Smile Stones Studio Apps

Corn Soup Maker Story 1.0.1
Little boys and girls do you like to eatdelicious corn soup? Well no problem! New best food restaurant isnow opened in your town. They are specialized in cooking differentdelicious fast food, dessert and other dishes. Little boys andgirls lets work as a super master chef and starts cooking corn soupin the restaurant’s kitchen with crazy fun and adventure. Thiscooking simulator game will give your kids the virtual simulationof making corn soup like a star chef. Little kids, toddlers andbabies first go to the supermarket for shopping. Buy some veggies,sausages and spice to bake delicious corn soup.To make the corn soup first you need to chop and slice thevegetables in to small pieces. Chop some onions, mushrooms andtomato. Now extract corn grains from corn and mix them with otherveggies. Add water in the sauce pan and starts baking the soup. Putall the vegetables in the boiling water and add sausages, vinegarand spice in the mixture and cook the soup well. Cook the yummiestsoup with master chef skills and make your own cooking feverstory.This food dash game is fun and adventure to make top mealdishes. Toddlers now join the game and play it like the cookingschool contest to make best food in the town. Corn soup maker gameis as much fun as any fast food cooking game. Now download thiscrazy food carnival game and have amazing fun!
Cotton Candy: Dessert Maker 1.0.2
Little kids like to eat cotton candy whenever they go to parks,malls or anywhere. Yummy cotton candy is their best sweet dessertin all. In this cotton candy: dessert maker game kids will learnhow to cook and bake cotton candy in their house kitchen. Littlemaster chef get ready to write your own cooking story and startsmaking and baking most awesome and super cool cotton candy in thekitchen. This cooking chef game is not only a cooking school butalso contains multiple crazy fun and adventure elements which yourkids surely adore to play.Cotton candy: dessert maker game willmotivate little girls and boys in supporting and helping their momsin the kitchen activities. Children cook like a star chef and makebest treat with full on food fever. Making cotton candy is an artand required expert skills. To make the cotton pop candy first youneed to select the most amazing flavor. After selecting the flavoradd sugar in the candy floss machine and grind, crush and boil it.Add the flavor in the mixture and when the liquid starts making thethreads select a cotton candy stick.Move the lolly pop candy stickover the machine to make the cotton candy. Now it’s time to décorand makeover the candy with sprinkles and other sweets. Dreamcotton candy is ready give it to the baby. This game is as much funas any ice cream or cola soda maker game. Now download thiscarnival and food fair game and have fun!
Cupcake Maker & Cooking Chef 1.0.1
Chocolate Cupcake maker & decoration salon Cupcake cooking chefis a crazy kitchen adventure girls, kids game. Dessert makerslittle chef loves to cook and bake food in the kitchen well littleboys and girls get ready to fulfill your cooking dream in thevirtual kitchen to fulfill their bakery story in this muffin maker& bakery fun game. So if you love cake cooking, and lovecupcakes, muffins and chocolates then why not play the chocolatefudge cake muffin maker free cooking game. New bakery shop isopened in your town and is popular for their cupcakes, desserts andcookies. Many customers are coming to their shop for baking muffinsfor events and fun fair in this cupcake salon chocolate cupcakedessert maker shop. Let’s help their cooking staff in making andbaking different vanilla, chocolate and strawberry muffin forbirthdays, fun fair and other lovely events. Bake unique andamazing cupcake with secret and awesome recipes and make your owncooking fever story.It’s a fun filled cupcake bakery story game-free fun game for girls, kids and whole family. what’s inside thecupcake maker & cooking chef salon bakery? Cooking lovers! Thisbakery shop kid’s girls game is specialized in cooking chocolatemolten lava cupcakes for kids’ birthday celebration and vanilla andpineapple cupcake for marriage ceremony. So let’s starts bakingyummy and creamy fresh muffins with crazy fun and adventure.Display your master cook skills to design, decorate and bake aperfect juicy muffin. Star chefs this cooking game will teach yourkids the art of cooking like a cooking school for cupcake dessertmaking and decoration in this cake maker cooking chef game. To makea sweet chocolaty and creamy cupcake first you need to select acake’s flavor. Then select the ingredients including vanilla,baking powder, flour, eggs and milk. Mix the ingredients well tomake the perfect mixture. Put it in different pans and bake it inthe oven to cook a plain cake.YUM! Cupcake making & decorationis such a fun task. CUPCAKES MAKING & DECORATION- BAKING STORYCupcakes are ready! Cake lovers and little dessert chefs! Now it’stime to do some candies, sprinkles, biscuits and cream toppings.Stack the cream over the cupcake. Now decorate the cupcake usingcandles, characters and designs over the cupcake. Dream muffin isready for customer. In this food mania game you need to cook indash. Bake cake for royal princess weddings and baby’s birthday andenjoy your cooking story.Now download this dessert maker &dessert cooking fever game and have fun!
Supermarket Cashier Simulator 1.0
Little boys and girls a new supermarket is now opened in your town.They have large variety of products including household goods,groceries, veggies and toiletry. They are short of staff andrequired a manager who can manage the cash register and productsstocks in the superstore. The supermarket shop is getting messy dueto the lack of management and care of the supermarket shelves. Someveggies are rotten in the shelves, product boxes are not inarranged form and cash counter boy is not available. Let’s help thepoor supermarket’s owner to restore its superstore charm and value.Little manager first adjust the boxes in the super store shelves.Some products boxes are misarranged arrange them and settle them inproper manner so they look good in the stands. Oh gosh! Vegetablerack is stinky, rubbish all over the rack and very disturbing smellcoming from it. Little cleaner! You need to wash and cleanup therack. Look some veggies are rotten, extract them out and throw themin the trash. Now place fresh vegetables in the stand. Customersare coming in the supermarket for shopping. They like theenvironment of the supermarket. They are purchasing and buyingfood, shampoo, soap and other products. Get ready on the cashregister counter to perform your cashier duty. In this supermarketcashier simulator you need to work crazy because customers are inhurry. So first scan the purchased goods and make the bill on thecomputer. Then receive payment in cash or card. This cash registerduty requires you to do billing, manage money in the cash countermachine and free the customer in shorter time.Little kids thisamazing and wonderful kid’s supermarket cashier game is for fun andboring time pass. Now download this cash register management gameand have super cool fun!
Pancake Cooking Chef 1.0
Time to become best breakfast expert crazy chef! Welcome to foodgame for best cooking breakfast in few minutes! Breakfast isessential part in starting a day and when you get yummy fruitpancakes in your breakfast, what else you need? So, little chefs,this breakfast restaurant game invites you to cook and bakedelicious food in breakfast maker games. Cooking games & cerealmaker Super crazy chefs! It’s time to try pancake cooking in thisfun filled bakery story. Learn how to whip up delicious andmouthwatering pancakes in no time through easy to followinstructions in this baking and cooking game. So, have a try, testyour creativity, cooking skills and see how good you are as a cookin breakfast café.Fruit Pancakes, Eggs with Bacon and CerealsPudding maker are among the most popular breakfast recipes aroundthe world and now you need to make them by yourself just like youdo in breakfast restaurant games.This is free girl, kids, cookingand baking casual fun maker game. Have a lovely Sunday brunch andfun day with family, friends by making, decorating your favoriteyummy sweet treat of fruit & chocolate pancakes in this virtualkitchen fever story game in town. In this brand new breakfast cafégame, you’ll be able to cook the best fruit pancakes in the kitchenthat has a lot of cooking tools to help you. Join this pancakemaking dash and rise as a great chef of all the time in front ofworld in cooking games.In this cooking class time and breakfastcooking, you will be creative and learn how to cook pancakes. Gostep by step. Start cooking fun fever mania by finding all theingredients within the kitchen area. After collecting all theingredients eggs, flour, milk, cream, baking powder and sugarproceed towards mixing of the ingredients in a bowl like a superstar expert chef. Turn on the stove, pour some of the pancakebatter in the pan along with some butter. Let it cook!.. Smellsgood? Wait few seconds, your pancake is ready to be flipped whenspatula starts blinking. Wait again, tick tock.. then plate thepancakes. Finally, in the last section decorate your pancakes addsugary syrup or even your flavored ice cream with a lot of fruitsand maple syrup for best food decoration games. Your pancakes areready to be served, so grab your mobile, and press the button andEAT YOUR PANCAKES!Download this breakfast café and enjoy makingthese yummy pancakes in this sweet food scramble dash. Have fun,happy cooking!
