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Flashlight & Call Screen Theme by Sirius Torch
Sirius Torch is the latest flashlight app with a unique UIdesign. Handy and smart. You can light up the darkness withthis super bright LED flashlight.  Can’t find your key inthe dark? Like to read your favourite books at night?  Forgotto bring your torch when camping or hiking? Or want to be a beaconof light in the darknesss? Get Sirius Torch! The latest torchlightapp with a top user-friendly design by an experienced team ofdevelopers.  Sirius Flashlight is a smart torch applicationthat transforms your devices into an extraordinarily brightflashlight in an instant. Your device camera LED light will befully utilized to light up the darkness like a beacon.  Keyfeatures: 1. Torchlight - Camera LED brightest lighter 2. SOSflashlight - Blink Mode ( Flash frequency can be customized ) 3.Screen Light - Screen brightness can be adjusted from darker tobrighter 4. Screen Blink - Never miss important calls  5.Notification Flashlight - Flashlight will be turned on in blinkmode when receiving a notification  6. Screen Saver -Well-designed screen saver display  7. Incoming Call ScreenTheme - Tons of call screen themes are for free. A pure flashlightwidget that doesn’t seek to be granted any unnecessary permissions.Well-designed user interface. No data consumption. Thanks to ourtop-class Android programmers, Sirius Torch is both tiny in sizeand also consumes minimal battery. Lighting up your world whilesaving energy. No ads.  Sirius, a star known to be thebrightest in the Earth’s night sky with a visual apparent magnitudeof −1.46, is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brighteststar.  As developers, we drew inspiration from this naturalwonder to bring you Sirius Flashlight - a powerful flashlightapplication with a difference! Just like the star, SiriusFlashlight will bring you to the light in the darkness.★Multi-languages - English, Português, Españo, Español, Pусский,Français, Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى, ไทย,Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語 and中文. If you have any questions or any problems, please contact us
WiFi Speed Test & Signal Strength
⚡Network Booster is a handy andfree network management tool ( WiFi Speed Test & WiFi Booster). It is able to diagnose your network status and then speed upWiFi signal strength. Speed up WiFi by terminating unauthorizedbackground apps, monitor Internet speed and switch to a faster WiFiwith Net Speed Test Master.Net Booster key feature details:★Boost Network - Optimize and Enhance Signal Strength⚡Wi-Fi slow? Network Booster offers you quick access to boost yournetwork speed by closing down apps which you probably didn’t evenrealize were running in the background! With a single tap, yournetwork speed will be pushed to reach its full potential.★Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test Meter ⚡Have you ever wondered about your Wi-Fi speed? Perhaps you’ve feltthat your Wi-Fi is slow at times, but you just don't know why. UseNetwork Booster to test your Wi-Fi speed. Monitor your Wi-Fi speedin real time. ★WiFi Manager Master - Manage WLAN and Switch WiFi ⚡With Net Booster, you can view a list of all available WiFinetworks nearby, along with all necessary speed and securitydetails. We just made switching to high speed Wi-Fi a whole loteasier! ★Floating Bubble Notification ⚡Easy to access speed test and boost feature. One tap away fromknowing your network speed and optimize signal strength.NetBooster is the best Internet speed test too, testing speed withjust one tap, and showing WiFi speed test results within seconds.It can test the speed of both internet & WiFi. It helps tocalculate the speed of pingd, downloads and uploads with precision,and ensures the network security of WiFi hotspots.Multi-languages - English, Português, Español, Pусский, Français,Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عBahasa Indonesia,Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語 and 中文.If you have any questions or any problems, please contact usathisecteam@gmail.comOur team is committed to providing the best network speed test toolfor global users. We’d like to hear more from you. Your suggestionsand feedbacks are really important to us.
