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Public Transport Simulator 1.33
Bus Driving Games just got better! Being a Bus Driver in a Bus Gamehas never been this immersive and fun. Drive around in detailed 3dcity during daylight and night in this bus driving simulator Switchcameras and look around in the fully modeled 3d cockpit with thefree look feature like a real Bus Driver. Enjoy the realisticphysics that make this Bus Simulator stand out from other BusDriving Games. Drive your Bus and unlock other Buses and vehiclesthat allow you to enjoy different gamemodes, including Taxi Driverand Checkpoint Racing with a selection of sporty cars. Check theleaderboards to see how you measure up against other Bus Drivers.Being a Bus Driver in this simulator is not an easy job! Be acareless Bus Driver or crash your Bus and passengers will fall,resulting in you losing experience. The Driving continues, after acool action replay. Happy Driving everybody! • Fully modeled 3Denvironments and vehicles • Interior and exterior view with freelook • Realistic physics and ragdoll • Accident replays withscreenshot possibility • Different control options • Bus driving •Taxi driving • Van driving • Bonus cars and races • Leaderboards
Cargo Transport Simulator 1.13
CTS: Cargo Transport Simulator Become a truck driver in thisexpansive open world truck driver simulator. Start from the bottomand work your company to the top. You start with a classicvenerable truck. Deliver trailers and earn money, upgrade yourtruck or buy more modern trucks. If you are not into semi trucks,there is also a variety of Light Trucks. The choice is yours.Features: • Detailed truck models • Fully modeled interiors foreach truck • A lot of upgrades for each truck • Dynamic day &night • Many different trailer options with different weights andsizes • Frequent updates add new content and vehicles • Differentcontrol options (buttons, tilt, sliders or steering wheel) • Manualand automatic gearbox options • Realistic physics • Different roadtypes • Massive open world without loading screens • Realisticengine sounds • Lively AI traffic system
Trash Truck Simulator 1.4
Trash Truck Simulator Driving a garbage truck in city environmentis the ultimate test of driving skill. Take a seat and start yourjob in a fully modeled and animated trucks that are based on realtruck models. Load up the truck and deliver the trash to yourgarbage processing plant, where it will be burned. Burning thetrash generates you money, which you can use to upgrade furnaces inthe plant, or buy different trucks. There are many trucks to choosefrom. There are also a lot of customisation options for the trucks,including paints and acessories. Features: • Detailed truck modelswith fully modeled interiors • All trucks are animated • A lot ofupgrades for each truck and processing plant • Dynamic day andnight with weather effects • Different control options (buttons,tilt, sliders or steering wheel) • Manual and automatic gearboxoptions • Realistic physics • Big open City without loading screens• Realistic engine sounds • Lively AI traffic system
Fire Engine Simulator 1.3
FES: Fire Engine Simulator Fire trucks are waiting for you. Jump into the fully modeled fire trucks and put out some fires. Use yourearnings to upgrade and customize your fire truck, or purchase onethat suits you more. There are a lot of different fires toextinguish. Put out a dumpster fire or a massive office building.The joice is yours. Features: • Working beacons and sirens • Highdetail truck models • Fully modeled interiors for each truck • Alot of upgrades for each truck • Different control options(buttons, tilt, sliders or steering wheel) • Manual and automaticgearbox options • Realistic physics • Open world without loadscreens • AI traffic system • Realistic engine sounds
Emergency Ambulance Simulator 1.0.4
Emergency Ambulance Simulator Take a seat and start your job in afully modeled and realistic ambulance, all of which are based onreal vehicles. Make your way to a accident site in the open city,without loading screens. The faster you get people to the hospital,the more money you earn. The way you use the money is up to you,personalize the ambulance or upgrade the lifesupport in it.Upgrading the lifesupport keeps the patients stable for longer,giving you more time to get them to the hospital. You can also usethe money to purchase different ambulances.There are also a lot ofcustomisation options for the Ambulances, including paints andacessories. Features: • Selection of detailed vehicles • Allvehicles are fully customizeable • Realistic accident sites •Dynamic day and night with weather effects • Many control options(buttons, tilt, sliders or steering wheel) • Different gearboxoptions • Realistic physics • Big open City without loading screens• Realistic engine sounds • Lively AI traffic system