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Enjoy the fastest and most complete particle sandbox that also hasrotation and no adverts. Create anything with 35+ differentmaterials in an open environment, play around, draw differentdesigns that use the interactions between elements, and watch theresult. Or just blow everything up! If you would like to help addyour language:
unoffical tradingview app 1.17
this app gives you access to tradingview.comwhich is a website for traders to share charts and insight andcovers many topics for example: bitcoin, gold, stocks, shares andforex.Features:- Chat rooms.- View notifications (watched charts).- View charts Full screen with zoom- Inline published charts.- Inline TV headlines.- Ignore anyone (including staff).- post Multi-line messages.- Emoticons.- Support room.This is an unofficial tradingview app (no official app existscurrently). So they are not responsible for development or support,I am.Any problems or suggestions do get straight in touch either byemail, or "menu > support" for the chat room :). (Unreleased)
SmellyMoo is one staggeringly hugecanvasshared by everyone that visits, everything you see has beendrawnby other users, so please be respectful :). Currently thecanvas is1640 mega-pixel.Your account level increases or decreases depending on your work.Soyou can get promoted allowing you to draw in more area per dayplusget new tools and abilities (or you can lose abilities or evengetbanned).Key principles:1) Drawings only - users can only draw, no uploads.2) Freedom - anyone can draw (almost) anything(almost)anywhere.3) Safety - your work is (fairly) safe from vandalism. and wecensorinappropriate content.4) Elected moderators - if you draw well you can be selected.5) Infinite space - The canvas grows larger occasionally.6) Rent an area - and share it with friends.Join the project:1) draw beautiful work every day.2) translate to yourlanguage: once you reach expert level you can become a moderator.4) become a betatester: