SmallBigSquare Apps

Paintball Ninja 1.4.15
Swipe your finger across the screen to slash and splatterpaintballs like a true ninja warrior. Beware of bombs - they areexplosive to touch and will put a swift end to your adventure! Takefirst place on the leaderboard. Features - three game modes:Classic, Rush, and Hardcore - 12 paintballs to unlock - countlessin-game achievements to get - juicy and satisfactory splashes -minimalistic design - infinite changing colors Follow us:
Super Tank Arena Battles 1.2.45
Fight with endless waves of enemies in this colorful arena shooter.You can play in one of five game modes: -Survival -Catch the Flag-One on One -Mines Rush -Hardcore Survival Collect bonuses, upgradeyour tank and crush your opponents. Compete in online leaderboardwith daily, weekly and all the time results. You will die often...very often... Game supports two control schemes: default or virtualthumbstick Follow us:
Paintball Smasher 1.1.15
Tap paintball's before they reach the bottom of the screen. Catchbonuses, avoid bombs. Fast paced action. Be the first on the onlineleaderboards (daily/weekly/all time). ENJOY!!! Any feedback pleaseemails us, because we can’t reply on comments. Thanks very much forall your support in our games and apps! Follow us:
Tap Tap Gems 1.4.35
Tap Tap Gems is a very addictive puzzle game. Tap two or more gemswith the same colour to remove them from the board. You must thinkwhich gems should be removed next. To pass each level you mustscore certain amount of points. The more gems removed the morepoints you score. Game features 120 levels and 7 different gems.
Jump Again 1.0.18
Jump Again is an endless jumper game. Jump as high as you can.Collect yellow, white and blue dots to earn money and buyupgrades.Avoid black dots and walls.To control your square tap leftor right side of the screen. All dots can be used as trampolineswhen you are falling. White dots gives you better speed boost andmore points than yellow dots. Blue dots gives you the most pointsand changes colour of the screen.Followus:
com.trickyfun.CreeperPlants 1.2.45
Use your finger to slash creeper plants like ninja warrior. Killvicious deadly creeper plants before they rich people hangingabove. Cut plant stalk to stun plant head. It can be slashed outthen. Do not slash live plants heads because they will bite you inyour finger and it is game over. Stunned plant head have two seeds.If you doesn't manage to kill it before head reaches ground theseeds will grow into new plants.
BallOCentric 1.0.28
BallOCentric is a fast paced game where you have to connect theballs. You must combine balls with the same external color. Eachball has a number. The higher the number, the more points you getfor its removal. Identical balls combine and their numbers adds up.If the number on the ball is greater than or equal to 100 ballbecomes gray and can't be removed. Fill in the top bar to removeall the gray balls and receive bonus points. Do not let the ballsto reach the top of the screen, it will result in immediate end ofthe game.Music from http://www.bensound.comFollowus:
Easteregg Smasher 1.0.21
Smash all easter eggs, catch all chickens in this colorful arcadegame. Try to be the best in the online highscores. Check your scorein daily, weekly, all time leaderboard. HAPPY EASTER !!!Anyfeedback please emails us, because we can’t reply on comments.Thanks very much for all your support in our games and apps!Followus:
Dummy Tower 1.3.60
Build the tallest/dumbest tower in the world. Use the bodies ofdummies to create a tower as tall as possible. Unlock new bodyparts and starting positions. Compete with others on Leaderboards.Features: - 50 Starting postures to unlock - Hilarious voices -Endless fun
Simpleffects 1.2.48
Simpleffects has 57 visual effects controlled entirely withyourfingers. Each effect can be modified using options. Visualeffectsare very different in their nature. Some of them useparticleeffects.