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Spelling Master 2.12
Spelling master is a multi level spelling game designed to helpspelling enthusiasts improve not only their spelling skills butalso vocabulary and pronunciation. This app consists of more than400 common misspelled words with pronunciation, definitions andexample sentences. Learning is reinforced by previewing mistakesand trying the same test multiple times.
Dog Breeds 3.13
Dog breeds is a free app that lets you browse and review up to 200dog breeds and test your knowledge. Simply select any dog breedfrom the list and read a short description and learn what youalways wanted to discover about that breed.You can also test yourknowledge by taking the quiz. Number of quiz questions and dogbreeds category can be easily changed from setting menu.This newapp is designed for dog enthusiasts who want to know more aboutdifferent breeds of dogs in a fun and friendly way.Morefunctionality will be available soon.Do you love dogs? Download"Dog Breeds" now and start learning while having fun!Features: -Browse and review all breeds - Up to 200 dog breeds - Fivedifferent breed categories - Learning about origin, size, andtemperament of different breeds - Customized ending after each quiz- Customize a quiz by: * Number of questions * Dog breed category -Regular updates
Domestic Cat Breeds 3.0
With “Domestic Cat Breeds” app you can browse more than 55 domesticcat breeds and test your knowledge by taking short quizzes. Thebuilt in quiz functionality helps you to challenge yourself andtest your knowledge of cat breeds.This new app has been created forall cat enthusiasts and pet lovers who want to know more aboutdifferent breed of cats. Simply select any cat breed from the listand review their characteristics.If you love your cat and wants toknow what other domestic cat breeds exist this App is just foryou.Download “Domestic Cat Breeds” now and startlearning.Features:- Browse more than 55 domestic cat breeds- Revieweach breed’s characteristics- Quiz to test your knowledge and helpwith your learning
Coloring pictures & drawing 3.1
Coloring pictures game provides over 100 coloring pages for anyonewho is interested in coloring pictures.In this app users can colorprovided pictures by touching the screen and pinch zoom if neededto color even the smallest area.Coloring pictures app provides 3modes; finger draw, color fill and zoom.Finger draw lets you traceand draw. It is a very useful method of improving hand & eyecoordination and drawing skills.Color fill mode provides that extralevel of coloring. Use color fill to quickly color a vast area inthe picture.Zoom mode gives the ability to move the picture aroundand zoom in an out to be able to review your work and improve theprecision of your work.Features: - 3 different coloring modes *Finger paint draw * Color fill * Zoom - More than 100 coloringpages in many different categories - Undo and redo your coloringactions - Select any color from a color pallet - Zoomingfunctionality for more accuracy - Save and preview coloring pages -Remove unwanted saved imagesPlease download "Coloring pictures& drawing" now and try something different in your mobile.
4 Picture Quiz 1.4
A simple word puzzle game based on four relevant pictures thatconvey same concept. Easy, fund and highly engaging game that notonly challenge and test your knowledge but also helps to improveyour cognitive skills and also spelling of each word.