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StickyMemory POC sample (Unreleased)
Test of how BROADCAST_STICKYprivilegerequirement is displayed in the play store listing. Thismay beincorporated into the RAVE library, but this example app willneverbe released.
How to Watch TV 1.0.4
Today, it’s easy to watch TV anywhere using your phone or tablet.All that’s needed are the right apps and maybe a subscription ortwo and you’ll be watching your favorite shows in the palm of yourhand. With the right app, you can even watch on your big-screen TV,no cable needed.We’ve done a ton of research to find the best TVapps for your specific viewing needs. This free eBook is the latestapp in our popular HowTo series. It provides in-depth informationon every popular TV app, combined with quick tips if you just wantto find the best apps without going into all the details.It doesn’tmatter if you want to get rid of your huge monthly cable bill orjust want to make your premium content go further, we’ve got theperfect apps for you. Pick what suits you best and start watchingtoday.TV viewing apps generally fall into a few categories. Wedescribe all of them in detail:- Netflix, Hulu, DroidTV, and AmazonPrime Video are consolidated listing apps and are essentially giantcatalogs of content gathered from several networks. All of theirshows are generally available without commercials for a monthlysubscription.- Major TV networks, like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. allprovide single-source apps for their content, which is typicallyfree, but includes commercials.- Cable and satellite networks, suchas Xfinity and DirecTV, have apps specifically for theircustomers.- Premium movie channels, like HBO, Showtime, and Starzprovide custom apps and special packages that don't require a cablesubscription.- Sports networks, like FOX Sports or NFL Network,provide special apps, just for sports.Get "How to Watch TV" and geteverything you need to know to enjoy the best of TV on your phone,tablet, or connected TV. And, just like the best TV, it commercialfree (no pesky ads).(Graphics used under license from TheTVDB. Allrights reserved.)