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TunesHolic 2.1.8
▶▶ Affirm emphatically, 'TunesHolic' is the best rhythm actiongame. ◀◀ The best realtime rhythm action game with your favoritesongs! Here is just the world of rhythm games that you have neverimagine. We recommend that you experience it now. √ Features - Thisapp includes the five exciting and entertaining rhythmic musics. -You could play the rhythm game with your own songs. (mp3, mp4, acc,wav, mp1, mp2, m4a, 3g2, 3gp, etc...) - This app provides you anote of accurate beat and good feeling hit. - This app provides youonly real-time automatic note-analysis in the world. - Variousrewards system and SNS interlocking. (Facebook, Twitter, KakaoTalk,etc) √ Various Options - Portrait mode / Landscape mode. - 6 kindsof line mode : 3 lines ~ 8 lines. - 10 Step of Speed.- 4 levels ofdifficulty : Easy/Normal/Hard/Extreme. - Long-note / Slide-note /Double-note options.- By various items, you can enjoy the game evenmore fun.√ Character system- 12 characters are ready.- You canchoose one character for free.- You can get more characters usingcoins or jewels, then grow your characters level.- You can get morepoints if you have many characters. √ Ranking system - Ranking byeach Line/Period/Country/Playback duration/Level. - Ranking of GameCenter. - Weekly ranking of Facebook friends.
Beat PangPang for Kakao 1.2.7
▶▶ Affirm emphatically, ‘Beat PangPang’ is the best rhythm actiongame. ◀◀ The best realtime rhythm action game with your favoritemusics! Various user-friendly customization options that ou havenever seen before is supported! Here is just the world of rhythmgames that you have never imagined. Do you play in the frame thatsomeone else has created and tasted? Now you just enjoy the rhythmgame with your musics! ◆◇◆ Play with your favorite musics. ◆◇◆ Howlong do you play in the frame that someone else has created andtasted? Is it frustrating? Enjoy the your own rhythm game with yourfavorite musics. (This app includes the 14 exciting andentertaining rhythmic musics. ) ◆◇◆ Play the rhythm game and growup your own characters. ◆◇◆ You can choose your favorite charactersand grow up your characters in your imagine. There are 10-morecharacters (beautiful, cute, sexy, handsome) Identify thecharacteristics of the character and strategic game to challengeyour high score. ◆◇◆ Includes all existing difficulties, and more◆◇◆ Do you know why the other rhythm games limit up to 6 line? Areyou enough? 'Beat PangPang' supports up to 8 lines. Please try totest the limitation of your ability to fall asleep using otheroptions. - 6 kinds of line mode : 3 lines ~ 8 lines. - 9 steps ofnote speed - 4 levels of difficulty : Easy/Normal/Hard/Crazy. - 5steps of touch ranges - Long note/Slide note/Double note options.◆◇◆ Various visuality for personality. ◆◇◆ Are you enough to enjoyonly with various sounds? Various visuality is enough to enjoy thegame. You can choose various backgrounds, notes, spectrums, effectsfor your personality. ◆◇◆ This is not the end of the competitionwith your KakaoTalk friends. ◆◇◆ Also 'Beat PangPang' provides theworld ranking. You can compete in the rankings with many friends inthe the world. In the results of the game, You can check your worldranking right away.
