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Smart Steps Mobile 1.0.21
College is a challenging time, and Smart Steps is made just for thechallenges. Smart Steps provides a layered system of remotesupports for everyday problems. Try out the built-in decision treesfor problems such as a lost backpack or being lost. You can alsomake your own! Developed by an educator, Smart Steps Mobilecontains pre-made decision trees for work, school, or life. Createnew decision trees for your agency, campus, employees or family sothat you can offer your custom trees through a group licensingoption. Select a Decision Tree and walk through everyday problemsone step at a time. Practical tips are included. Every DecisionTree ends up on a Success screen or a prompt to "Call for Backup".Two levels are available: 1. Go FREE (Publicly shared DecisionTrees are free; exit the app to call for help when you need to).Included: Read Aloud Feature, Basic Profile screen, and Map. SelectDecision Trees on the My Account page. View usage statistics on MyDashboard. 2. Decision Tree Maker - Edit existing decision trees orcreate your own content! Imagine being able to tailor strategies toclassroom or family routines. This will reduce prompting forparents and professionals. Included: Decision Tree Maker portalaccess, choose color scheme, store Emergency Contacts which appearon the Help Screen, on the My Proflle screen, or by pressing theHelp Button. Group Licensing is available by contacting Smart Stepsto customize your plan. Please see the for more detailed features and to create "MyAccount". You will need an email address, a street address, andmake up a password. IMPORTANT: This is for everyday problemsolving. It is NOT an emergency response solution. We know howstressful life can be. Smart Steps eases the pressure of makingeveryday decisions. Did someone ask you a personal question onsocial media? Check out the decision tree to help you figure outhow to respond. Is the bus late? Check out the decision tree forsuggestions on dealing with a late ride. There's no right or wronganswer in any given situation because problem solving iscontextual. Smart Steps empowers you to make the choices. SmartSteps provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones as ithelps with problem solving, making decisions, social skills,safety, social language, and self advocacy. Download the app,create 'My Account' on, and be sure to checkout all of the resources and info on Weappreciate reviews, too. See you on Facebook and Twitter@SmartSteps4me