Alarm Clock - Loud Alarm, Calendar & Reminder
Do you struggle with time management?Wish you weren’t alwaysrunning late or worried about your busy schedule? This latest freealarm clock app helps you to manage your time better and stayup-to-date on vital events in your day to day life. Download HiClock now and you’ll be reminded in style about all the importantevents taking place in your life! Hi Clock is the latest healthmanagement clock application. With Hi Clock you can do the rightthings at the right time. Organize your life in style withpersonalized reminders. The path to building a healthy lifestylejust became a whole lot smoother, with Hi Clock. Hi Clock’s keyfeatures: ♪ Smart Alarm: Waking you up with customized alarms.Delay alarms with a single tap. ♪ Healthy sleep: Scheduled sleepingreminder. Establish a great sleep pattern and improve sleepquality. ♪ Personalized Calendar: An intelligent calendar/reminderreminding you of all important dates, meetings and anniversaries,such as birthday, interview, even including driving license renew.Never miss an important event in your work or private life with ourbuilt-in agenda management system! ♪ Heath Reminder: Hi Clock alsooffers a range of health assistant, including water drinkingreminder and medicine reminder. With the smart clock app, your lifewill become better and even more healthier.♪ Discovery: Our smartclock can also remind you to drink water, take medicine, to checkout a new movie, the news, TV shows and more. ♪ Ring music: Wake upwith your favourite music. Enjoying the best music is always agreat start to your day, giving you all the energy you need toconquer the day ahead! Multi-languages - English, Português,Español, Pусский, Français, Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά,فارسی, عBahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의,日本語 and 中文.Sirius team has created this awesome alarm clock to wakeyou up, help you live a healthy lifestyle and keep you up-to-datewith all important events in your life. Staying both healthy andpunctual has never been easier! With this user-friendly alarmclock, custom music and other pleasures await you! Our team ofdevelopers has invested immeasurable amounts of love and effort inHi Clock. This efficient, handy and aesthetically pleasing alarmclock (smart calendar & reminder)is just what the modern manand woman need to succeed! Don’t take our word for it, try it outfor yourself!If you have any questions or any problems, pleasecontact us
Super Game Booster - Game hacker, speed booster 1.0.1
Super Game Booster - Memory Booster, Game Booster and Ram Boosterkills low priority tasks running in the background automatically tofree up the memory and boost device speed. Game requires lots ofmemory when it is running. This app frees up the memory of yourdevice in background and helps the game use enough memory and runsmoother than before.What can Super Game Booster do? 1.Automatically solve RAM problems while open.2. Automatically boostgames by 30% when launching.3. Automatically solve RAM problemswhen running games.4. Recommend more fun games for you.Itprioritizes your game over other apps so that the game can use moreCPU power. It also stops unwanted network tasks in the background,if you play multiplayer games, you can get the maximum networkspeed. With all of these things, you will experience smoother andhigh FPS game play.
Cleaner for Facebook - Space Cleaner,Apps Cleaner 1.0.1
Cleaner for Facebook can help you find all types of junk filescreated by FB, such as residual files, ad junks, temporary filesand so on.Detected Facebook saved pictures, high-quality design andfriendly interface provide you with a more convenient way to viewand manage these images.Analyze and safely remove the junk files,1-tap to free up your phone space and speed up your phone.Small,smart and splendidly does its job, accelerate your phone with itspowerful tech!
Cleaner for Messenger 1.0.3
Cleaner for Messenger can help you find all types of junk filescreated by Messenger, such as residual files, ad junks, temporaryfiles and so on.Detected Messenger saved pictures, high-qualitydesign and friendly interface provide you with a more convenientway to view and manage these images.Help you easily deleteMessenger saved video, make your application lighter and free upmore space!Analyze and safely remove the junk files, 1-tap to freeup your phone space and speed up your phone.Small, smart andsplendidly does its job, accelerate your phone with its powerfultech!
Joy Locker- Applock, Screenlock & Security
Joy Locker can protect your phone well, and improve the efficiencyof providing security, provide a beautiful personalized wallpaperand a variety of ways to unlock.★Product Features:✰Screen lock: Avariety of ways to unlock, such as setting PIN or Pattern toprotect your phone.✰Notifications: View the lock screen pagedirectly to check the message & notification from otherapplications, you can also shield the message you do not want tosee.✰Control Panel: Shortcut keys for recently-used apps. You canalso open WiFi, Bluetooth, flashlights and other gadgets.✰Weather:Automatically update the current local weather, and you check thereal-time weather.✰App Lock: Encrypt the application you want toprotect against information disclosure.✰Wallpapers: We haveselected a variety of types of HD wallpaper for you, you can alsoupload photos in mobile phones and customize personalizedwallpaper.✰Charge reminder: When charging, Joy Locker can remindthe current electric quantity to avoid transitionalcharge.Permission Explanation:1. For some phone models, you need toopen the floating window, notification and other functions, thenyou can use Joy Locker.2. If you have any questions, or anysuggestions for our Joy Locker, please let us know, thanks!
Colourful Call - Color Call Flash theme & Torch
⭐Colourful Call Flash Screen Theme⭐ is the latest call screenthemes & flashlight app with a unique and colourful design.Handy and smart. You can light up your world with this super brightcolourful screen themes. Phone Colour Call Flash’s Key features: 📲Incoming Call Screen themes - Tons of colourful themes are forfree. You can customize incoming call screen images. Receiving acall will be so much fun with Sirius Call Flash. 📞Flashlight -Camera LED brightest lighter, lighting up your world in thedarkness. 🆘SOS flashlight - Blink Mode (Flash frequency can becustomised based on situation) 💡Screen Light - Screen brightnesscan be adjusted from darker to brighter. It’s extremely useful whenreading in the dark. 🚨 Notification Flashlight - Flashlight will beturned on in blink mode when receiving a notification. Never missedan important call or message. 🔦 Screen Saver - Well-designed screensaver display with time. ⭐Sirius, a star known to be the brightestin the Earth’s night sky with a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46,is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. Asdevelopers, we drew inspiration from this natural wonder to bringyou Sirius Call Flash - a sleek call flashing screen applicationwith a difference! Just like the star, Sirius Call Flash will bringyou to the wonderful world through the darkness. ★Multi-languages -English, Português, Españo, Español, Pусский, िन्दी, Dansk,Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى, ไทย, Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt,Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語 and 中文. If you have any questions or anyproblems, please contact us at