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Skiplagged — Exclusive Flights & Hotels 1.85
Find flight and hotel rates you won’t see anywhere else. Savehundreds of dollars compared to other travel sites. Discoverextraordinary travel deals, set fare alerts, and uncover greathotel rates. We’re so good, a big airline actually sued us for it!• Find flights other search engines won’t show you -- includinghidden-city flights and arbitrary round-trips • Filter flights byduration, number of layovers, takeoff/landing time and more •Explore lowest priced travel dates and see fare changes for flights• Receive alerts when fare prices drop • Book hotels as well,including last-minute hotels and special deals • Filter hotels,read reviews and view traveler ratings The fine print: ahidden-city flight is a flight where you get off at the layoverrather than the final destination. For example, a flight from NewYork to San Francisco might be $300, but a similar flight from NewYork to Seattle with a layover in San Francisco might be $200. Ifyou’re going to San Francisco we’ll show you both flights, and ifyou choose the cheaper one, you get off the plane at the layover(San Francisco) rather than going to the final destination(Seattle). This is perfectly legal and the savings can besignificant, but if you’ve never traveled like this before, youshould read our hidden-city FAQ at We’llalways show you all the options, so YOU can pick the deal you want!
Pokémap Live - Find Pokémon! 1.30
Introducing Pokémap Live, a real-time map ofall the pokemon in your area available for catching in the PokémonGo game! Here's how it work: simply launch our app and you'll see alive crowdsourced map of all the pokemon found by our users. Ifyour area doesn't have many pokemon on the map, you can log in toyour game account and the app will simulate walking around, findingpokemon. That's it, it just works.Note that due to the popularity Pokémon Go, their servers godown a lot. If our app isn't working, it's because their serversare temporarily down. Simply try again later.Pokémap Live was built by the team at Skiplagged, a popular andreputable search engine for cheap flights and hotels. Don't worry,security is our priority: your login credentials don't leave yourphone.IMPORTANT: If you're using a fake login account, make sure youcomplete the setup through the Pokémon Go game first. That meanscreating a username, going through the introduction, catching yourfirst pokemon, etc. Otherwise you will have trouble logging in.IMPORTANT: If you're logged in and the app isn't finding pokemonafter a while, kill it and start it again. We're tracing theproblem and will push an update soon.