Background picture from diffrent categories,Gradient and device Gallery. Font Rush has various fonts withinstant preview so you can take a look how exactly font will lookon your smartphone. Beautiful typography, word art, graphic design,text design, font design, typography designs or your captions onthe photos you love. The variety of customize possibilities of FontRush: - More than 200 fonts are available. - More than 250Background Pictures are available. - More than 30 Texture to use asa background. - Use Gradient Background. - Picture blured. -Amazing Effects with opacity - 1000+ Amazing Stickers available.Font Rush allows you to customize almost every aspect - Stickerscolor is changeable. - Stickers hue is changeable. - Stickersrotation is changeable. - Text is changeable(Editing on doubleclick). - Text size is changeable. - Text color is changeable. -Text shodow is changeable. - Text is rotatable. - Text stroke colorand width is changeable. - Text background color is changeable. -Text opacity is adjustable. - Text alignment is adjustable. - Text& Stickers lock and unlock to moving or touch. Create beautifulcreations for all your Social Media. Font Rush allows you to change- Aspect Ratio for crop use as a sticker or background pictures. -Save your editing as a Design (Let you rework) & Picture (Isfinally picture for shareing and posting). - Share your editedphotos with your friends on social networks (Email, Facebook,messages, BlueTooth etc.) If you have a suggestion, a question oryou want to report a bug please contact us:[email protected] Font Rush works on all androidversions and all screen sizes...
Stylish Quotes: Best Picture Quotes & Status 1.0
Stylish Quotes app is a collection ofover thousandcarefully hand picked quotes from morethan 20+categories. It contains sayings from philosophers,writers,spiritual thinkers as well as everyday people and othergreatminds whose brilliant words inspired manyhumanbeings. Stylish Quotes is the best to convey message youwantwith Text on Photos with Various Textures, Colors, Fontsandshaders for the Text on Pictures.You will find here:❤Motivational& Inspirational quotes ❤ Get Well Soon quotes❤WeddingQuotes❤ Special Days quotes❤ Love quotes for him &her❤Friendship & Family quotes ❤ ReligiousEventsquotes ❤ Funny quotes to cheer you up❤ Famous quotesfrom bigthinkers❤ Birthday Quotes❤ Thank you quotes to expressappreciationand gratitude❤ Heart touching sad quotes that will makeyou cry❤Dream quotes to inspire and motivate you❤ Peace quotes tofindpursuit of happiness❤ Congratulation and Sympathy Quotes❤EmojiFeatures:- Beautiful and user friendly design:★ 20+ inbuiltQuoteTemplate Styles.★ 20+ Backgrounds Categories.★ 40+ Amazing inbuiltfonts.★ 10+ Stickers Categories.★ 10+ Backgrounds EffectsStyles.★10+ Shaders Styles of Text.-Select a Photo from any 20+categoriesof Backgrounds on which you want to add Quote. VariousCategoriesof Photos Pre designed by for following quotes:★ Love★Get WellSoon★ Special Days★ Sympathy★ Wedding ★Motivational★Congratulations★ Funny★ Friendship★ Birthday★Religious Events★Family★ Thank You★ Just Because★ Emoji ★ FamousPeople-Select anyof Quote from any Categories , Random Quotes orFrom your RecentQuotes List that will appear on the PhotoBackground.-Apply Any ofFilter effects like Blur, Sepia, GrayScale,False Color ,hue andmay more to your background.-You can set Font,Font style likebold, underline, Strike, Alignments of the Text onPhoto.-Modifyindividual word’s formats and highlight the importantwords ofsentences (Punch Words) to create a lasting impact.-With aneasy touse User Interface that allows minimal effort in placingQuotes onphoto, Stylish Quotes gives the flexibility to modifyFonts,Formats, Colors, Shaders, Shadow of entire text orpunchedtext.-Stylish Quotes intelligently remembers your lastpunched wordText Effects and uses it. With Intuitive design you caneasilywrite simple messages, quotes or make professionalmagazinecovers.-Easily Switching between Text and Punch Formattingandstyling-Easily Edit Quote and Author.-Easily Adjust SizeofQuote.-Change Quote Style from any of custom predesignedStyles.-Change the Color of Your Text and Punch from ColorOptionor choose from background Image.-Adjust Shadow and ShadowColor ofquotes Easily.-Apply Shaders From more than 10 Styles toyourquotes Easily.-Add Stickers From More than 20 Categories andeasilychange Sticker color, Transparency or Change HueofSticker.-Layering Feature Added. Adjust your layers of quoteandStickers easily.-Save your Designed Quote As Image orAsTemplate.-Easily access your pre- designed Templates forfurtherUse.-Share quotes with images via any Social Media, E-mail,orother chat apps.See it for yourself, download it now andgetinspired every day!