Hexic 2048 1.4.4
COME ON! NOW THE HEXAGONAL BOARD! Join the numbers and get tothe2048 tile on the hexagon board! Swipe to move all tiles. Whentwotiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. Get tothe2048 tile, and reach a high score!✔ Support GameMode-Classic/Suvival/X-tile Mode✔ Support Grid-Hex2x2x2/3x3x3/4x4x4/5x5x5- Box 4x4/5x5/6x6/7x7✔ SupportAutoplayMode- Corner/Swing/Swirl/Random✔ Support Undo System
Connect-All 1.8.5
'Connect-All' is a very simple and addictive brain puzzle game.✔Rule of Game - Cover the entire board with one connection to solveeach puzzle.- Start at #1 and finish at the biggest number.- Followthe sequence of numbers.✔ Easy Control- You can enjoy the game bytouching and moving with your only one finger.✔ Various contents-By default, Total 2,268 puzzles of varying difficulties.- From veryeasy puzzle to really difficult one.- 6 different board sizes.-Additional 3,024 puzzles of varying difficulties are available forpurchase.✔ Various modes- Play Game mode: Feel free to enjoy thebasic game-mode casually. - Time Attack Mode: Try to challenge howmany puzzles you can solve within the limited time.: The basic timeis given for each level. After the basic time per level is lapsed,the total time for the game will be decreasing.✔ Challenge- Trackyour completion of each level in Play Game mode.- Strive foraccuracy in Play Game mode using the fewest, most efficientmovements.- Strive for speed in Time Attack mode for the most andfastest solutions.✔ Hint - Try using the hints by touching the bulbicon in the difficult level.✔ Cooperation with friends.- Ask yourfriends for help to solve difficult puzzle.- On friends' request,send your friends the solution of puzzle faster than anyone else.-E-mail/Facebook/Twitter/KakaoTalk are available.✔ Star system-Collect stars.- You can unlock more packs by using stars.✔ Flow andConnect-All
TapTube - Music Video Rhythm Game 1.6.5
Do you want to experience the differentiated rhythm game? Pleaseforget about the uniformed games with limited source. Watch,listen, and feel the music and share it all around the world inTAPTUBE! In TAPTUBE, the music with pleasant memories and beautifulstories of users will be delivered to you. Just listen the musiccannot satisfy your sensitivity. With movie-like music videos,upgrade your sensitivity more and more. TAPTUBE will produce yourfavorite youtube videos for you to enjoy more fun. We recommendthis game to the one who quickly feel tired when they play inframework. Anyone can direct their own rhythmical, dynamicproduction in TAPTUBE. Share your idea and rhythmical sense to allaround the world! You can be the best creator of TABTUBE. WithTAPTUBE, the five senses and emotion will be fulfilled andimproved. Brushing away your stress with TAPTUBE! ■ Rhythmgame with video ■ Forget about the sound based rhythm games!TAPTUBE provides not only sound, but also youtube video with it. Webet you couldn’t feel bored while playing rhythm game, watchingvideo, listening to the music concurrently. ■ Real-time streamingnote ■ Smart TAPTUBE can analyze any soundtrack. Can I playthis old music? How about this one? Don’t worry! TAPTUBE canprovide sensational note to you as long as the soundtrack exists. ■Recommend, Favorite, Ranking ■ When you cannot select whichone to play, just loot at the recommendation list! Enjoy the newgame from video list which updated everyday. Do you want to own themusic and note? Add them to your favorite list! The favorite listwill keep your vids and notes safely so you could play it anytimeyou want. ■ Let’s play it variously, with variousconfigurations! ■ It’s too hard! Too easy!! Wait a sec! Didyou heard about the configurations? TAPTUBE provides configurationoptions to change game speed, number of line, long note on/off,slide note on/off, etc. The player can change the configurations totake their choice like order-made. TAPTUBE set itself to theplayer, not set the player to the game. Let’s set the personalizedconfigurations and enjoy the TAPTUBE! ■ Your own notes! Customnote function ■ The current one is too boring. Can’t I make myown notes? To the one who has such question, we recommend you touse the custom function of TAPTUBE! Feel free to make your ownnotes for the youtube video you want! The unique stage in the worldis prepared for you! Custom and share the music which has yourstory and memory, all over the world!! ※ This app can only play thevids which permitted by the YouTube API, and only work withstreaming. ※ Minimum requirement : Android 4.0+ ※ Wi-Fienvironments is recommended, due to the feature of this game. It isimpossible to cancel the accounting about the one generated by userselection.
CA-Cross 1.2.4
'CA-Cross' is a very simple and addictive puzzle game.This puzzleis Cross-Version of 'Connect-All', and its difficulty level is muchharder than 'Connect-all'.* Rule of Game - Cover the entire boardwith one connection to solve each puzzle.- Start at #1 and finishat the biggest number.- Follow the sequence of numbers.- AllBridges have to cross by row and column.* Easy Control- You canenjoy the game by touching and moving with your only one finger.*Various contents- By default, Total 1,380 puzzles of varyingdifficulties.- From easy puzzle to really difficult one.- 4different board sizes.- Additional 1,020 puzzles of varyingdifficulties are available for purchase.- Coming soon 9x9 oversizes.* Various modes- Play Game mode : Feel free to enjoy thebasic game-mode casually. - Time Attack Mode : Try to challenge howmany puzzles you can solve within the limited time. : The basictime is given for each level. After the basic time per level islapsed, the total time for the game will be decreasing.* Challenge-Your solved levels and completed packs will be responsed toachievements of Game Center.- Track your completion of each levelin Play Game mode.- Strive for accuracy in Play Game mode using thefewest, most efficient movements.- Strive for speed in Time Attackmode for the most and fastest solutions.* Leaderboard - In PlayGame mode, leaderboard is provided in units of each game pack. :Ranking will be determined by number of unsolved puzzles and thetime amount of solved puzzles of all levels.- In Time Attack mode,leaderboard is provided in units of each board size. : Ranking willbe determined by the related count of solved puzzles.* Hint - Tryusing the hints by touching the bulb icon in the difficult level.*Cooperation with friends.- Ask your friends for help to solvedifficult puzzle.- On friends' request, send your friends thesolution of puzzle faster than anyone else.-E-mail/Facebook/Twitter/KakaoTalk are available.* Star system-Collect stars.- You can unlock more packs by using stars.
Swing Rocket 1.0.7
Flying with a booster is not as easy as itlooks, but You can exercise and reach more and more points everytime.How to play:* Tap to change direction.* Get 3 medals to unlock more rockets.
Enjoy the game.Features:* Awesome animations
* Optimized performance
* Super easy gameplay* Play with friends
* Share on Facebook, Twitter, Mail and Messages with ascreenshotHarness the power of pure fun!
Flags Game 1.1.5
## How many country's flags do you know?## This game is very interesting and educational quiz-game.## You can solve the flag quiz. As well as, You can learnnational informations such as flag, country, capital, etc.√ FEATURE- Contain all national informations(flag, country, capital, etc)about approximately 240 nations.- Can identify the location of country on the World Map as well assee the explanations of the country.- Support various languages to the national informations.(9 Languages : English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文, Français, Español, русский,العربية, Português)- Support universal app(iPhone + iPad)√ BOOKMARK- You can check the information of the bookmark at any time.- During the quiz, the incorrect-answer is automatically registeredinto bookmark .- Register into bookmark for the unfamiliar country and for thenational information that you wish to know more.- You may know each national information. and also You can know thecorrect answer rate from the bookmark.√ Hint- Use the hint. and correct-answer rate will be increased.- If you got the answers wrong, Continue the game using hints. Youcan get higher score.√ WIth Friends- Ask a questions or give a problem to your friends about the flagof the country you do not know.- You can send and receive FREE hints from your friends.- Try and compete scores with your Facebook friends!!
Santa Jump for X-mas 1.1.5
▶▶ Merry Christmas~~~!!!* The Easiest one finger game in the world .* Stimulate the instinct to jump high!! It can't stop.Flying through the snowy christmas sky.Exciting jump in 60 secs and new arena of score competition withfriends begins!!√ FEATURES- So attractive combo system.- Enjoy the bgm and sound effect with items.. Jumping booster item : Santa can fly high.. Big board item : Extend the board for 1 level.. Small board item : Shorten the board for 1 level.. Time item : add time for 3 seconds.. Coin item. Jewel item√ Perfect synchronization for Facebook.. Invite Facebook friends and have more fun.. Give a life to friends and share friendships and love!. You can demand a life to friends when lives is extincted.. Invite message can be sended once at 24 hours to eachfriends.. Weekly score tournament system among Facebook friendsprovided.√ How to get high score. Take jump booster item as you can.. Don't hesitate to go up and check the location of the board andupper board.(The combo will be maintained when the jump is succeeded in 1seconds.)
