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Real Traffic Racer
Did you get sick of endless racing games withregular third person camera ? Traffic Rider Racing in Car gives youthe chance of playing in multiple camera view.Traffic Rider & Police Driver is the Modern Combat SimulatorRacing game where you can challenge your racing skills with moststunning cars & motor bikes in real traffic.In Traffic Rider & Police Driver you can drive in variousenvironments and locations.This game is mainly focused on Trafficracing , Racing in Car and Nitro Racing. You can become Police andsolve the Criminal Case by capturing the thief.Face the unique challenges of speed racing in various environmentswith many different cars and bikes. Gain bonuses from daring toovertake closely with traffic cars and earn cash to upgrade yourcar or bike and cover even longer distances.Traffic Rider & Police Driver has lots of Cars and Bikes topurchase. You can also upgrade your riders. Get the best rider andbeat everyone in this amazing traffic racing game.It also has NitroRacing,Moto Traffic Race, Police Car Drive, Racing in Car, DeathMoto Racing.Race with the real highway traffic and test your racing skills.Race the traffic in different modes and earn cash with which youcan buy more beautiful cars & motor bikes to race with them.Become a police car driver and catch the bad guys. Turn on thepolice siren, race through traffic, destroy enemy cars, earn moneyand buy better cars.You can also upgrade your car to get most of it.What are you waiting for? Just download it and start racing!!!FEATURES:- Play One-On-One with real players online.- 7 Different game modes ( One way, Twoway,One-on-One(Multi-player), Time trial, Speed cash, ChallengeMode, Police Chase ).- 5 Locations (Day, Desert, Rainy, Snow, Night).- Trade unused Cars- Customize number plates for your car.- Customize your car paint.- Customize your car alloy wheels.- Select Opposite traffic side (Left or Right)- Customize your car with paints and alloys.- Earn cash and upgrade car performance.- Great 3D Graphics.- Great driving experience.- Beautiful Graphics- Easy gameplay- Real racing car driving- Speed cars- Realistic car physics
- View from dashboard- Challenge friends on leaderboard.HOW TO PLAY:- Tilt/Press Buttons to steer right or left.- Touch acceleration button to accelerate.- Touch brake button to slow down.TIPS:-Race in different locations*)Desert Racing- Gives you 25% more cash.*)Rain Racing - Gives you 50% more cash.*)Snow Racing- Gives you 75% more cash.*)Night Racing- Gives you 100% more cash.- More speed you go, more score you make.- More distance you cover more cash you get in Speed Cash.- Close overtake traffic with speed above 100Km/h, you get extrascore and cash.- Racing in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extra scoreand cash.
Furious Panda Hero's
Welcome to Furious Panda Hero's, Yourhero'sare lost in a mystique place. Help your hero's to escapebybuilding bamboo bridges. Building the bridge too long or tooshortmay make your hero fall and die. Collect coins in your wayandunlock your hero’s.How to Play?- Select your furious hero first.- Touch and hold on screen to increase the bridge heightandrelease your hand when you feel bridge length is correct.
Mind Drill - 2 Players 1.0
Select the color name which is show above but be careful becausecolors lie, pay attention to the color names. It is completely anmind game how fast your brain reacts.Features:**) Single playermode**) Two player mode**) Challenge your friends on leaderboard**)Supports Landscape and Portrait Mode
Connect Numbers - Flow Game 1.0
Connect The Numbers is an addictivepuzzlegame, where you need to connect all pairs. 
Be careful whenyou areconnecting the pairs don't intercept the other pairs.You canalsoyou it for kids learning by enabling the labels (AlphabetsandNumbers) on pairs.How to play?- Select a board to start playing ( We recommend to selectboardwith less size for player who are new to flow game).- After you have selected board you can select level fromthelist of levels.- Now start connecting the pairs with same color by drawingaflow line. Complete connecting all pairs of same colors butmakesure you do not intercept other flow connection. To Completelevelyou need to draw flow lines on full board for connectingthepairs.
Mini Racer 1.0
Everybody played Traffic Racing Games And everybody knows what todo. In Mini Racer you need to avoid the traffic by swiping left andright. But be careful don't get hit by traffic.
Hangman Rescue 1.0
Hangman Rescue is a physics based game. Ineachlevel you have to rescue the hangman before they get died.You have to rescue them by using archery but be careful youhaveonly limited bows.How to play?# Tap screen to use archery .
# bow distance and angle depends on the touch point.
# You complete level if you can rescue all successfully.More levels are coming soon !!!
Twisted Combat Multiplayer 4.4
Welcome to the Twisted Combat race arena simulator. Collect weaponson your way and use them to destroy your rivals.Be careful fromground explosions, ground mines, and missiles to survive for longtime. Make sure you use your weapons most instead of justsurviving. Player with high score steals the game, So don’t justrun for survival. Show your crazy racing skills along with yourshooting.