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Office Terror Story 3.4
Office Terror Story shooting game YOU are under attack bycoolweapons and defend your office!Usually robots are helpers, but what if they betray us? Willtheyattack us for revenge? You can find answers in Office TerrorStory.It is a shooting game, an excellent game. You mission is torescueall the panic workers in the office building and defeat allthe badrobots. First you need to buy your weapons. You have manytochoose: Mk-11, UMP, Desert Eagle, M249 SAW, etc. You also needtobuy bombs, but if you don’t like bombs, it’s ok just use thegun.You need to pay attention to the office condition, if it isreallypoor, you may lose your game. You can buy repairs ifnecessary. Youearn cash when kill enemies. Aim your foes with yourmouse andshoot without hesitation. Have fun!you try to rush higher and higher in the office by climbingtheladders. Do you have what it takes to climb the corporateladder?You can test your skills by fending off your power-hungrycoworkersas you make your way to the top. Once the game starts, youcan usethe arrow keys to move from floor to floor. Stop by thewatercooler to gain power and to become briefly immune to yourofficemates’ personal attacks. When you gain power and becomeinvincible,you can hit other workers and get new lives in this way.You mustnavigate through three levels in order to gain the ultimatepowerposition. If you fail before then, you are fired. Isitinteresting? Try it now.The basic idea is this: you are one of several differentofficeworkers who are given a series of simple tasks. Maybe youneed toget water for your boss, or maybe you need to don yoursecurityguard outfit and uncover an intruder. Either way, gettingfrom yourstarting location to the goal requires three things:running,jumping, and moving the rooms around. Just like a slidingpuzzle,rooms in Office Rush can be pushed around to line them upindifferent patterns. You can only go from one room to another ifapath lines up, forcing you to do some serious arranging beforeyoucan hop over the next bump in the road.When the first tile sliding/platform hybrid was released,theidea was exciting and new. Office Terror Story arrives a bitlatein the game, but the concept is still engaging, even ifyou'vemastered the art of moving rooms around with your fingers.Thecontrols can be a bit odd (as with any action-based touchscreengame), but the visuals are great and the game playabsolutelysolid. Worth trying out even if you've never set foot inanoffice!
Learning Tower 3.4
Learning Tower is all about Constructing a tower with thelowestnumber at the top down to the highest number at the bottom.Duringeach turn, you can select the numbered block shown to you orthemystery block containing a question mark. After you selectabuilding block, replace a block in the tower by clicking onthearrow next it. If you choose the mystery block and aren'tsatisfiedwith the number, you may discard the number and skipyourturn.Get your tower blocks sorted faster than your opponent,takingturns, in order to move on to the next round. This takessomeplanning ahead and a little strategy. If your opponent getstheirtower completed first, your tower gets blaster-ed. Build fromthetop and bottom inward. Very low and very high numbers willhelpspeed your progress. Put you brain at test!Build a tower by placing blocks numerical progression from lowatthe top to high at the bottom of the tower. Finish yourtowerbefore the Vikings finish their tower. Replace the blocks ofyourtower so that they are in order. If you do not want to use theopenblock, try the mystery block. You will receive bonus points ifyouplace blocks in the exact order. For example: Placing 10 above11.At the end of the level you will receive bonus points forfinishingthe level and bonus points based on how high the number isat thetop of your towerYour little guys need help and you can do it. Line up the blocksinthe correct order and conquer the Vikings... Build a towerbyplacing blocks numerical progression from low at the top to highatthe bottom of the tower. Finish your tower before theVikingsfinish their tower. Replace the blocks of your tower so thattheyare in order. If you do not want to use the open block, trythemystery block. You will receive bonus points if you place blocksinthe exact order. For example: Placing 10 above 11. At the endofthe level you will receive bonus points for finishing the levelandbonus points based on how high the number is at the top ofyourtower.
Jelly Tower Defence 3.4
Today we have another awesome towerdefensegame that will test your strategy and defense skills. In theJellyTower Defence game the Jellys are on the march and you betterbeready to fight. Help your Jellys to build up their towerdefensesand stop the bad guys from completing their mission ofdestruction.The more enemies you can kill means you will earn moneythat youcan use to upgrade your tower defenses. Lets see if you canshowthese creeps who is the boss in the Jelly Tower Defencegame.The Jellys are back, and they've to protect their belovedkingdomfrom the invading hordes. Construct several Jelly towers andsetthem smartly to successfully win the war!The Jellys are in trouble again! This time their land isbeingattacked. Help them build a tower to keep off the bad guys.Try tosurvive as long as you can and reach the highscorelist!Jelly Tower Defense is a quite unusual turret defense game whereyouhave to place different Jelly squares into the screen to defeattherolling attackers.
Snake Township 2.0
Snake Township is a new game idea!.Just select your favorite color& skin snake and fight with other snakes. You eat dots, thesnake gets longer and you have to try avoid hitting yourbody-snake. Are you a fan of the classic and modernsnake-game?Control your tiny cell and eat other players to growlarger! But watch out: players bigger than you will be trying tomake you their lunch. Survive and eat long enough to become thebiggest cell in the game!
Snake Racing 3.0.0
Snake Racing is a classic snake game.Grow your snake bigger andbigger!!