SmartBibles Apps

Smart Bible (NIV)
Smart Bible (New International Version) is a fast and beautifuloffline Bible application containing both the Old and the newTestament. It is designed with the user in mind and thereforeincludes great features like inbuilt notes, verse sharing, Multiverse selection, advanced search options and colorful design andinbuilt fonts for a seamless reading and study. With the advancednotes a user can add a verse or many verses directly to the notes.A note can be shared fully on any sharing platform. This versionalso includes sharing of a single verse as an image making it anice option for those who love instagram. For future developmentswe are working on a feature whereby notes can be synchronizedonline.
Mbathi Sya Kumutaia Ngai 8.0
The kamba hymn book contain over 400 songs. These songs werewritten by men of God who were full of the holy spirit and fordecades and decades, they have remained relevant. The power theybore is still evident even today. Today, many singers are justsinging for money or for fun, but the writers of those songs werelooking for a better city made by the Lord. Why can't we followtheir steps and sing songs which will last?
Smart Bible 7.0.1
Android bible Application with great features. Take notes while onthe go. Select multiple verses and add them to a note. Performin-depth search and bookmark what you like. Enjoy a great interfaceand smart look.
Mbivilia ( Kamba Bible) 3.2
Every person desires to read the holy bible in their own language.Mbivilia is the Bible in the Kikamba language. It is commonly knownin the same Language as " Maandiko Matheu Ma Ngai" It contains theOld and the New Testament also known as " Utianio Kamba na UtianioMukuu" . It is frequently referred to as Kamba Bible, Kikamba bibleapp, Mbivilia app, mbivilia, Kamba app or kikamba Bible app. It isonly available for Android.
Zaabuli 1.2.0
Zaabuli is a Runyankore -rukiga hymn app also called Nyankolehymnsor nyankore hymn.