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🏆WiFi Pass Key-WiFi Hotspot 3.9.3
WiFi Pass Key offers you nearby free WiFi,including free WiFi hotspot and wifi passwords shared byothers.WiFi Pass Key can detect free wifi automatically.And wifisafety function can helps you find whether the free wifi is safe.WiFi Pass Key guarantee a safe and trusted wifi platform. Simple touse it!📲Connect Wi-Fi:Scan and search free wifi around you,connect wifi hotspot easilywith only one click.WiFi connection will be safety and quickly.WiFiPass Key helps you inquire wifi password stored on our server thoseshared wifi by other users.📲 Share Wi-Fi:Share wifi,share joy!You can share wifi with others with simpleoperation.Share free wifi: You can add Free wifi hotspot by sharing the Wi-Fipasswords with other users.Share personal Wi-Fi hotspot:Turn your mobile phone into a routerand share your mobile network with your friends.📲 Wi-Fi security:WiFi connection will be safety and trusted.WiFi Pass Key will helpyou away from unsafe wifi hotspot and ensure the safety ofconnected wifi when you in a unfamiliar environment .The range of Security detection is Encrypt Detecting,ARPDetecting,DNS Detecting.📲 Wi-Fi signal boost:Scan and test wifi signal strength,oost wifi signal strengtheasily.📲 Attention:Free wifi and shared wifi from are provided in WiFi Pass Key. Allshared wifi password are unrevealed to insure safety and trustedwifi services.It’s a free and safe Wi-Fi app.📲 Features:📲 Free WiFiWifi connection is free.This app offers you free wifi hotspotnearby and even if you don’t know wifi password.📲 Safe Wi-FiThis app provide trusted Wi-Fi services and guard your Wi-Fisafety.We don’t hack wifi or do anything like wifi hacker.All Wi-Fiare safety,some are free wifi hotspot,others are shared wifi thoseshared by our users.📲 Easy and fastConnect wifi and share wifi easily,with just one click.All wifipassword are shared by users, and the availability will beautomatically detected by WiFi Pass Key.📲 Around the worldWith millions of free wifi shared by our usersall over the world,you can connect to free wifi when you are traval or in places suchas cafe,subway station,hotel and other places.📲 About us:With the development of global economy and culture.Things aresupposed to shared globally.We are devoted to provide free wificonnect and wifi sharing services.With users globally,we provide millions of free wifi hotspot aroundthe world.WiFi Pass Key growing rapidly.Now our users are aroundthe world,includingUSA,UK,Germany,Brazil,China,India,Egypt,Korea,Vietnam,Indonesia,Thailandand so on.Let’s join us!Scan free wifi around you,connect to free wifihotspot and share Wi-Fi password with others!📲 More about WiFi Pass Key:WiFi Pass Key is a useful Wi-Fi tool wherever you are.When you wantto share pictures or something funny with friends or use yourfacebook,twitter when you are not at home.WiFi Pass Key is yourbest choice,which provide safe Wi-Fi and free wificonnection.As well,WiFi Pass Key can not only connect wifi,but also share wifiand manage your Wi-Fi.This app will help you scan and searchWi-Fi,connect wifi and share wifi.And it can improves WiFiperformance,by test and boost wifi signal strength and check Wi-Fisecurity.Rate us with five stars to show us your love!And please feel free to contact us if you have any problems orsuggestion.We are ready to help.Our Emial: [email protected]
Internet Speed Meter-SpeedTest 2.0.5
Free test internet speed & monitorinternet(internet usage) !Internet Speed Meter/Data Usage Monitor/Data Usage Monitor(speedtest & monitor internet):🏆 Network speed test : check real time network speed in statusbar;🏆 Data Meter: monitor and keep records of internet datausage;🏆 Free test for Apps’speed : check and test/check internet speed offavorite apps in your phone;Features :♣ Real-time network speed : display real-time network speed, bothup and down network speed in status bar.Test internet speed (testupload speed + test download speed)♣ Data meter & internet monitor: both wifi data, mobile dataand total internet usage can be found in the table.♣ Free test for Apps’s peed test: some selected and favorite appscan be found in the interface of “Speed Test”, test network speedof those apps.Boost your apps and games, free up memory .If youdon’t know anything about clearing cache, tired of watching howyour phone gets slower every day, this is the best app that fastyour slow phone. You’ll not have to worry anymore about how toclear cache or how to speed up Android phone.♣ Records of internet usage: daily, 7 days and monthly internetdata usage record.Use My Data Manager to track how much data youuse.View result tests by Mb/s♣ Personal data meter: you can set internet usage limit and startof month to meet your personal need, your own data meter.♣Simple display interface:Touch to see the current date or the dataused on the selected date;♣The notification bar show data usage :real-time monitoring showsupload and download speed, intuitive and user-friendly.♣Clean My Android is the speed booster you need! Change yourdevice's speed from 🐢 to 🚀. It can smart clean backgroundprocesses, stop stealthy running apps.Now, let's monitor internet usage& test internet speed&network speed freely and smartly, free test in network mastermanager- Internet Speed Meter/Data Usage Monitor(speed test &monitor internet)!Clean My Android :☆ Extremely Powerful Tool.☆ Friendly User Interface.☆ A single touch to speed up your devices from yourHomescreen.☆ Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage.☆ Add frequently-used apps to your whitelist.If you like Internet Speed Meter/Data Usage Monitor(speed test& monitor internet) / Network Master Manager, please give usfive stars in Google Play to show your love! We are working onprovide better network speed meter and internet monitor app!If there are any problem while using Internet Speed Meter/DataUsage Monitor(speed test & monitor internet)/Network MasterManager, please feel free to contract our team by Email.Our Email:[email protected]