Bathroom Cleaning Girl 1.0
Bathroom cleaning is one of the importantpartof house cleanup and repairing. So girls, it’s to clean, repairandwash the toilet of your house!Hurry up! It’s toilet time- Cleanup and wash yourstylishbathroomThis cleanup games for girls will help you have fun and atthesame time, will help you show everyone that you areveryindustrious child. Clean the bathroom and it should not bedirty asit is full of filth and germs. Hygiene is necessary so thisgamesallows you to clean all the dirt and filth there is for ahygienichealthy life. In this cleaning games with spa salon washingandrepairing game there are wide variety of cleaning toolsavailableat your disposal so you have to select different tools andcleanout the mess.Kids games & free girls fun maniaHome cleanup and wash, repair game. Just like any kitchencleanupin house start this house repair and cleanup mania byselecting thebathroom, repair the bath tub by all repairing toolsavailable inthis toilet game. You have the duty to clean all themess from yourbathroom to make it look more clean and amazing. Sogirls, kids andtoddlers tidy up the toilet in this cleanuplearning and educationalgame.Look up! How messy and dirty is this washroomIn this fun filled game, you can clean the toilet by usingasponge and brush, making the toilet germs free. There aredifferentscenes available that requires you help in cleaning them.Sceneinclude Toilet, shower, basin, tub and floor.This washroom is a disaster so everything is out of theplacemaking the bathroom more messy and dirty. So it’s your tasktoplace objects at their places and make the bathroom clean andtidylike the best toilet cleaner girl in the town.In this cleaning spa salon game, you have different tasktodo:The toilet is very dirty, clean all the dirt and washyourwashroom in a better way Turn off water to prevent flooding Clean the floor Wash and repair the tub by glue, repairing tools for free Arrange all the thingsFun it is, isn’t it? The cleaning has ended, but there isonething more, wash walls and the floor as well. You must dothisbecause it is a huge mess and have get rid of it, so pleasegetyour hands on the mop and clean each and every part of toiletinthis cleanup and mop game.Cleanup- Toilet & House mess cleanup games for kidsandgirls, so come up and download this best game for children, sotakeup the challenge with a lot of fun mania and be the bestbathroomcleaner just like you are in any house, kitchen or roomcleanup,repair and wash game.
Police Motorbike Wash Salon 1.0
Welcome to the most popular bike and car workshop, garage in town!The best auto mechanic and vehicle makeover master in town. Thisworkshop have many auto vehicles like cars, bikes are here forrepairing but today police motorbike is in the garage for repairingand washing. So little repairman boys, girls and kids are you readypolice motorcycle auto bike complete makeover and spa? So come on,drive and park police motorcycle in the garage and roll yoursleeves. There is so much work to do! Bike Workshop &Motorcycle Repair Wash Game Beautiful and amazing police heavymotorbikes are arriving at the garage for cleanup, there is goingto be huge rush soon. You are given the responsibility to wash,repair and makeover motorcycles in your own bikes wash, repair andcleanup beauty salon. Best tools are given to give your bikes aspa, so why wait let’s get started and wash out the bikes.Motorcycle Mechanic Repair Shop Start this garage mechanic mania bychoosing your favorite police super vehicle Clean up messy anddirty bikes and cars in this police motorbike wash salon game. Copsare in hurry washout and repair clean their sports motorcycle andvehicle in hurry so they can perform their cops duty. Provide yourprofessional services for police auto vehicle complete makeover andspa. Take the police bike into the garage station to fix it andtune it. This game is as much fun as other washer and laundry gamesfor kids have.Remove all the dirt and mud from all over the superpolice vehicles by applying water in first step. Then applydetergent and shampoo with the help of sponge and apply it all overthe jeep. Wash the rims, bumper, wheels and engine with the help ofbrush to make it look new. Now apply tattoos and spray paints onthe vehicle.This mechanic game has many fun & amazing levelslike cleaning, repairing, fixing and washing the motorbike in thiscrazy and super bike manufacturer mania.Wash, repair and paint thepolice auto vehicles like motorbikes, cars and other customizedmasterpiece. Bike mechanic & spa is an extreme fun free gamefor all the toddlers and kids in play time. So download thiscleanup and police auto vehicle fix up mania and enjoy theadventure of bike fixing, driving and parking fun.
Halloween Supermarket Shopping 1.0
Halloween supermark inkopies & Groceri Store Pret vir alleouderdomme!Hey kids! Is jy mal oor Halloween kostuum, partye, pretof 'n ander vier maniere? As jy lief is dit so is, dan moet jy liefis om kostuums inkopies doen vir hierdie spesiale seisoene partyedoen. Daar is 'n groot fees Halloween & kostuum party kom endit is tyd gereed vir daardie groot aand te kry! Is jy gereed om telyk soos spooky monster, spook of loop geraamte, as jou antwoord isja, dan Halloween Supermark Kassier pret is almal hier om te gee jykans vir hierdie fees shopping. Superstore Sim & Store KassierGame Jou gunsteling supermark Kassier & Kontant registreer spelis hier met splinternuwe Halloween partytjie kyk. HalloweenSupermark, 'n kruidenierswinkel punt & Store kinders is 'n tydbeheer spel wat laat jy voorgee speel en word beide die kliënt enkassier!In hierdie vyf verskillende en ongelooflike vlak simulator,winkel vir Halloween pumpkines by die kruideniersware punt &super store vir pampoene, Halloween maskers, kos, lekkergoed,sjokolade soos donker sjokolade, wit sjokolade enskoonheidsmiddels, Trick or treat items en nog baie meer! Sleephulle in die kar, dan kop na die register te check! Sleep items tebeweeg gordel soos 'n ware kliënt by die Groceri winkel. Inspookdorp besemstok heks, vogelverschrikkers, vlermuise enspinnekoppe met bevrore aantrek en geniet jou scary Halloween fees& shopping speletjies.Fun is nog nie verby nie! Wees die deelvan Halloween avontuur en speel die rol van groceri winkel kassier.Geniet die mees realistiese kinders leer simulator Halloween winkelKassier spel. As jy klaar is met die inkopies doen, sleep die itemsuit die band en betree die prys, val hulle in die inkopie mandjienie soos 'n ware kassier. Na die ontsluiting van OTM-masjien, krapkliënte kredietkaart, en druk okay om jou items te verwerk.Halloween supermark inkopies & Store kasregister hawe genoegpret shopping items om jou fees shopping koors tebevredig.Halloween winkel kassier & supermark is hoogsverslawend gemaklik tyd beheer spel. Hierdie vermaaklikeopvoedkundige & Halloween speletjies is 'n meisie se spel viralle kinders en voorskoolse kleuters. Kinders leer om geld,koördinasie vaardighede en basiese optel en kinders getalberekening hanteer om wiskunde vaardighede te ontwikkel.'N prettigekasregister spel & Halloween pampoen versierder en outeur!Versier pret en feestelike Halloween Pompoenen en dek hulle uit metmaskers, lekkergoed, hoede, dekor en nog baie meer!Supermark fun& Kontant Registreer Store spel is 'n pret vir alle ouderdomme,sodat aflaai hierdie groceri inkopies NAVO- Die mees vermaakliketydsbestuur & Fun Halloween tema spel!
Street Food Crazy Cooking 1.0
Street food cooking fun and restaurant game. Time to decide andmake the menu of your dreams. And your tummy’s dream make all thefood you can cook, handle and love to eat, have fun through thiscooking game. In this foodz stall story, run your own businessstall and earn money as much as you can. You are a super star chef!So test your culinary, cooking skills and decorate, design andmanage the food stall in this fun filled new restaurant managementgame. Street foodz is so tasty! It’s fun task to cook differentfood. You can do whatever you want to do because it’s your foodtruck. Your dream restaurant. Street food drink comes in so manyvariations with amazing taste. From savory to sweet, and maybelittle bit of both. It’s hard to choose between these two delicioustastes. So cook yummy fast food like mouthwatering burgers, fryFrench fries, choose your favorite fruit from kiwi, orange, grapesand prepare fruity juices for a fun cooking experience. Challengingjust like cake pop free game? Let’s test your cooking skills andsee how many types of fast food- street food you can cook up? Findout today!So girls and all kids grab your chef hats and get readyfor this amazing food drink cooking fun mania experience. You are afast food restaurant owner, cook delicious meals for your valuablecustomers and from scratch till the end, be a part of cooking funin this food drink stall business. Choose and collect theingredients onion, cucumbers, burger buns, chicken and makedelicious burgers, fun isn’t over yet! Deep fry your fries and atthe end prepare healthy fresh fruit drinks and smoothies of yourcustomer’s favorite fruit flavor. Serve these yummy treats to yourcustomers! Do whatever you want to do because it’s YOUR foodcooking stall, SERVE the snacks that you wants too! In your ownway. How cool is that? Isn’t it!Fun it never stops! So downloadthis fun mania and create your favorite food combos you alwaysdream of in this street food baking & cooking kitchen fun fastfood making game.
Supermarket Drugstore Shopping 1.0
Supermarket Drugstore Simulator & Superstore Shopping- KidsFREE Grocery & Super mall Store GamesDrugstore Shopping &Cash Register Fun, a supermarket game for all those shopping loverswho love to shop in a grocery store and real life Supermarket &malls store simulators! So come, and join this cash register fun inthis store management game. Pharmacy Store- Super mall &Drugstore Cash Register Play Supermarket with over 5 different andinteresting venues including fruits &Veggies, Pharmacy, foodcorner & even cosmetic session for your ease!Play Drugstore& Pharmacy and stock up on medicines, band aids, injections,thermometers and first aid kits and much more in the medical stock!Pick up the snacks, fruits, drinks & food, perfume as well aspersonal care items and much more!!This superstore game is a cashregister simulator where you get to play in a market setting inboth Customer and Cashier modes! Get in to the drug, food &grocery store and start playing as a customer and shop at severalvenues including pharmacy, vegetables corner, fruit stands,cosmetics store and food counter. Start playing this cashier fun,shop from the different venues, pick up the items, and then takethem to the cashier to check out! Cashier & Cash RegisterManagement Best Cashier Duty- Play as a cashier mode, check out theitems’ purchased after shopping is done- ring items up in theregister and type in the price of items printed on their price tag,take the credit cards, cash payments, tap to fill the cash registerwith the money and completer the transaction!Play this cashiersimulator which has a supermarket grocery store, quick stop marketand a gas station where you can pump gas, and pay at the pump!Greattime management and store manage game for kids, and fun for allages!