Powerful 2048 1.0.4
[Powerful 2048] 3x3 ~ 9x9 board - unlimitedUNDO system!Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile on the board!Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same numbertouch, they merge into one.Get to the 2048 tile, and reach a high score!✔ Support unlimited UNDO System for FREE.✔ Support Grid- 3x3/4x4/5x5/6x6/7x7/8x8/9x9✔ Support Autoplay Mode- Corner/Swing/Swirl/Random
Hex Link 1.0.4
Puzzle with new excitement solving in hexagon board.* Rule ofgame - Connect  two points with the same colors. - Fillout all blanks in game board. - Blocked cells cannot be flowed (orpassed). - Bridge cells should be flowed only toward bridgedirection.* Two types of game mode - Line Mode : It is atraditional game. Solve the game by connecting the samepoints through line, by touch and movement of fingers.  :If two lines are crossed or overlapped in the cell that is not abridge, other lines are broken. : The solution is more than one. -Spin Mode : Every cell is composed of only bridge cells. :Solve the puzzle by touching and rotating  each cell ifthe cells are mixed.   : The solution is just one.* Vastcontents : There are total 2,460 levels. : There are three sizes ofhexagon board; small, medium and large size of board. : There arevarious puzzles from very easy puzzle that can be solved at onesight to extremely high level puzzle.* Rankings & Achievement& Challenges - Ranking and Achievement of game center areprovided. - Point rankings together with Facebook friends areprovided. - Challenge goal can be established and friends cancompete with you.* Puzzle that can be enjoyed with friends - Askhelp of your friends when puzzle is difficult. - Receivechallenges from friends to beat their scores or earn achievements.- Achieve your goal and send friends a challenge. - Send newfriends invitations.
MagicStone for Brain 1.1.9
'MagicStone' is a brain puzzle game to vanish all the stones in thestage. The game control is very simple. but the puzzle is solved bya variety of strategies. This game is good for improvingconcentration and brain development. Feel the fun to completevarious jewelry world by your own strategy! √ FEATURE • By default,Total uniquely 2,180 puzzles of varying difficulties. • There arevarious puzzles from easy pack to champion pack that can be solvedonly a genius. • There are various game worlds to have a variety ofbeautiful and colorful jewelry. (Diamond World / Sapphire World) •You can brag your own solution to your friends through various SNS.• You can try all puzzles without additional purchases. If yousolve the puzzles in order. • Coming soon additional puzzles anddesign of more various jewelry. √ HINTS • Free 5 hints, at thefirst game. • You can get 10 hints as a reward for completion thetutorial. • Try using the hints in the difficult level. √ RANKINGS& ACHIEVEMENTS • Ranking and Achievement of game center areprovided. • Point rankings together with Facebook friends areprovided. √ MAGIC RULE of MagicStone • MagicStone is 4-types. andThese are identified by color. • GREEN MagicStone : Changer StoneGREEN+GREEN => Vanish!, GREEN+BLUE => PINK, GREEN+PINK =>BLUE • BLUE MagicStone BLUE+BLUE => RED x 2 • PINK MagicStonePINK+PINK => RED • RED MagicStone : Multiplexer Stone RED+GREEN=> GREEN x 2, RED+BLUE => BLUE x 2, RED+ PINK => PINK x 2RED+RED => Vanish! and X-Cross amazing magic • X-Cross Magic Themagic happens at the stone in the diagonal RED->PINK,PINK->BLUE, BLUE->GREEN, GREEN->Vanish!
WaterSplash 1.0.2
< The world’s first water show music player! Water Splash!>Brand new music app, Water Splash! Welcome to the world ofwater show producer. Who do just listening to music in thesedays?Why don’t you enjoy the music by your eyes with rising water,too? Is there any reason to go so far to see an water show?Let’senjoy the beautiful water show in one hand!Water Splash is differsfrom the existing music apps in various configurations!
you canproduce plenty of water shows, by using fountain, flame, laser andmist.
Make the greatest water show and spread your sense all overthe world, right now!
With Water Splash, you can get many timesmore fun!
< The Features of Water Splash >Feast of water,dance to your favorite misic!! Is there only classic music to watershow? Nonsense!
