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Сканворд Дня 1.10.45
"Сканворд Дня" – это БЕСПЛАТНЫЕ ежедневные сканворды. Новый выпусквыходит каждый день! В каждом выпуске вы найдете 10 бесплатныхсканвордов! Решить их все без проблем помогут Подсказки, которыеможно получить каждый день абсолютно бесплатно! Максимально удобныесканворды всегда и везде с вами. Теперь вам не нужны газета илижурнал. Установите приложение и получите постоянный доступ кнеограниченному количеству сканвордов. В приложении Сканворд днянайдутся сканворды для игроков любого уровня. Мы предлагаемсканворды как на короткий перерыв, так и на долгую дорогу. В нашемприложении есть все для тех, кто любит головоломки и игры в слова(кроссворды, кейворды, сканворды, филворды, судоку, эрудит и т.д.)!Авторизуйтесь в одной из социальных сетей и участвуйте в рейтинге!Соревнуйтесь и побеждайте! Играйте на нескольких устройствах иливсей семьей – на одном! Для загрузки новых ежедневных сканвордовнеобходимо соединение вашего мобильного устройства с сетьюИнтернет. Приложение может использовать любое предоставленное емусоединение с сетью интернет. Выпуски сканвордов передаются вмаксимально сжатом виде, так что вы можете быть спокойны за расходпотребляемого трафика. Приложение использует сервисы рекламныхматериалов: Chartboost, AdMob, Vungle, AdColony. Создателиприложения "Сканворд дня" не несут ответственности за содержаниерекламных материалов и качество рекламируемых продуктов. Свопросами, предложениями и сообщениями об ошибках обращайтесь поадресу "Crossword puzzle Day" - it's freedaily crossword puzzles. The new release comes out every day! Ineach issue you'll find 10 free skanvordov! Solve them all withoutproblems help tips that you can get every day absolutely free!Maximum comfortable scanwords always and everywhere with you. Nowyou do not need a newspaper or magazine. Install the app and getinstant access to an unlimited number of skanvordov. The annex ofthe day there are crossword puzzles Crossword puzzle for players atany level. We offer crossword puzzles for a short break or a longroad. In our application has everything for those who love puzzlesand word games (crossword puzzles, of keywords, scan, Feelwords,Sudoku, Scrabble, etc.)! Log in to one of social networks andparticipate in the rankings! Compete and win! Play on multipledevices, or with the whole family - one! To download new dailyskanvordov need a connection to your mobile device to the Internet.An application can use any allotted Internet connection. Editionsskanvordov transmitted as soon as, so you can be sure about theflow of traffic consumed. The application uses the services ofadvertising materials: Chartboost, AdMob, Vungle, AdColony. Thecreators of the application "Crossword puzzle of the day" is notresponsible for the content of advertising materials and thequality of the advertised products. For questions, suggestions andbug reports, please contact
Party Room: Spin the Bottle for Fun! 2.1.1
Make new friends anytime, anywhere! Funny guys from all over theworld are open to making friends with you. * Play with people basedon age and sex * Chat with people you are interested in * Sendcolorful animated gifts * Use emoji and get noticed! You can signup via Facebook, OK, or VK. Information obtained duringregistration is not transmitted to third parties and is only usedto ensure the functionality of the game. Send feedback andsuggestions to Our social media groups - - -
Mahjong Treasures - free 3d solitaire quest game 2.4.0
1 000 000 players worldwide! Try unique 3d board solitaire now! Wintournaments and have a journey around the world! Embark a lot ofunique levels, taste deluxe & epic majong battles with otherplayers. Our features: 🔸 Mahjong tournament gameplay. 🔹 1300+mahjong pyramids. 🔸 40+ wonderful countries. 🔹 10+ bonus mahjongtiles. 🔸 A lot of interesting quests & treasures. 🔹 Superboosters: "Fireworks", “Bomb” and “Shuffle”. 🔸 Vivid graphics andfestive atmosphere! 28.10.61
Klondike Solitaire: PvP card game with friends – it’s a classicklondike solitaire game with an awesome modern design, a fun realtime competition with another players (PvP), huge cards for thebest playing experience and wonderful classic feelings! SolitaireKlondike is the the most popular card game in the World! If youlike card and puzzle games our game will obviously touch yourhearts! Addicted, simply and fun gameplay allows you to bring backold memories and give you a new experience and entertainment. REALTIME PvP COMPETITIONS! Play by yourself in the classic solitairemode or challenge other players in real-time. Solitaire is nolonger a single player game! Just try and you will never come backto another classic cards games. EVENTS, CHALLENGES AND BONUSESVarious competitions and events are waiting for you in “SolitaireKlondike ▻ Card Game”. Take part in challenging tasks and receivegame bonuses! Use magic busters for even more fun. With thissolitaire card game you will also get all the nice features youwould expect from a 1th-class Klondike card game! BEAUTY GRAPHICAND DESIGN “Solitaire Klondike ▻ Card Game” has the balance betweenclassic solitaire gameplay and beauty modern design, giving youeverything that you need from the best solitaire game or puzzle!Unlock new levels and locations. MAIN FEATURES: - Huge cards forthe best playing experience - Classic solitaire with traditionalscoring which you will love so much ;) - Stunning hand-paintedcountries and playing cards - Beautiful collections from all aroundthe world - PvP: Real time player with player competition - Magicbusters for even more fun - Various competitions and events withbonuses - Challenging tasks Tip: tap on chests to collect prizeshidden in them! You will need the keys to open a new country. We’realways updating “Solitaire Klondike ▻ Card Game” to include newfunny features. Got some cool ideas? Drop us a Thanks for playing!
5 Differences Online 1.3.0
More than 9,000,000 players worldwide. Spot the differences online.There's never been anything like it before! Find all thedifferences in the pictures and win tournaments before youropponents do! Traveling across gorgeous maps, assembling uniquecollections, and lots of interesting events await you. Tons ofrewards! Game Features - More than 30,000 gorgeous quests thatupdate regularly - More than 11,000 levels of varied difficulty -Lush graphics and amazing special effects Play and enjoy! It's agame for anyone in any age! Have fun!