Carnival Cake Cooking Chef 1.0.3
Carnival cake cooking chef is a crazy kitchen adventure game. Kid’sloves to cook and bake food in the kitchen well little boys andgirls get ready to fulfill your cooking dream. New bakery shop isopened in your town. They are popular for their cakes, desserts andcookies. Many customers are coming to their shop for baking cakesfor events and fun fair. Let’s help their cooking staff in makingand baking different vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cakes forbirthdays, wedding anniversaries, bridal showers and other lovelyevents. Bake unique and amazing cakes with secret and awesomerecipes and make your own cooking fever story.This bakery shop isspecialized in cooking chocolate molten lava cakes for kids’birthday celebration and vanilla and pineapple cake for marriageceremony. So let’s starts baking yummy and creamy fresh cakes withcrazy fun and adventure. Display your master cook skills to design,decorate and bake a perfect double layer cake. Star chefs thiscooking game will teach your kids the art of cooking like a cookingschool. To make a sweet chocolaty and creamy cake first you need toselect a cake’s flavor. Then select the ingredients includingvanilla, baking powder, flour, eggs and milk. Mix the ingredientswell to make the perfect mixture. Put it in different pans and bakeit in the oven to cook a plain cake.Now it’s time to do somecandies, sprinkles, biscuits and cream toppings. Make the cream orchocolate and stack a layer of it over the plain cake. Stack thecream over all the dough’s and make a double cake. Now decorate thecake using candles, characters and designs over the cake. Dreamcake is ready for customer. In this food mania game you need tocook in dash. Bake cake for royal princess weddings and baby’sbirthday and enjoy your cooking story.Now download this dessertmaker & fever game and have fun!
Deep Fry Chicken Wings Maker 1.0
The sights and amazing smells of yummy food at the carnival keepyour hunger thrust to a high level. Let’s try making cooking anddecorating such street food in your own virtual kitchen. Deep fryerchicken wings maker allow cooking kids to enjoy chicken wingscooking and eating with our chicken wings maker cooking mania fun.So little crazy super star chef, lets tickle your taste buds withmore spice chicken dishes and food decoration fun in this Deepfryer chicken wings maker and cooking expert game.Hey super starlittle cooking kids! Welcome to the adventure kitchen world ofcooking where you are going to deep fry anything with chicken!Become the master cool chef of street foods and deep fryer fooditems with this brand new carnival food special free cooking gamefor girls. This awesome chef restaurant game cooking stand game.Deep fried chicken tasted awesome as it smells! So? Don’t you wantdeep fry delicious yummy food on your table cooked and baked byyourself? So little chefs get ready and start playing this streetfood deep fry chicken maker. Start polishing up your food makingskills, it is all too easy! With just tap of your expert fingersyou can whip up awesome delicious food within a few minutes in thisstreet food and carnival food maker. Be the master cook, make yourown cook book by creating yummy dishes and make your customers leadto best chicken food fair and cook, bake and decorate some streetfood at chicken snack lover carnival food mania. Lets get cookingand fry anything and make something chicken tasty recipes likenuggets, burger patty, drumsticks and chicken fillets with deepfryer in this deep fry chicken maker carnival treat for yourself.Game Play- Deep chicken fryer game features • Pick a tasty carnivalfood from nuggets, drumsticks, chicken fillets to cook up• Gatheringredients at one place• Cut the chicken, Mix eggs, salt, flour,milk and other spicy powdered ingredients in real time • Deep fryyour favorite chicken dish in deep fry maker• Decorate your foodwith different toppings • Serve your handmade food to your parentsand friends with some awesome side lines including drinks andfriesCarnival food is always amazing is taste so get your chef hatsand start cooking carnival food at home with some street foodfavorites! Your family and friends will love the smell andmouthwatering taste coming directly from the kitchen! So Downloadthis kitchen story mania and start cooking up some fun cooking inthis kids free game.
Chinese Rice Cook Restaurant 1.0
Hey little chefs! You have made a lot of different cuisines likeMexican food, street food, French fries and many other party foodin many kitchen games. But what about to try some Chinese Cuisinethis time? So fries food lovers, put on your chef’s hat, startcooking real international food, have your fortune cookies andcreate your own kitchen story. Popularity of rice games &Chinese food is increasing for last few years due to its taste,light weight and energy. Rice cooking in Kids Chinese games allowyou to make tasty and classical food. So lets make and decorateChinese rice as the best food maker within minutes. Grab your wok,put the rice on, pick out your noodles and start cooking party foodchefs. Restaurant Game story You are best food maker & realchef, make real Chinese party food for your customers in your ownfast-food restaurant. Hurry up! Customers are waiting for theirorder. Make your own stir fry, fortune cookies, fried rice, Frenchfries with fruit salad and juice like orange, apple and much moreyummy flavors. It’s your virtual chef’s kitchen, make real,delicious international food and delicious party food however youlike!Start cooking mania by soaking rice in water, Put rice on thestove, add vegetables like capsicum, tomato, carrots along withChinese salt, let it cook.. Done with rice? Decorate it well withgarnish ingredients and serve it well to your customers. Cookingfun isn’t over yet! Replenish your customer’s energy with fruit popjuice drink in different flavors, apple, banana, cherry,strawberry, orange and pomegranate. Spread the smiles today- givecomplementary fruit salads with a lot of nutrition in a perfectbowl of fruit just like you do in any other fruit salads makinggirls games.Upgrade your cooking skills and culinary tools, serveyour customers make best food in the town, with this kids Chinesefood cooking game.
Breakfast Maker Chef 1.0.2
Breakfast maker chef is a crazy cooking adventure game. Kids liketo bake and make food in the kitchen with fun and care. This foodfever story is the virtual simulator of cooking and making food inamazing way. Mother is tired after doing the hard work in thehouse, little kids show care and love to you mommy and help her inthe kitchen activities. It’s breakfast time! Let’s cook some eggs,fresh fruit juice, beef steak and bread. Little children show yourmaster chef mania skills and bake lunch and breakfast meal forkids.This cooking story starts from slicing some meat steak andbread slices. Put the bread slices in the bread baking machine.Heat up oil in the sauce pan and starts roasting the meat in it.Beef steak is roasted properly and ready. Add some more oil in panand make fried eggs it. Let’s cook some fresh fruit juice in thejuicer machine. Make orange juice and serve it with the breakfast.This game is as much fun as any restaurant or bakery chef game. Ifyou like to eat junk food from street food stalls then leave it andstart eating homemade hygienic food. Now download this kitchen foodfever game and have fun!
Supermarket Grocery Shopping 1.0
Supermarket Grocery Cashier Pro Register Superstore Simulator &Grocery Shopping Girls Game for kids is fun for shopping mall maniafor all ages!This superstore cashier mania is a unique blend ofsupermarket store management, grocery shopping in a shopping malland cash management. All at once! Sounds interesting? Isn’t it! Socome and join this cash register educational game shopping maniaand learn how to handle money as a cashier at supermarket.Superstore Shopping & Store Management Kids Fun Shop at theSupermarket superstore, shop different aisles just like Superstoreshopping mall! Be a customer, shop in clothing, food, cosmetics,home décor, drinks, household cleaning, beauty & makeup, videogames & electronics and much more under one roof in this cashmanagement superstore mania.Supermarket grocery cashier andshopping pro cash management game lets you to be the shopping mallcustomer and the cashier. Little shopping lover kids! Shop foritems at quick stop, superstore, supermarket, Gas station and dostore & cash management in this shopping mall girls game, Pickup the items, drop them into the car, check the items via the cashregister just like you do with Mom! This cashier mania & cashregister is five levels shopping fun level game where you unlocknew store sections by buying and managing cash in this storemanagement & superstore cash register girl’s game. Start thisfood & grocery items shopping one by one in every section, goto the counter and get grocery items packed in this time managementgame. Operate the cash register manual machine by yourself justlike an experience cashier in this cash and store management pro.Do the payment of shopping items through mobile NFC, credit card orcash as suitable for you. Time management & Cash RegisterSimulation Superstore market shopping mall with store management& educational game for girls and kids is fun for all ages,teaches basic math learning skills like addition & subtractionalong with time management and store cash register pro duty andmake kids to learn how to shop & check various stores includingsuperstore, grocery store and supermarkets department shoppingplaces in shopping center! Kids! Download this grocery storemanagement and join this unlimited shopping fun mania with cashregister simulation game.
Burrito Maker & Cooking 1.0
Burrito the most famous and delicious Mexican food and of MiddleEastern as well. Kids love to have fun in international food cookso little super crazy chefs we are presenting a fully awesome kidscooking game. Come and get it right now and don’t be bored andsilly. Grab your chef hat and prepare yourself for best food funkitchen game mania. Mexican food fiesta Burrito maker & cookingeducational game gives you opportunity to test your culinary skillsin this kitchen game for junk food. Choose from a lot of spicyingredients to cook and decorate tasty rolled up burritos in thistortilla Mexican food kids cooking game. Cook, bake and decorate itat your home and enjoy delicious taste of international food inthis street food game. Select speise ingredients of your own choicejust like expert Mexican food blog cook, add your favorite chickenand cheese. Give best decoration to your food with all sort ofamazing moth watering toppings. The, roll it all up, it’s yourchoice totally whether to pack it into your lunchbox or to serve toyour friends. You are best burrito Mexican food chef and its besttime to show your culinary skills in front of the world in thiscooking school specially designed for amazing little chefs likeYOU!Be the best Mexican food chef in this fun cooking maniafeaturing food from beautiful country Mexico! Simply start thisjunk food maker by selecting your favorite tortilla flavor fromcorn, wheat and tomato flavor. Prepare tortillas using bestingredients. Start with mixing all the ingredients flour, oil, saltand other spicy ingredients and cook hot tortilla. Fill it withchicken or beef. Add amazing toppings like lettuce, tomato andfresh salsa to prepare best Mexican tortilla in this cookingschool. Add other tasty items like radishes, cilantro and pumpkinseeds. Huge Burrito is ready! Pile on meat, rice and veggies tomake fabricant scrumptious dinner for yourself and other friends inthis street food cooking and decoration fun. Tortilla food cookingfeatures • Multiple amazing combinations of Burrito• Tons ofdifferent toppings and flavors to choose from to make perfectburrito• Cook up the food in given time – Watch the clock!•Realistic GraphicsBurrito maker & cooking is fun app and kidscooking game, to make perfect Mexican food like a super chef! Sodownload this fun mania game and create your perfect kitchen story!