From K-POP to classic, enjoy the every kind ofmusic with beautiful water show!!
Just select the music you want!!
Genre doesn’t matter to the water show in Water Splash.
Select amusic you want, compose an water show you like, and enjoy it!
Getstarted now!3-dimensional water show!!With Water Splash, anyone caneasily compose their own water show!
You can build the beautifuil3D water show, just by tap the screen with your finger tip!
You canenjoy the water show in anywhere, anytime!Your own water show!Water show producing feature
How long will you just browsing? Let’scompose your own water show with custom feature!
By using thecustom feature of Water Splash, users can produce their own watershow.
Even if it called ‘water’ show, we provide not only risingwater, but also various contents including flame, laser, and mist.So anyone can compose amazing show.
Challenge with your own sensein the world of water show producer!
▶ Water show sharingfeatureDid you compose you water show, and is it too cool to keepin your own list? Here is a recommendation to the one who want toshare your masterpiece to the world!
The produced water show willbe automatically uploaded!
You can appreciate other people’s watershow, and others also can enjoy your water show.
Let’s makebeautiful and magnificent water show to share with all around theworld.
If you think it’s too hard to produce a great water show,feel free to enjoy other user’s water show!
It could be greatstimulant.
The world of variety water show is wating for you!
Soooot 1.0.2
Go up as fast as you can, as high as youcan!Avoid a thornbush that threatens soooot’s life!Help soot to survive against water and thornbush.★ An easy control!★ Go up higher with Jump Combo!★ A tolerance skill that improved when the soot gets hurt or sinksinto the water!★ Easy and fast jump due to the items that make soot huge ornumerous!★ The sense of accomplishment and thrill exists when you go uphigher and higher!★ The competition with your friend!Challenge the world’s best height!
How Many Blocks? 1.0.1
★ Extremely Easy Manual ★ - No instructions are required. Onlyfingers and eyes are enough.★ Various World Lists ★ - There are 6worlds like ‘RUBY’, ‘DIAMOND’, ‘SAPPHIRE’, ‘AQUAMARINE’, ‘EMERALD'and ‘TOPAZ’. Let’s enjoy each world’s fun element.

★ CheckingAbility ★ - Your IQ, EQ, YQ, etc can be evaluated.★ Time-AttackMode ★ - It might be difficult to count blocks within certainperiod of time. However, If you think you can.. Come on rightnow!!★ Ranking in Real-Time ★ - Let’s boast your cleared stages,obtained number of stars and etc to all over the world’s users!like “I am the best in the world!!”
KittyKitty - Raising a Cat 1.2.2
Have you ever seen these cats? the weirdest cat is coming!Justleave alone! It’s ‘KittyKitty - Raising a Cat’.Use your finger tomerge same cats. It will come out more a strange cat.Cats arewaiting for you to play with them. there are many funny storiesbehind cats such as running away from home, theft and going crazy…-Simplest play even you can use your toe-• All ages can enjoy agame. If you have a finger and toe, you can play easily.• How toplay-Press ‘Feed Button’ to create a kitty!-Drag and drop samekitties to create new kitty! -Try to collect all thekitties.-Various Contents-• Various kitties and correspondingvariant X-kitties, and numerous toys are waiting for you.• Itemsand Skills Isn’t it too tough to merge all kitties? then Why don’tyou buy items using FishBones that kitties acquire. Make your gamemore faster with ‘Cat Duo’, ‘Auto Feed’, ‘Food Upgrade’. AlsoX-kitties and toys that have skills will help you to play gameeasily.• KittyLand You can buy toys in a ‘KittyLand’. Alsosuspenseful battle-ladder is ready. Do you want to make a bet? thenjust go to a battle-ladder!A wide range of rewards and achievementare waiting for you. Get gems and Go to the hall of fame.• Endcontents Did you collect all the kitties? But It’s not the end!Legend kitties is coming. Play and enjoy endless contents at‘KittyKitty - Raising a Cat’.Visit ‘KittyKitty - Facebook, twitter’right now! There are many Coupon, Info,Strategy.Facebook
Kitty2048 - Merge Cats 1.1.0
Completely simple operation!!!Absolutely addictive game!!!How toplay?- Catfood falls from the sky.- After that, the cute kittywould be born from that catfood.- Merge kitties who look same aseach other.- Keep merging & mergingWhy don’t you meet cute& lovely Kitties?Who will be the first one to meet final-levelKitty?