Cool Status & Quotes for WhatsApp, FB & Instagram 1.0
Are you looking for impressive Quotes and Statuses for yourDP,Posts? Yeah, this is the app for you.Cool Status &QuotesOffers 10000+ best Quotes and Sayings categorized for everymoodand occassion. Cool Quotes offer a variety of quotescategorizedand searchable to quickly create the perfect Status foryourWhatsApp, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram or any social media.Theseamazing Status were very short not like a paragraph andmeaningful.Cool Status & Quotes is completely free and workingoffline.Youcan also make your own collection of Liked Quotes! BeQuick you canquickly choose the premade Quote with your choice ofbackground andshare directly from the app. OR Be Creative: CoolStatus &Quotes comes with a full editor that allows you tofully customizeyour status. - Highlight Words - Separate editingfor Text &Highlight - Unlimited color options - Multiple Fonts- Text Shadow- Text Shader - Change Background - Apply Effects -Add Stickers -Change/Edit Text - Manage Layers - Write Text onPhotos - CreateName Art - Create Focus n Filters - Write Name onPic in FancyStyle - Hand Lettering Art Design - Make CreativeTypography Design- Create Calligraphy Name ArtShare your favoritequotes with yourloved ones and save your favorite quotes forinstance access. Youwill find all type of Short Status, - "Angry" -"Anniversary" -"Attitude" - "Awesome" - "Awkward Moment" - "Beard"- "Beautiful" -"Best" - "Bike" - "Birthday" - "Brother" - "Busy" -"Cheat" -"Childhood" - "Clever" - "College" - "Cool" - "Creative" -"Cute" -"Dance" - "Emotional" - "Exam" - "Facebook" - "Family" -"Flirt" -"Food" - "Friends" - "Funny" - "God" - "Good Morning" -"GoodNight" - "Gym" - "Happiness" - "Heart Touching" - "Hindi" -"Home"- "Hot" - "Husband" - "Inspirational" - "Insult" - "Jealous"-"Kids" - "Life" - "Love" - "Romantic" - "Kiss" - "Marriage" -"Men"- "Monday" - "Motivational" - "Music" - "Naughty" - "Party"-"Parents" - "Pets" - "Punjabi" You can use your own photosandwrite beautiful quotes on it.Now Impress your friends Or Conveythemessage to your friends with these quotes. TryNow!!Disclaimer:Thisapp is not an official appforFacebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/Pinterest or any other socialmedia.This app is neither part of nor endorsed by any of the socialmedialike Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest.
Christmas Camera - Live Effects Photos & Video 1.0
Get festive this holiday season with Christmas Camera Live VideoandPhoto Effects. Christmas Camera allows you to create Festiveshortvideo selfies and photos with christmas effects. The mosteasiest touse app that has preset Christmas Effects to createChristmas PhotoFrames and Effects and Christmas Video Selfies foryour loved ones.Capture this years Christmas Memories - right fromShopping,Decorating the Tree, Preparing for the festival, HolidayPartieswith live Christmas Effects and Cherish these beautifulmemories forever. Christmas Camera offers lot of prebuiltfunctionality withcool effects and Christmas filters ◇ InstaChristmas Effects -Real-time Christmas effects and filters makeyou look festive inPhotos and Videos ◇ Bring selfies to life withshort videos - Snapand Done. ◇ Send Personalized Video Wishes toyour loved ones byapplying cool Christmas filters. ◇ Videos andvideo selfies withcool filters for better Christmas videos. ◇Create & ShareBeautiful MEMORIES ◇ Preset Beautiful CHRISTMASFRAMES & EFFECTS- No need to choose stickers and animations -we have aleady donethat for you. ◇ Easy to create Christmas PhotoFrames and Videos asHoliday ECards. ◇ Create Decorated photos andvideos like Christmasbaubles, snow effect and garlands with justone click. ChristmasCamera is Ideal for ◇ Capturing all yourChristmas Memories ( Dontwait until the Christmas Eve, capture allyour beautiful memoriespreparing for Christmas, like shopping,putting up christmas tree,decorating christmas tree, preparingfood... - You will love itlater ◇ Make your normal photos &Videos Festive. Just selectthe filter and Done. Your photos andvideos will look real festive.◇ Send Personalized Video ChristmasGreetings and Blessings to yourloved ones. Dont just send a HappyChristmas GIF from internet. SendPersonalized Videos to your lovedones. Add some holiday cheer toyour photos & Videos withfestive holiday Christmas Camera LiveEffects & frames.
Digital Marketing Poster Maker 1.0
Want to promote your products on social media? Hiring agraphicsdesigner is too expensive? If yes, then we have a greatsolutionfor all your advertising needs. You don't need a graphicdesignerto create a professional advertising poster for yourproduct forsales. We've designed a good collection of advertisingposters andflyers for many products and we made it editable so thatyou cancustomize them according to your needs. Even thoughadvertising hasgotten much more high-tech in recent years, digitalad posters arestill a popular and effective form of digitalmarketing. Whetheryou're opening a store, playing a show with yourband, orcampaigning for political office, good advertising postersare agreat tool for your success. While designing posters takes alot ofwork, you can definitely produce a great poster all on yourown.You just need to decide what information you'll put on theposter.Create promotional posters, advertisement, offerannouncements,cover photos on the go with amazing backgrounds,texture, effects,fonts, sticker and get the attention you want.Poster Maker is aneasy to use app, just select the background youlike in the ratioas per your need and add your text with posterdesign fonts, addwonderful stickers (specially picked for postermaking), add yourpictures from gallery and create perfect posterevery time.Features: - Tons of pre-build Templates - Hugecollection ofbackgrounds - Choose color as background - Choosetextures - Useyour own picture as background - Ease to generateyour concepts -Add your text with poster designs - Fine tune yourposter byediting text alignment, font, color or effects. - Addwonderfulstickers (specially picked for poster making) - Add yourpicturesfrom gallery - Save on SD Card - Share on social media -Share yourphoto posters on any social media. This app is useful fordigitalmarketing, branding, marketing experts, social mediamarketing,graphics designing, digital printing, advertising,creating ads,designing offer announcements, cover photos for yourshop,restaurant, office or social sites, typography and artwork.