Sports Car Repair & Fix it 1.0
Hey little repairman! Welcome to the world of auto car repair andsports vehicle washing adventure. You must have played police carwashing and other workshop games, but what about washing andcleaning your favorite sports car with automobile repairing and carcoloring fun. So come and play this makeover game for kids whichboys, girls love to play. Dirty and messy sport cars are in thegarage, look at them, these auto vehicles need your attention, solittle mechanics! Take your all auto repair tools, park the sportscars in service station garage for cleanup mania just the way youdo truck wash and make it look new. Car wash & Spa Salon Justlike a good mechanic in this auto service game, cleanup the messyand rusty automobiles and other vehicles like trucks wash, carsrepair and other vehicle like a professional. Show up your realauto wash skills for fix, repair and boost up the mini racing cars.Automobiles laundry game is fun contributor for kids of all ages.Sports Car Selection There is a car rush in the auto spa wash &automobile design garage so first, choose your favorite mini racecar, apply water over the transporter vehicle to remove all dirtand mud. Then apply detergent, foam and shampoo with the help ofsponge and apply it all over the cars in rush. Customer is in hurryso speed up! Wash the rims, bumper, wheels and tires using brushand give them a shiny look. Cleanup and auto service the super coolvehicles in rush next vehicle is waiting outside your servicegarage station. Car Repair & Decoration Now do some repair workto fix the car damages like a car doctor. Use different moderntools and equipment from the mechanic garage. Do some welding,denting and engine fixing work. Change the car oil, fix the batteryand build the car like new one. This step requires best mechanicand builder skills.Then open the vehicle bonnet blow up the dirtand mud from engine and tune it up. Clean up the interior andexterior in this garage laundry service station game. Now customizeand design the car like the best designer. Use multiple colorspaint and change car’s tires and rims to make the car lookastonishing and amazing. Use multiple sports car stickers.This washsalon spa & car fix it mania is best game for crazy kids intheir fun time with amazing graphics and awesome gameplay. Sodownload this car coloring and repairing game for fun experience ofrepair station.
Girls Laundry Washing Games 1.0.1
OMG.. look at those little kids! They have just came back afterplaying in playground after playing football and many sports games.All Messy! What they’ve done with clothes. All stained and dirty.They must be clean and tidy, so girls get in action and start yourclothes cleaning and ironing job in this Girls Laundry app &washing games. Wash & clean the dirty clothes Washing clothes,a girls games gives you an opportunity for kids to learn andrespect not only room cleanliness but clothes hygiene in a funfilled way and helps kids for washing clothes and playing games. Solet’s start washing clothes now! Select the mode of washingclothes, separate colored and white clothes. Set up the washingmachine, wash & dry the laundry. Wash & clean every singlecloth separately, apply washing powder on the clothes, adddetergent & bleach for whites then for colored, add specialdetergent & fabric softener, now put the clothes on the wire,wait for few minutes to dry, collect all the laundry and take themto the ironing part. Iron dresses After clothes are dried, go inthe room trample them to look great. Iron all the clothes &fold them into straight piles ready for putting them in the closetalong with different accessories.So kids! Learn washing withcleaning and ironing fun within few minutes of beautiful outfitsand accessories in this laundry wash & girls free games.
Monster truck Wash & Repair 1.0.1
Speed fix, wash & be a repairman in your virtual car mechanicsgarage waiting with monster truck owners for kids fun. So, big carmechanic! Rusty & messy big vehicles are standing outside yourgarage, so choose one of the powerful monster trucks & learnhow to fix up these big town cars with your cute hands. There areseveral mechanic repair work challenges in Monster Truck Wash &Repair, so fun kids get ready to Pimp up big rides, give themcomplete auto car makeover and fix them up in this mechanic gameas:~~ Wash Dirt off the Monster truck!Before you take big car torepair shop and fix it up, wash the mega truck to clear all dirtmarks on body in your auto work shop. Brush, shampoo and removemuddy dirt from truck body with high pressure water pump. ~~ Welddents in your Repair shop!In your gas station Mr. Mechanic, usescratch remover to fix scratches on monster truck body. Also, checkair pressure in tires and pump them with full air. So use upgradedtools in this repairing game.~~ Be a car mechanic & performengine repair in this garage game!Charge battery life & changeengine oil of monster truck to enhance performance. Auto mechanicshop will give full engine repair for your happy customers.~~ Painthuge auto cars in your mechanics garageGive the 4x4 monster truck anew look in your auto work shop game. Paint with different colorsof your own choice on selected big truck and pimp up the ride withfull customization.So, go click this glowing green button todownload a new repair game in town, and give monster trucks acomplete auto makeover. We make sure that this game will make yourfun kid a complete experience of auto repair mania game inmechanics garage. ☺
Vending Machine Simulator 1.0
Do you love Vending machines with candy, ice cream of differentyummy flavors? Chicken sandwiches, potato chips and much more? Ordo you love Prize machines at the grocery store that give toys,claw machine games & Bubble gum balls? This isn’t it.. do youalso love prize claw machines at the supermarket stores &Grocery malls when shopping with mom?If you loves surprises andprize games then you are at the right place! Welcome to the bestfree machine games full of surprises for kids in this Vendingmachine simulator. This is one of the prize machines with bestprize claw to fetch plush toy or teddy along with candy, gumball,ice cream, sandwiches, soda cola and chips in different vendingmachines present in Supermarket or Grocery Store near by you.Grabbing machines with toy crane is also a part of this real fungame to enjoy teddy picker which will be a surprise with your win!! You will LOVE Vending Machine Simulator including Prize Clawwith Gumball Machine, Prize Machine Games, & Prize Claw Kids isincluded in this amazing pack! Real prizes of gumball along withtons of vending machines simulator gifts like drinks &sodacola. Insert the coins, choose the food code and take the fooditems like delicious desserts and fast food like French fries withhamburgers & sandwiches. Not to forget delicious ice creams ofchocolate, vanilla and different favorite flavors. A real vendingmachine makes you enter cash and coins from different segments justas cash machines have in grocery sales corner. This game is asinteresting as you found ATM simulator, but much exciting with clawmachine & real prizes.Prize claw machines are just like UFOcatcher … Scary but amazing pack and along with Vending machinesimulator fun, you can learn cash register features as well withfood items being bought automatically in each vending machines.Play the REAL prize claw machine just like the grocery store, grabthe toys, and get them all! Move the crane back and forth, and makeyour selection! Sometimes the crane will grab the toy, other timesit won't! Keep trying to get them all!So play a prize machine game,along with vending machines which are present in grocery shoppingstores .. & make your children enjoy fetching bubble gum inthis premio. So navigate back & forth in prize claw machine& enjoy vending machine simulator with multiple selection whichis available with variety in game which is fun for all ages ….Especially kids.Every toy has it’s own price so you have to put acertain amount of money in the vending machines.So Vending MachineTimeless Fun can be a little bit overwhelming. So to calm yournerves we’ll just tell you that you can do what you want, wheneverand however you want in this game. Have some conviction.
Police Car Repair & Fix it 1.0
Auto Car Mechanic and Garage Game for Kids Little mechanics andrepairman! Get ready to show mechanical engineering skills with newand amazing automotive workshop in town with Police Car RepairGames – Fix it 2D sim auto vehicle games.A mechanic shop, factorygames with variety of cars and auto repair tools in this excitingadventure of Build and Repair a Police Car Fix it mania. You havehandled monster truck jam, now handle cop vehicles in this carrepair games. So amazing kids and little repairman, download thisfun game and face the virtual simulator of mechanic’s garage. Soget skilled to repair automobile like limousine car or offroad 4X4hammer in your service station game. Cops had a massive fight withrobbers and got caught by after theft. Cops patrol caught them andnow the police sports car is smashed and damaged badly. Policeneeds a new shinny and repaired car to chase more thieves and toclean the town from robbers. So mechanics? Ready for the action?Little repairman, boost up your skills and build, repair andredesign the super police vehicle in this showroom. Be a designer,creator and manufacturer of ultimate design police cars in thiscrazy mechanic game. Best car show room and professional servicesprovider- sports vehicle repairer In this workshop you can makecustomized sports vehicles of different models and designs. Selectyour favorite car, wash the cop car in the best way as you can,repair the scratches on the car in this cop vehicle service game.If you like sports car you can make one in this best mechanic game.Little car repairman get ready to use your expert car builderskills to assemble modern super cars for police. Lastly, before thedrive take this police mini sports car to gas station for fuelfilling. Police driver bring patrol cars at mechanic servicestation, give best cars repair treatment in automotive shop in this2D mechanic sim First join auto police vehicle body parts withprecision. Use arc welder and other welding tools to fix the enginein the car. Open the vehicle’s bonnet and assemble different engineparts including battery, wires, piston and other parts. Now fillthe engine oil and water and start the cop’s car. Now it’s time forfixing tires. Select the best sports car tires to improve car’sgrip on the road. Take it to the decoration area where you cancustomize, paint monsters and apply stickers on vehicles to improvetheir looks. This truck maker game is extreme fun for car care,makeover and wash games lovers.Police car is ready in the mechanicgarage. Steer the police car in an amazing mini game and catch thethief and bring him to the prison. The police and mafia car games.Now download this car builder and salon game and have fun!
