SkisoSoft Apps

Cargo Transport Simulator 1.15.2
CTS: Cargo Transport Simulator Become a truck driver in thisexpansive open world truck driver simulator. The world has dynamicday and night cycle, as well as different weather conditions. Startfrom the bottom and work your company to the top. You start with aclassic venerable truck. Deliver trailers and earn money, upgradeyour truck or buy more modern trucks. There are over 38 trucks tochoose from. All vehicles are fully modeled and have realisticinterior and exterior views with freelook feature. If you are notinto semi trucks, there is also a variety of Light Trucks. Thechoice is yours.
Trash Truck Simulator 1.5
Trash Truck Simulator Driving a garbage truck in city environmentisthe ultimate test of driving skill. Take a seat and start yourjobin a fully modeled and animated trucks that are based on realtruckmodels. Load up the truck and deliver the trash to yourgarbageprocessing plant, where it will be burned. Burning thetrashgenerates you money, which you can use to upgrade furnaces intheplant, or buy different trucks. There are many trucks tochoosefrom. There are also a lot of customisation options for thetrucks,including paints and acessories. Features: • Detailed truckmodelswith fully modeled interiors • All trucks are animated • Rear/side / front loaders • A lot of upgrades for each truckandprocessing plant • Dynamic day and night with weather effects•Different control options (buttons, tilt, sliders orsteeringwheel) • Manual and automatic gearbox options • Realisticphysics •Big open City without loading screens • Realistic enginesounds •Lively AI traffic system
Fire Engine Simulator 1.4.7
FES: Fire Engine Simulator Many different fire trucks arewaitingfor you. Jump in to the fully modeled fire trucks and putout somefires. Explore the vast open city, without loading screens.Theworld has dynamic day and night and different weathereffects.Extinguishing fires earns you cash, whitch you can use toupgradeand customize your fire truck, or purchase one that suitsyou more.There are a lot of different fires to extinguish. Put outadumpster fire or a massive office building. The joice is yours.
Public Transport Simulator - Coach 1.2.1
Hey bus drivers. Coach buses need to be driven. People need to bedelivered to their destination. If you are up to the task, jumpinto a coach bus, all of them are highly customizable and fullymodeled. Pick up people from the terminal and take them to theirdestination. Doing this earns you money, which you can spend to buynew buses or upgrade and tune your current one. Enjoy and have fun.
Emergency Ambulance Simulator 1.2
Emergency Ambulance Simulator Take a seat and start your job inafully modeled and realistic ambulance, all of which are basedonreal vehicles. Make your way to a accident site in the opencity,without loading screens. The world has Dynamic day and nightwithdifferent weather effects. The faster you get people tothehospital, the more money you earn. The way you use the money isupto you, personalize the ambulance or upgrade the lifesupport init.Upgrading the lifesupport keeps the patients stable forlonger,giving you more time to get them to the hospital. You canalso usethe money to purchase different ambulances.There are also alot ofcustomisation options for the Ambulances, including paintsandacessories. There are many control options, that you can findinthe menu, also different gearbox options. Have fun and enjoy.