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Tower Defense GOLDEN LEGEND 3.43 Alex
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Tower Defense Games - GOLDEN LEGEND Play the classic Tower Defensegame in the world of Slavic mythology. Defeat three unique Bossesand save the ancient world. If you are a fan of the real-timestrategy genre, then Tower Defense - GOLDEN LEGEND is definitely agame for you. The story takes place during the time of the light ofthree moons, on the holy land, which was guarded by the ancientgods. The darkness in deep caves multiplied, strengthened, andbegan to attack the holy lands. Only YOU can stop the evil in thedecisive battle of the three worlds. Repel attacks in the forests,swamps and in the ancient city, do not let the enemy destroy themain sanctuary of the Slavs! Upgrade defensive towers, use magic,set traps, summon helpers, you have the power to win, the mainthing is to use it correctly! Summon a Spirit hero to help you anduse it in the most difficult battles! Specifications: * 36 levels.* Orcs, goblins, trolls, giants, and many other enemies. * Hero-ASpirit that can be summoned at any time. * Bosses at the end oflevels. * 3 super bosses at the end of each of the three locations.* A large number of maps. * Stunning locations - forests, swamp,ancient city. In Tower Defense Games - GOLDEN LEGEND you can freethe world from evil, and perhaps the descendants of a greatcivilization will worship you as a deity!