City Builder Winter Repair 1.0
Hey little builders! It’s your turn to run the coolest and busiesthouse repair workshop in city town. Enjoy this building experience,build dreamy house for your customers and prove yourself to be anexcellent construction worker. Customers are calling! One of theclient need my dream house to be rebuild and refurnish in thissnowy weather. Time to get in action little repairman! So grab yourcontractor tools, get into your mini car and reach the constructionsite in time. You will have best house building experience in thisbuild games. Rebuilding & refurbishing the old house is not aneasy task! But, you are professional builder and you know well whatto do. Repair the old home and make it look new and shinny. Usedifferent construction tools and machines to repair the worn outhouse and refurbish the broken old furniture and electricappliances. First cleanups the house rooms by room then fix thewhole house and in last decorate the house with creativity. Nowselect the paint color to paint the walls.This crazy house makeovergame allows you to play in a real life environment. Fix up &design kitchen, living room, kid’s bedroom & basement withprofessional skills. Give the houses new look and design it like adreamy home.Your duty in this virtual simulation of constructionzone isn’t over yet! Winter weather is here. Roads are covered withsnow and are damaged. So take your road construction crew and startbuilding, fixing and reconstruction of the roads. But before it,handle that heavy excavator machine and clear the roads from snow.This is fun gameplay for all kids who love dream house fix andrepair games. Once you are done with this task, let’s move to thenext one. Build, repair and fix the old worn out roads for smoothand clear traffic. Building skyscrapers, bridges and otherconstruction sites is always crazy fun. Little builder usedifferent construction mega machines, equipment and tools tocomplete the road project in time. This game contains many creativeand exciting activities which your children will love to play.Tobuild the new road you first need to remove the old damaged road.Steer the driller crane and drill the old road. Use excavator craneto dig the road and throw the debris in the dumper truck. Road’ssurface is messy use road cleaner truck to clean up the dirt andmess. Load the concrete on the truck and spread a layer of it overthe road.Drive the bulldozer vehicle over it. To fix the road nowyou need to throw molten coal over it. Collect the coal in largedrums and heat it up for some time till it melts. Mix the coal withdifferent construction materials and spread it over the road. Movethe roller over it and road is ready for traffic. This repairingand fix it game is as much fun as any farm or tree house game. Thisgame is allowing kids to be civil engineers and build the megaconstruction projects in the city.Download this city buildingmakeover mania game, complete all fun challenges and be the bossbuilder in your town!
Birthday Cake Maker Bakery 1.0
Your friend’s birthday is here! Let’s give your friend a birthdaysurprise by baking & cooking yummy cake for your friend’ssurprise birthday party. Sounds exciting? Isn’t it.. so come andlet’s start making sweet treat for surprise party in this cake shopgame. Time for some food shopping! Let’s go to city supermarketfirst for some sweet candy cake ingredients shopping, choose allthe ingredients require for baking your favorite chocolate cakewithin some time in this pastry chefs story. Create the perfectcake for the birthday party in this fun cake decoration game forgirls.The birthday party is couple of hours away, so hurry up, getthe baking and decoration of cake starts now in this yummy foodmaker story. First of all, select the best ingredients from flour,milk, eggs, sugar, butter, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and muchmore. Combine the ingredients and place your cake on a cake stand,then bake it in the oven into the perfect shape like a best cakemaker. When it is baked to just the right temperature and pull itout. Once the cake is ready, be creative to decorate the cake bychoosing frosting, icing, toppings, candle and much more. Afterthat select your favorite room and decorate it as you want. At theend, cut the cake with your best friends and celebrate birthdaywith them. You can also take some cool photos and save it in yourphone gallery.This is epic & best cooking game, create your ownbakery story. Be a mini chef in this fun cooking game. Baking gamewhere you can make, create and decorate delicious sweet cake. Youhave made huge designer wedding cake with pink frosting now designsweet birthday cake with chocolate toppings, even a DIY one with somany incredible yummy icings. The most fabulous cake maker, bakingand decoration of yummy dessert chef sweets. Join this cookingmania, be the best dessert maker in this sweet shop, take thepicture of your cake, share with your other pastry chefs friends.Have a cake party!
ATM Shopping Cash Simulator 1.0
After success of Vending Machine Simulator & SupermarketCashier Simulator, Smile Stones Studio presents another amazinggameplay ATM Shopping Cash Simulator, a kids learning money drawinggame for all shopping games lovers. Girls, kids and everyone loveshopping and for buying toys and grocery shopping you need a lot ofmoney. ATM is the quick way of drawing money and kids must learnthat how to operate the ATM machine in a perfect way. This kidsdebit simulator allows all educational games crazy fans & gamelovers to learn about operating machine and money drawing in thisATM shopping cash simulator.This ATM locator & kids learninggame enable the kids customer to withdraw money through debit cardor credit card. This learning cash machine & management freegame will make you to understand the whole process of using ATMmachine in this casual cashier pro. This childs money and bank gameis so much fun! Let’s be the best ATM customer! Start this machinesimulator by checking account and deposit cash in the bank and gofor the machine to withdraw the money , enter the pin code, takeyour cash amount & start shopping to supermarket mall shoppinghead towards toy store in this ATM Learning and supermarket groceryand toy story simulator. Enjoy mobile banking and transact theamount you want from the cash machine for better money managementin this kids fun casual atm card machine simulator and supermarketgrocery shopping fun mania and yes, don’t forget to play clawmachine mini games for more fun gameplay in the given time in thismanagement games. Kids Learning Money Game Play In this supermarketcashier register management pro, go to your bank and take out yourdebit card & credit card. Put the debit card in the ATM cashmachine and enter your pin code for learning perspective in thiscash machine register management free game. Select your paymentmode, account status and add the amount of money you want withdraw.Your transaction is completed; take your money from ATM machine. Tomake this game more adventures and exciting further you can onlinebuy toy, food items, ice cream and many other things, fun isn’tover yet! Go to the superstore, for your winter and toy shoppingfun free grocery store kid’s girl’s game. So withdraw your cash indollars and go for shopping. In this fun and education game kidswill learn to deal with money and pay the cash cashier bythemselves. Enjoy mobile banking and transact the amount you wantfrom the money machine and get your shopping games mania start now!
Cash Register Hospital Duty 1.0
Cash register hospital duty- a supermarket games for all thecashier store games lovers!Welcome! After the success ofsupermarket cashier simulator & grocery shopping game series,Smile stone studios proudly presents another interesting gameplaywith major duties of kassaregister to hospital patient appointmentall in one! So doctor kids, you don’t need any bachelor degree,tough syllabus or to learn pharmacy drug book, any pharma guide orpharmacology mnemonics neither you need to learn medicine formulaand names nor a clinical examination and skills. Just need todownload this supermarket cash register with hospital duty &time management game. Play as a customer & genius pharmacistcashier in real hospital settings!In this kids medical hospital,play as a customer & shop at several venues including theHospital Gift Shop, Cafeteria, and the Pharmacy! Pick up items,hold the cash till you reach the ATM machine, and then take them tothe cashier to clear it out!Play Vending Machine simulator if youneed a quick snack on your break or waiting for your family - grabsnacks like candy, chips, and other convenience items by placing acoin in the vending machine slot, and getting your food and snack!Just like a real vending machine!!Time to fulfill your duty, playas genius pharmacist & do all the medication according todoctor prescription. Give your customers all medicines like pill,injection, capsule, pain killer, tablet etc. and other tools suchas medical and surgical instrument and bacteria scanner, bloodpressure checker. Keep in mind the hygiene and clean germ freeenvironment of your medical store. Don’t let the virus, spore orbacteria do their job and make them dead as early as possible. Maketheir bills and let them save their patients from death in our bestcash register game. Your customers are not only the ordinary peoplebut they include doctors and crazy surgeons too. In doctor’sclinic, they’re might gonna treat some serious accidents andpatients came to the hospital in ambulance. There might be anemergency operation going to take place so help them to completetheir shopping list as early as possible. Only quick surgery canrescue them. So be quick to play with your supermarket simulator ofmedicines and play the best doctor game. Give all requiredmedicines and swap the credit card in atm machine to clear the cashtill your customer holds it. Check-out your patients and manage acash register. Your patients have to pay for the treatment, themedicine, the appointment and other facilities they took at yourhospital. After all, this is your job as a hospital cashier.Thegame has exciting levels with fun filled activities and challenges.You have to become a pro hospital cashier and manage your cashregister without any errors. There's so much to do in this game.It's an interesting hospital cashier game for kids where you act asa hospital cash register manager and have fun while helping yourpatients.From patient appointment to cashier duties, you have a lotof stuff to do in this supermarket checkbook register management,this game includes a lot of interesting stuff for you! So come upand download this supermarket games.
