SmarThesia Apps

PasSy Enterprise
Open your doors with total security using your personal smartphone.When you want. Where you want. • A PasSy based device is needed forthe app to work correctly. Our own Cloud service, availableeverywhere in the world, let you create your own virtual keys andbadges with your own access policies for selected days and hours ofthe day. Your virtual key will be sent to the smartphone of guests,partners and coworkers and, once reservation time ended, the keywill automatically exipire and work no more. With the same key youcan manage reception or check-in, areas access and availableservices. You can manage all your locations and accesses, just oneclick to open a door. You can also monitor more than one locations.For each different user profile, you can have different accesspolicies. You can create as many users as you want, and give toeach of them every policy you need. PasSy primarly stands formaximum comfort. You can set different open modes to yourlocations: • using your APP, automatically when you're in proximityof the lock. • using your APP, via remote connection. • using abadge. • using PasSy web site.