Tunes Piano - Midi Play Rhythm Game 1.3.1
You guys are maybe bored of before existing piano songs right? Doyou want new music?And, Do you want to play latest songs or OSTsongs rather than only classic ones?If then, It’s possible with'TUNES-PIANO'.Enjoy piano game with free midi files from the allover the world!And, Find your favorite artists’ music score byusing the web searching feature!A variety of pleasures that youcouldn’t find in other piano games is waiting for you.Enjoy all ofthese on 'Tunes-Piano' now!!▶ Super easy game rulesThe tiles fallfrom the top according to the music score! You can complete yourown music, if you tap the tiles in order.▶ Natural Playing Each ofthe tiles has it’s own melody. You can play music in time orsometimes out of time!!▶ A variety of TilesTiles such as basictile, long tile, spinning tile, pounding tile and slide tile willmake you excited!▶ A number of Midi songs.We will provide you withrecommended songs that we chose! Maybe We are sure you don’t havetime to be bored. ▶ The Serching featureIf there is no score whichyou want to play, you don’t need to worry about it! You can searchand download the songs you want, and play them!▶ The endless play,Challenge!The playing music repeats endlessly and of course, thegame speed gets faster & faster. If then, why don’t you try toachieve the best score in the world? ▶ The various RewardsManyrewards such as bonus time which appears at playing, giftbox etc.are waiting for you! Get a lot of coins, diamonds and disks!
Double Snake vs Block 1.0.1
Swipe your finger to move the snake, eat foodand break the blocks.The more you eat, the longer your tail will be.Each time you hit a block, the length of tail would be gettingshorter.Try to score as high as possible by making your snake long andblowing lots of blocks.The game has very easy and simple operations, but achieving highscore won’t be easy as you think.If you can, try to control two or more snakes like one snake.Challenge players around the world with a high score.Game features:- Free to play- Endless gameplay- Very easy and simple to play but a difficult game- Various skins and items
Drop Ballz! 1.0.4
Break the blocks and break the stress!Try to get rid of the blockscoming up with bobbling balls!It is too easy,What you should do isonly,Set the direction, and Drop the balls!The balls will breakblocks, bobbling in the screen!I recommend you should burst all theBombsthat sometimes appear between blocks.It'll blow all the blocksaway around it.Who will record the best score?Drop Ballz, Getstarted now!
Twin Snake - Arcade 1.0.0
Swipe your finger to move the snake, eat food and break theblocks.The more you eat, the longer your tail will be. Each timeyou hit ablock, the length of tail would be getting shorter. Try toscore ashigh as possible by making your snake long and blowing lotsofblocks. The game has very easy and simple operations, butachievinghigh score won’t be easy as you think. If you can, try tocontroltwo or more snakes like one snake. Challenge players aroundtheworld with a high score. Game features: - Free to play -Endlessgameplay - Very easy and simple to play but a difficult game-Various skins and items
Gomoku Master! 1.0.1
Gomoku Master! The mobile #1 A.I algorithm and Online matchbetweenusers. Best Gomoku App ever! Classic board game in mobile !Are yougood at Gomoku? want to be good at it? Then Gomoku Master istheonly option. Play against AI and Solve many quizzes, andCompetewith many other players online. Features : - Many differentlevelsof self-learning AI (from novice to master) - Many differenttypesof quizzes are available, including VCT, VCF, Invincible.-Real-time online game matching system. You can play againstplayersfrom all over the world. - Clear, neat and fancy userinterface Ourapp follows standard 'Renju Rule': - Black may notcreate athree-three, four-four or line consisting of more than sixstonesin a row. * three-three rule for Black is only for opened-3notclosed-3. - White is not restricted so it can win by any ofthosemoves or, by forcing Black to make such a move to block White.