Icecream Popsicle & Bars Chef 1.0
Coolest game with ice pops is now in market with sweet frozentreats, ice cream popsicles & rainbow twisters. The winter iscoming & summer season after that! Get ready for icy blastsummer & winter fun with its soft serve ice cream, icecreampopsicles & ice cream sandwich like bars. Best summer beachtreats & frozen winter welcome. Ice candy & ice popsiclemaker is here with bars chef as the best free icy candy cookinggame! It’s like a mega icecream popsicles maker where kids learnwith super chef how to make sundaes, soft serve icecream, ice creamscoops & icy pops! Choose between bars & ice popsicles.Popsicle city is awaiting arrival of its new chefs a team to getopened! It’s the most wanted restaurant & icecream parlor inthe town. Start your chef experiment & entrepreneur spirit tobecome the hottest chef in the city! Call friends & family tobuy pops from you & enjoy their frozen sweet dessert treats!Tons of toppings, sugary treats & chocolate candy available atyour disposal, mix & match all flavors! Cool off in heat with afrozen treat & get frozen in winters to make your teethchatter. The latest craze for kids is ice cream bars &popsicles, all frozen ice pops in this icy winter blast & foodmaker game for all. Give yourself the sweetest frozen ice treatfrom the salon & choose from variety of flavors! Nutty ella,nuts & chocolates, cookies & creams, strawberry shortcake& whatnot! Get your favorite & become a master in chefyourself with a mega cone popsicle. Diy has never been this easy orcreative fun. Forget kitchen adventures, begin journey to thecenter of refrigerator! Ice cream dipped in scrumptious flavors andmouthwatering presentation! Get lifetime caramel pop twister &gummy icepops! What a lifetime to be alive! Sour cream & gummyworms are definitely hit flavors so ice scream! It’s not just beachfood maker who make a sandwich or are cream maker! Clean your ownkitchen to cook icy pops in your own icecream parlor restaurant!Decorate popsicles with extra toppings & beautiful gummy worlddecorations! Just like chocolate bar maker, this food cooking game& dessert making lets you enjoy your personal recipes &favorite flavors for icecream popsicles!
Old House Repair & Fix It 1.0.1
Welcome to the world of best construction games. You have playedrepairing games and fix it fun mania but what about to reconstructand repair your own old house for your family? Best Idea… isn’t it?So little repairman boys and girls, join this house makeover andget ready for more fun. After the success of sports mini cars &police vehicle repair smile stone studios presents another amazingaddition to fix up & repairing series…. Old House Repair &Fix it. A dream house makeover games where you can have yourvirtual contractor tools to refurbish used furniture in the home& house paint of your own choice. Couldn’t be more amazinggameplay you can get.. what are you waiting for? Grab your housetools and get the reconstruction started now!Fix home and make itlook new and shinny. Use different construction tools and machinesto repair the worn out house and refurbish the broken old furnitureand electric appliances. First cleanups the house rooms by roomthen repair used furniture, take house tools to repair parts ofdream house like kids washroom, living room & bedrooms. At thelast, use your creative mind to house paint mania.This crazy fixhome game with all contractor tools allows you to play in a reallife environment. Fix up & design kitchen, living room, kid’swashroom with bedroom & basement and repair the used furniturewith professional skills. Give the house new look and design itlike a dream home. House Makeover & Fix it Mania Features • Usecontractor tools like wrench, hammer & electric drill to givehouse a brand new look.• Work like an expert designer &makeover living rooms, halls, Bathroom & kitchen with wonderful& amazing designs.• Use multiple house paint colors to makewalls look beautiful.So little repairman, download this dream housemakeover games and make your home look beautiful again!
Treehouse Repair & Cleanup 1.0.1
Design your own pet birds house with perfection Look.. birds areout of their treehouse, their little tree fort is broken. They needhelp! So all master house builder, grab your contractor tools andstart doing repair work right now.To entertain you again, smilestone studio presents another amazing house decoration andrepairing game. Treehouse repair & cleanup. Be the bestcarpenter and repairman for reconstructing baby pet birds houseagain to give them their home back. This is a fix home and housebuilder game specially for gardening lovers. Repair, rebuild anddesign this tree house for little kids & baby with amazingfarming and wood cutting skills. Pet birds tree house decorationapp Reconstruction, Fix home for little creatures & treedecoration with few easy steps. Collect the contractor tools andcarpenter kit to fix the tree fort for the baby bird. Repair, wash,clean & build a birdhouse for your little bird to live in. Yourcreative carpenter & decorating skills will come handy. Thecute little bird is looking forward for its bird home to be builtby the crazy little builders & kids repairmen. Use nails,hammer & other carpenter tools, construction tools to build& repair the little pet bird a beautiful tree house. Makeoverthe rooms with professional interior designer skills and repair thehome electrical appliances to ease the pet birds in their own treefort. Little pet birds treehouse repair and clean up isn’t thateasy job, but fix home and house builder! You have to make it easytask for those cute creatures. Once you are done with repairing inthis decoration app, clean up all the mess to look tree fort muchperfect. Clean and wash dirt mess with cleaning skills and handymanin no time. Give pet birds its dream house back after home fix& reconstruction. Birds will be much happy and satisfied withthe house builder and their newly refurbished tree fort. Downloadthis crazy house decoration gameplay and give tree fort brand newlook for your pet birds.
Farmhouse Builder- Repair Game 1.0
Little Farm House Story with House building & repairinggamesHey Kids! Welcome to the epic world of country life. You haveplayed tress house building and cave house construction games. Nowbe a professional home maker and enjoy this farm house story makingsimulation in this village site. Don’t you want to discoverbeautiful life of farming and construction fun across country side?So come and join this building games for hours. Make, decorate& design a farm house for your little customer with creativeskills. Kids like to build home and buildings of multiple designs.Boys and girls help the baby in building the farm house on thelarge field. Cut trees and collect woods pieces and design &make a farm land house. Use nails, hammer and other constructiontools to build the house. Now decorate the house using differentcolor paint and furnish the home. This house maker and designergame is for crazy fun times for kids.Kids work like an architectand make dream like wonderful home over the village land. Build afarm house is a virtual workshop in which children can build,customize and decorate a fantastic home. With a large selection ofmaterials, paint colors and decoration, kids can mix and add tillthey find their perfect style. Farm house development helps kids tolearn and inspire a real life farm house construction.Make a placefor all the animals in this animal farm house story games and enjoytaking care of your pets like cows, hens and horses. This game isfull of room, house and outdoor adventure and fun. Many creativeactivities such as repair, fix it and rebuilding a house fromscrap. Build a farm house is crazy builder game. This game is asmuch fun as any car garage or salon game.Now download this homebuilder mania game and have fun!
Pet Shopping Mall Cashier 1.0
Pets for sale!Everyone love to buy pet for their pets littlefrenzy, dog house. The cute fluffy puppy dogs, little cats andkittens, rabbits and beautiful birds always melts the heart andmake a person to love these cute little creatures. So this time,you have the duty to work as a store cashier, sale the pets forsale to the right customers in this pets buying app game. Petshopping mall cashier, a perfect caixa registradora mania for allsuperstore & market games lovers. So selling pets to the rightperson isn’t an easy task. Serve as the best shop manager and helpcustomers at the pets super shop point of sale in this animalsshopping mania game & give them proper guidance for buying petlike choosing the right puppy with little doghouse, then all thepets accessories including leashes, dog collars with bed crates,kennels and much more with cats and dogs house. Don’t forget thecages for birds, cute fluffy rabbits and other animals. With easysteps, learn to use cash register to prove yourself best cashier ofall the times. Play as mall cashier for giving best pets shoppingexperience to the customers this time and help the kids buy newpets and also learn how to operate cash machines at the point ofsale. You got the job of a cashier in Pet supermarket & have tolearn & operate the cash register and sales and prove yourselfas the most efficient Pet shopping mall cashier with this petsbuying app.Start this pets for sale work by making kids customersto choose the right cute pet for them. Take the cage to the cashcounter and take money from your clients as a professional cashier.Sell them real fast and earn more cash. Serve your customers withintime to unlock each level with exciting pet accessories. Be thebest cashier in by playing and helping these kids with this caixaregistradora time management & manager game.Learn the processof handling money and atm cash cards usage with cashregister andstore cashier. Start with a cash machine and enter price of eachitem and sum the total bill. Once you have summed up the totalamount take cash, put it in the cash drawer and return balanceamount to the customer. Be quick! Be quick & efficient… don’tmake customers to wait!Best cashier and pets shopping game for allpet lovers with cash management fun to make your playing time goeducational with fun. Come & Download now!
Ambulance Repair & Cleanup 1.0.3
Hey little car builder & repairman, you have repaired a lot ofdefector cars and trucks with water tank cleaning in your ownrepair simulation. Now, you have a new work ahead, so come up takeyour repairing tools and get to work!Look. Ambulance driver is herewith his mini bus to get repaired and cleanup with all bestcleaning skills in your crazy garage. This hospital duty car isvery messy & rusty after long day of emergency duties so itneeds maintenance. This ambulance kids game allow you to examinethe auto vehicle and fix it, pump it and make it look new and fitfor hospital emergency duties. Ambulance repair & cleanup dutyis crazy car builder and maker adventure with realistic crazygarage simulation for kids, so that kids can learn how to take careof their vehicles. So car designers, now get your hand on ambulancerepair simulation. Repair rusty, messy and dented ambulances andother medical jeeps or cars in your mechanic garage. AmbulanceRepair Workshop is far than car wash and repair games.Repairsimulation have never been so interesting and exciting so be thebest builder in town and utilize your washing, repairing adcleaning skills. Car builder in Ambulance Repair Workshop afterwashing and cleaning old muddy ambulance repair broken and dentedspare parts like bonnets, bumpers, puncture tyres and brokenwindscreens, now fix old damaged engine. This crazy garage andrepair game has many interesting levels. First, clean all thestains from the mini bus. Remove all the dirt messy and now take itin to the work shop and fix the tires. Remove the old tyres, fixthe new one and fill air in them. Now it’s time to fix theambulance body’s damages by doing welding and denting. Leave noscratch or dent on the vehicle and remove all defects. Little boysand girls garage is full of modern tools and equipment use them toperform your ambulance duty repairing better.After cleanup checkoverall maintenance and fix the engine problem and change airfilter and fuel up its empty tank with this water tank cleaningmania. Give the mini van a final look before handing over to theambulance driver. Play this crazy garage and repair game and spendplenty of hours to give best ambulance repair & makeover plusenjoy best and realistic interesting game play and musicaleffects.Download this amazing car builder & ambulance drivergames and enjoy the repair simulation.
