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Sintelly - Emotional Intelligence & Psychology 3.2.8
Emotional intelligence and psychology merged into Sintelly to offeryou the opportunity to learn new skills. Take an eq test to improveyour emotional intelligence and find articles, quizzes (alongsidewith iq & eq tests) or discussions that can help you withdepression also improve your cognitive intelligence. Expand youreducation, stay motivated and work on your self improvement andintelligence as you explore our world of free knowledge with thiseducational psychological app! Short and easy-to-read articles. Allour articles are presented to you in a simple, practical andeasy-to-read format. We make it easy for you to develop interestsin emotional intelligence, psychology, education or science – allof which will make you more intelligent and prepare you to doanything you put your mind to. Whether you are an amateur or apsychologist, embarking on a journey to feed your curiosity,successfully handle emotion or cope with depression while buildingup your education has never been more exciting and interesting!Relevant content. If you choose your favorite categories we willdeliver knowledge only on the topics that interest you –depression, psychology, intelligence or technology. No clutter,only relevant and inspiring articles for increasing your education,enhancing emotional intelligence and bolstering self improvement indifferent areas, both personally and professionally. Personalizedexperience. Choose topics that interest you (like emotionalintelligence, personal improvement, psychology & more) and thenjust use the app at your convenience. As you save articles, examineeq tests and take entertaining quizzes or join discussions weselect the best content to show you every day, to always keep youmotivated and curious. You don’t have to be a psychologist or ascientist to track the progress you made by taking various quizzes(including iq & eq tests) and by reading self improvementarticles. Systemized knowledge. You can bookmark articles and othercontent (on topics like personal improvement, emotion, depressionor history) in your own personal profile and have easy access toimportant facts, quotes, quizzes, discussions and ideas that matterto you. Navigate easily through the content, search and filterrelevant articles, quizzes or discussions and go through what youhave already read or solved and monitor the progress madeeffortlessly. Made for educators, psychologists and amateurs alike.Share your wisdom. Share your emotions, expertise and insights withother users or simply exchange ideas and discuss material foundelsewhere to build up your education with ease. It doesn’t matterwhether you are a researcher, scientist, psychologist or simply anenthusiast – you can share your knowledge on any topic, fromintelligence to geography – by writing new articles, quizzes anddiscussions on the go. Join thousands of satisfied users andeducate yourself to become a better, smarter you – downloadSintelly and wise up today! We appreciate your feedback, ideas andthoughts about anything that can improve our app. Give us a shoutat