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File Manager 3.0.10(20190717_171801)
It's a simple option that doesn't have a whole lot of flair. Thatisextremely preferable if you really just want something simple.√Easy access to local files: All files are no longer hidden inthemobile system. File manager will help you find file,categorizefile easily. It also supports tons of cool features:global search,moving, deleting, opening, and sharing files, as wellas renaming,unzipping, and copy-paste. √ Storage Keeper: You canalways knowthe storage of your phone, how much used and how muchunused. Also,you can browse and edit all folders files bybreadcrumb in the top.√ Categories View: Solve the problem that youcan't find yourfavorite music, videos or pictures quickly. Allmedia will beautomatically classified, you can click on the entryof the homepage to find them by category. √ Personalize Your Phone:We supportfast setting your favorite music as ringtones and quicklyset yourfavorite pictures to your phone’s wallpaper. No need tooperatecumbersomely, your phone will be different from others andwillbecome unique in the world. √ Apk Manage: The saved apk filescouldnot be found. Has downloaded a lot of apk files, but do notknowhow to delete, so that mobile phone storage is heavilyoccupied.These problems will no longer happen to you. We providethe apkmanagement page, all apk files will be automaticallycategorizedand displayed there. You can install them and deletethem. Thingsget simple. √ Global Search Bar: Search what files youwant in yourmobile phone with a few clicks. In addition to thefeaturesdescribed above, there are some other features notmentioned,waiting for your discovery. In the end, if you have anysuggestionsor comments about our file manager, please feel free tocontact usby email. We will respond to all emails as soon aspossible.