Road Construction Build 1.0.1
All roads and city highway is damaged and expired badly and neededto be rebuild again. Little builders, grab your contractor tools,join the road construction crew and create roads with this highwaygames. Use construction tools like driller, drive big machines likeroads roller, bulldozer and heavy excavators to build and fix thehighway for traffic road car. This kids construction & buildinggames is crazy gameplay for all mechanic garage games lovers.Build, repair and fix the old worn out roads for smooth and cleartraffic road. Building skyscrapers, bridges and other constructionsites is always crazy fun.Little builder use different constructionmega machines, equipment and tools to complete the road project intime. This game contains many creative and exciting activitieswhich your children will love to play. Take the driller machine,get in the field and give your best service to the roadconstruction company with all your construction tools. Kids, areyou ready to be the part of best highway games with this buildinggame? So let the road construction thriller begin now!Come out ofthe mechanic garage mania and be the part of roads constructiongroups to have best highway games. To build the new road you firstneed to remove the old damaged road. Steer the driller crane anddrill the old road. Use excavator crane to dig the road and throwthe debris in the dumper truck. Road’s surface is messy use roadcleaner truck to clean up the dirt and mess. Smash all the stonesin the crusher machine properly to gather the concrete. Now drivethe heavy truck with your all professional driving skills. Load allthe concrete on the truck and drive through the road and spread alayer of concrete over the road. Drive the big construction machineroller over it to make stable base to make road. To fix the roadnow you need to throw molten coal over it. Collect the coal inlarge drums and heat it up for some time till it melts. Mix thecoal with different construction materials and spread it over theroad. Steer the bulldozer over the big road. Now it is ready fortraffic road car and pedestrians to walk over the roads carefully.This repairing and building game is as much fun as highway gamesand construction, making kids civil engineers and let theircreative constructive side shine by being the part of megaconstruction projects in the city.
Swimming Pool Repair & Cleanup 1.0
Sunny day.. woof its very hot outside. Kids, let the fun begin inthese summer vacations and long days with swim pool party. So, kidsboys and all girls are you ready for extreme fun with swimming inthis vacation games? Then grab your swimsuits to swim and play tobeat the heat! But wait… look out this pool is not clean up as itshould be. So first take all the clean tools and clear all the messinside and outside of pool with this repair salon & spa.Bestpool repair & clean up tittle is waiting for you!This is swim& play game with exciting pool repair fun, an amazing additionto vacation games to make your time thrilling and more memorable.The scenery is beautiful with green trees, grass, beach towel andparasol. But the untidy swimming pool is making it look bad. Boys& girls be ready to fix up the pool and make it new andspotless shiny. Start this vacationing thrill b first grabbing yourclean tools with this spa and salon mania. Just like fix homegames, start this exciting pool spa game with rebuilding andrefurbishing the swimming party area. Look!! the pool has dust, mudand dirt sticking to it. Trash, junk and garbage are also thrown inthe pool. Pick up your clean tools, a trash can and get to thecleaning task. Pick up the pieces of trash and throw it in thedustbin. Drain the water from the swimming pool so its bottom canbe cleaned. Now fixit the pool using clean tools to swim and play.Fixit the broken tiles with drill machine and repairing tools.Paint the new tiles blue. Now clean the dirt and leftover dust.Done with the crazy pool repair and fixit makeover? Now set thesound system and choose your swim suit with other accessories tostart swimming challenge adventure in this swim and play poolparty. Fun isn’t it? So come up and download pool party to be thepart of this repair & fixit mania and to enjoy swimmingadventure.
Army Tank Repair 1.0
Hey kids! Furnish your repairing skills with this repair simulationand cool tank games. Welcome to mechanic simulator. Rival forceshave destroyed all army soldier fighting jeeps, navy jetshelicopters and other vehicles in tank battlefield. Our fightingsoldiers and warriors needs to prepare cool tank and rusty vehiclesurgently. So little mekaniker kids! Start repairing dusty and messytanks with all your cleaning and washing skills with this mechanicsimulator. US army soldiers cannot win this battle without yourhelp, so jump into the repair shop, pickup your mechanic tools andstart this repairing simulation with rusty tanks cleaning andwashing so that they can join the tank battlefield and able to winthe soldier wars. Fixing, modifying and repairing customizationhave never been so interesting before. Little mekaniker there are alot of tasks and duties for you in this mechanic game Boys andgirls wash and cleanup the army cool defector tenki to washout thedirtiest particles with soap, sponge and water shower. Removestains with stain removers in an ease way through some tabs likeyou do in oil tanker cleanup. Do the tank engine and wheelrepairing, paint job with denting work. Little repairman! Use tankrepair toolkit and mechanic simulator. Use hammer to get in shapedented parts of tank and replace the defected body parts like tyre,rims and machine gun. Tight up the loose nuts and bolts withwrench. After cleanup and repair now fix the engine issue andchange air filter plus check its fuel level and up size the tankwith fuel and petrol.This repair simulation is more like workshopgames where you can easily become expert tank mechanic, the bestarmy tank games. So, get your hands on tank battlefield repairingmania for the best tenkie makeover and realistic battle story scenewith an amazing experience repair simulation & become the guruof all mechanic simulator with this army tank games.
Bridge Builder & Repair Game 1.0
Little crazy builders, it’s time to show your construction skillswith this bridge building game. Get along with your constructworkers and construction equipment and start build bridges overdeep valleys, canals and rivers. So, prove yourself as anaccomplished master bridge builder and repairer. Little champsrepairman! It’s a realistic duty for you where you have to build abridge which can hold the weight of mini trucks and sports carswith this construct linear simulator.Road builders and engineers!Your help is badly needed to construct bridges over valley andrivers in this bridge building game. Builder pro game your role islike a constructor with all construction equipment who has highskills and test your building skills while using and operatingheavy machinery like road roller, tower crane, bulldozer, and clawmachine and be the best bridge constructor in the big valley. Letyou imagination turned into creativity little construct builder.Use the construction equipment & range of materials are givensuch as sand, dizel, concrete, blocks and asphalt. Bridgesconstruct hero! Use heavy vehicles and smooth the roof of the roadwith the help of heavy bulldozer. Play all crazy levels operateconstructing cranes, construction equipment and move concreteblocks using tower crane. Drive road roller over bridge to make itlooks smooth. Play and clear different construction levels in thisbridge building game & best cliff drive. Repairman! Thisbuilder mania is for all those little masters who love bridgebuilding and construction games. Better gameplay then crazy trainaddiction for all those kids and toddlers who love bridge balanceand building game. Kids love to be the part of repair mania andbuilder games with best construction equipment provided to thembest construct game. This building mania and construction game ismuch interesting and amazing then other ordinary cliff drive andother engineering games.So little builders, download this buildinggame for free and build with your brain and you will be good as thebest road constructor in the town!
Army Bunker Border Builder 1.0
Bunker builders & Sci-fighters- Defeat the enemies!You are thelast hope for humanity and soldiers. You have the duty of buildertycoon and little kids its time to fulfill your duties ofconstructing the bunkers and controlling micro tanks in the kidsactions action-packed app bunker builder games. Builder tycoon yourmission is to best constructor and build borders and for your armybunkers to protect against enemy attacks. Build resilient bunkersand camps by lining drawn accurately, once you have created theboundary, now its time of start drilling process. Crazy builders!This building games is as interesting and thrilling just like ourother builder games and construction simulator. Start diggingcarefully with the help of spades, hoes and forks just like you doin gardening or warehouse games. Army Bunker Border Builder gamesprovides a captivating and well-rounded combination of tycoon andaction game that will test your micromanagement skills. After theprocess of digging, make sure you water it carefully to startbuilding bunker. Entertaining Battle and Tycoon Game Variousmaterials are available to construct your bunkers, such asconcrete, steel girders and armor protection. You need to use themskillfully and cost-effectively so you can build the perfectbunker. Place the shutters and place the construction material andmake pillars to support the border bunkers. Real constructiontrucks of cement with eclectic constructer tools and loader craneare there to help you. Little kids builders! This game is muchdifferent from other bunker games out there! Fix the camp and otherarmy equipment’s by combining different components in numerousways, lastly paint the border camps with jet spray to make it looka perfect subterranean military base. Experience the most amazingBunker builder app for all kids army building games lover!
