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Adf Ly 1.0
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Work from home and earn easy money with How toGuides,tutorials, bots, traffic tips and tricks. Make an extraincome withadflyThe traffic is targeted depending upon thecountry.Besides,it’s not that expensive. It costs around 4 to 8dollars for every1000 unique views.Although the prices are quitelow, they have agood conversation rate.So what exactly are URLshorteners?URLshorteners are used to shorten very long URLs. Infact, even ifyour URL is not too long, you can shorten it if youwish to.Peopleoften ask how much revenue can be generated viaAdfly? Actually therevenue that you can generate through links largelydepends upon the location of the users thatwill be clicking links.How much revenue can Igenerate?You will makeapproximately 4 dollars for every thousandclicks. Although thismay seem to be quite low, think about thenumber of people usingFacebook. More than 500 million individualslog onto Facebook everyday. Even if a small segment of them clickon your links, then youare sure to generate a lot of income. Youcan also draw a lot ofusers and ensure that they click your linksby setting up aFacebook group. Most of the groups on Facebook haveover onemillion members and if you do some smart work then you aresure tomake a small fortune within a very short time. Moreover, youcanalso generate more income by creating videos and posting themonYouTube. However, don’t forget to include a link inyourdescription.Another way to generate money is throughreferrals.Most of the individuals state that they have earned a lotof moneythrough referrals and they are a great means of believes in keeping things simple andclearand hence after you have earned 5 dollars via your Adf.lyaccount,the earnings are automatically transferred to your PayPalor yourPayoneer account. In case you do not have either of theseaccountsthen you can easily sign up for any one of these services.They areboth free for users.Using Adfly as a wonderfuladvertisingplatformYou can easily redirect more traffic to yourwebsite andpromote affiliate products so that you get maximumresults and makeloads of money.
Chilindo Com My 1.0
Smart Sun
Semua lelongan akan bermula pada RM 0.1!Di Chilindo, kamimenawarkanpelbagai jenis barang-barang yang telah kami meletakkanuntuklelongan bermula dari RM 0.1, tanpa minimum. Terpulanglahkepadaanda dengan harga anda sanggup membayar dengan bidaanterhadappengguna lain untuk mencari bidaan yang terbaik.Kadang-kadang andaakan mengalahkan dalam pembidaan tetapi, jikalauanda teruskan, andaakan mencari bidaan hebat yang anda tidak akantercari di tempatlain kecuali di Chilindo!
Asia Shopee 1.0
Smart Sun
Shopee is the largest eCommerce platform in Southeast AsiaandTaiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, makingonlineshopping easy, secure and fast through its strong paymentandlogistical support. Shopee is strongly supported by Sea(formerlyknown as Garena), Southeast Asia’s largest internetplatformprovider. Shopee can be downloaded for free on App Storeand GooglePlay in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia,Vietnam,and the Philippines.
Alternative Clickbd 1.0
Smart Sun started its operations in April 14, 2005 as thefirste-commerce portal in Bangladesh. ClickBD is an onlinemarketplacewhere anyone can sell or buy almost anything. The sitehas a strongand growing community of users who trade in a widerange of itemcategories including Electronics, Cameras, Phones,Computers, CDs,Mobiles, Fashion Accessories, Music, and Travel.Through aworld-class technology infrastructure ClickBD enables&simplifies e-commerce for Bangladesh's ever expandingonlinecommunity. People spend more time on ClickBD than anyotherBangladeshi site, making it the most popular site of thecountry.ClickBD encouraged young generation to earn money fromsellinggoods using the power of the Internet. ClickBD is proud tohelpmany people established successful online businesses who makealiving out of it.In 2011, ClickBD launched Online Storesalongsideits Classified service, providing an opportunity for usersto visitan online shopping mall and do online shopping at the bestprice.
Alternatif Mudah 1.0
Smart Sun (styled is an online classified-ads websitethatcaters primarily to the Malaysian market. It is the product ofapartnership between 701Search of Singapore (joint venture ofSPHand Schibsted) and Telenor ASA of Norway. It is anonlinemarketplace where people buy and sell a wide variety ofgoods,products, and services under different categories such asrealestate, automotives, careers, business products and services,andmany more among Malaysian individuals and business groups alloverthe world. The service allows anyone to buy and sell in his orherregion conveniently, without the need for a physical shop oraregistered company.
Job Street 1.0
Smart Sun
We are one of Asia’s leading online employmentmarketplaces.Helpingfacilitate the matching and communication ofjob opportunitiesbetween jobseekers and employers, in Malaysia,Philippines,Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.Founded in Malaysia in1997, now has a team of 800 talented individuals,giving usa strong local presence in every country in which weoperate.Withour understanding and insights on each market, as wellour passionfor technology, we provide jobseekers the bestopportunities anddeliver exceptional value to employers.In November2014, we becamepart of the Australian Stock Exchange-listed SEEKLimited – theworld’s largest online employment marketplace bymarketcapitalisation. As part of the SEEK family, we leverageworld-classproducts to match talented job seekers with reputableemployersacross the region.We are committed to continuouslyimproving thevalue we provide to jobseekers and employers. Todeliver on this,we continue to evolve our product and serviceofferings to betterfacilitate the matching of jobseekers toemployers.