My Fish Tank Aquarium 1.0
Have you ever thought of taking care of your own pet fish &building an amazing adventure aquarium for these little watercreatures? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? This fish games and water tankcleaning games allows you to be a proud owner of your own fishtank, so take care of your little water creatures, build andcleanit aquarium like a fish doctor. Well well, all you need is todownload this water tan cleaning & pet fish games to startadventure aquarium right now!Let the biggest tank girls designersgame begins – its your major responsibility to take fish out ofwater & cleanit tank using your all cleaning skills in thisaquarium fish games. Little tank designers! You are responsible forall tiny water creatures living in your adventure aquarium. Whenyou are done with the water tank cleaning part of this game, youcan design and decorate the whole adventure aquarium by yourself!This fish for kids simulation game depicts the virtual reality ofbuilding and creating amazing aqua environment with creativeskills. Water tank cleaning should be done with proper managementand wash & cleanit tank. Now make it look more amazing withdecorating it with toys and light. Learn how to feed pet fish andmake them grow in adventure aquarium. So do you really lovebeautiful fish tank & colorful pet fish? Then you shoulddefinitely download this amazing fish games & tank designersgame for kids! You can design your own adventure aquarium with allthe things you want to put in there! So, in this real aquarium fishsimulator & simulation game you need to cleanit tank withaquarium fish adventure decoration with multiple sea plants &rocks. To make the amazing marine little world in this aquariumfish, manage everything like freshwater and salt water for littlepet fish and its adventure aquarium after cleanit in this watertank cleaning like a perfect tank designers in this fish for kidstank management & adventure aquarium cleaning. Install thislittle pet fish caring game and let the adventure begins!
House Interior Decoration 1.0
Have you ever dreamt to become a home interiors designer? do youwant to decorate house of you own dreams? Yes now you can! Fulfillyour dream and become dreamhouse designer with this homedecorations game. Little interior designer and home decoratingspecialist, create a warm and peaceful indoor area where you canrelax and feel happy with this home design games. So, if you reallyinterested in home decorate, architectural design and roomdecorations with kitchen build fun, then yes you can do it as aprofessional home decorating specialist with this homee interiorsgame.In this dreamhouse designer games, you can choose thefurniture and accessory pieces of your own choice. Now you candesign and decorates home with house decoration game. Start thishome decorating game by selecting the room from kitchen, bathroom,bedroom and living lounge. A real home decorate has great interiorand exterior design ideas and makes the most beautiful designinghouses. See if you can decorated the house professionally with thisdreamhouse designer game. Like home decorate artist, put the thingsright on the place with house game, clean the mess of the room withall cleanup tools and put the garbage in the trashcan. Look at yourhome! Its clean and tidy place like the way you wants it to be.Style the rooms in your own look, and build your own dream housewith your interior designer skills. So if you love interior orexterior design, and you want to prove you have the skills of homeeinteriors artist. In this free awesome girl game you can show yourinterior designer skills to the world. Decorate the house the bestyou can and show it to your friends, parents or anybody else! Thinkabout home decorating in your own creative way like you do with anydoll house decorate. So do the decoration of your own house thebest you can and show it to your friends, family and anybody elsein the world to show how talented home decorate artist youare!Download this house game and become best dreamhouse designer.
Chocolates Candy Bar Cooking 1.0
Hey kids, dream about your own bar special store or kitchen candy-one with a lot of sugary bars with frozen treats, choco blocs andbubble gum, delicious cotton candies? But first little sugary chef,prove your super cooking skills by making savory candy with a lotif scrumptious bubble gum in this sugary bars cooking with creamydelights to open up your own kitchen candy restaurant with your ownhard work! Yes, these yummy flavor mouthwatering savory candytreats have never been so easy to cook but this is your chance tomake bar special for yourself and friends for breakfast cooking atbest! So, don’t wait lets start playing candy ice frozen &bubble gum right now.Attention sugary bars and chocolate candy icefrozen lovers! Start this crazy chef frozen food by selecting froma variety of bar special treats with different flavors to make thedelicious sugary bars tasting like sweet flavored lollipop andbubble gum. Get your hands on making these candy ice frozen withsavory candy and make your hand made chocolate bar special famousall over the city with this crazy chef frozen food app just likeyou do in cake factory games. So, take your recipe ingredients tothe kitchen candy making and begin the hunger mania in this barspecial maker. Local supermarkets stock all ingredients indifferent aisles & shelfs, even in vending machines. Vendingmachines are always fun & full of surprises and are stocked inall supermarkets & grocery store too. Gather chef stuff &start making deliciously treat in crazy chef frozen food creatorgames. Choco sugary bars, flavored bubble gum with a lot of savorycandy… so much to cook in one single kitchen candy of your own. Mixthe ingredients such as the chocolate, candy, sugar and more, thenscoop the delicious, melted chocolate into the mold, and place itin the fridge to cool! Make some of your favorite bar special fromscratch! Chop up the ingredients, throw it into the pan & mixyour delicious, melted chocolate! Then pour the candy ice frozeninto the mold, and start pouring the nuts, caramel, & otheringredients over your bars, wafers & other delicious barspecial creations!Come on adorable crazy chef frozen food, playyummy tasty kitchen candy adventure, delicious cooking bar specialfood maker game.
Breakfast Kitchen Cooking Chef 1.0
Here come amazing delicious cooking of breakfast recipes satisfyingyour kitchen cook fever on your own cooking stand. So, come up tieyour apron and get ready to test your cookery skills in this chefgame. Play as a crazy and professional restaurant cooker and getbehind the cooking stand table to prepare and serve best breakfastto your customers in this addictive time management kids cookinggame. This kitchen cook fever is a fantastic game for girls andboys, where they will learn preparing breakfasts like eggs, toatswith a lot of delicious cooking flavor in one single chef game. Solittle champs chef, play as a crazy cook of cooking stand to enjoybrand new breakfast recipes. So, learn all the master secrets ofdelicious cooking of breakfast meals and how to cook them in yourvirtual kitchen in restaurant cooker for your customers. You aregoing to have a nice cooking experience in this management game,there will be big rush of clients so it will be challenging toserve delicious cooking food as a restaurant cooker and fulfilltheir appetite. In this chef game, you will be serving tasty foodlike frying eggs with hot & crispy bread hot dogs, drinks likeblack coffee, hot chocolate and sweet bakery pancakes withdifferent and amazing flavored chocolate donuts with various kindof biscuits and much more!Start this delicious cooking game andtake command of the virtual kitchen and take command of the cookingstand & demonstrate the skills of a master cook doing a lot ofcooking supplies. Start with toast, butter toast , jam toast withpudding cake , cookie , omelets (sausages , vegetables , ketchup)and work your way to becoming the best known restaurant cooker inthe city! Make a perfect use of toaster, coffee dispenser , teadispenser , omelette fry pan , juice dispenser and other kitchenappliances . You can shop in store to upgrade all cooking items andappliances in this kids cooking game. Yes, this chef game allowsyou to be an expert cooking supplies cook & fulfill demandsbefore the time runs out. Quench your cooking supplies andbreakfast recipes with healthy & kitchen cook fever with thischef game.
Plane Mechanic Shop Simulator 1.0
A mechanic simulator for little repairman who love to play crazygarage games.Hey kids! Welcome to the world of aerospace, you haveplayed ultimate crazy copter washing games but now, get ready putyour seatbelt & get ready to take-off with copter arcade pilot!Bu wait first you have to be a crazy little mechanic, wash planewith repair airplane bodyparts fun. So kids get drag tools like airdrill, wash machine to repair and clean the awesome plane. Get yourwork started now.Crazy copter have landed from one airport to theanother airport but due to bad weather many plane bodparts havebeen damaged and airplane is dirty messy right now! So engineeringteam guidance is needed to examine the crazy copter. Little boys& girls plane engine repair mechanic you know how to fix funcopter and its bodyparts. This is not all, for a long beautifuljourney you need to design awesome airplane with this super coptergame by choosing from dozen tattoos and professional accessories.Be creative and have fun by get involved in this fun copter shopsimulator & plane garage. First cleanup the messy and dirtyengine bodyparts with water washing & remove all mud fromengine body of copter arcade. Now join and tighten broken engineparts and piston of this awesome plane. Then do some welding anddenting work and fix all the damages. This plane engine repair shopsimulator is an adventurous and real like mechanic experience forkids. Once you are done with it, select the best color and paint itover the plane through auto paint machines. Use best possible paintcolors and make plane look awesome and super cool. Now move theplane through the polish assembly line and give it shinny look.Your crazy copter is all ready to take off after repair and washingplane in this Plane Mechanic Shop Simulator.In this planesimulator, you will paint, design and wash the air planes, theAirplane will be transformed radically and never look the sameagain. You will be entertained with plane puzzle mini games in thiscrazy coper garage mania. Auto vehicle washing and repair all inone! Fun, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Join this aircraftwash simulator & get fun started now!
Island Adventure 1.0
Kids! Your own paradise resort is waiting for you…yes this timehouse build on an island territory to enjoy your summer vacationsthe way you want too. So take your house tools, get your camp andall camping equipment to make this island builder fun moreinteresting with decoration cocktail in this paradise game. Thisbulding game have so many options with crazy activities and wildlyhouse build and outdoor fun games. Overcome tons of challenges andbuild a house within island territory, play extra curricular gameson paradise with your friends and family like never before! Bestsummer games with house build activities and cooking fun in thisparadise game. Start this house level building on an island with alot of camping adventure in this bulding game. Work like a workshopworker and house build professional builder. You don’t have to buyhomes, just get your house tools and lets get it start with thefoundation. Build the base with cement, woods, build the walls. Youshould be very careful during this great job of camping game as itneeds a lot of patience. Set the furniture inside house build.Pheww.. so much work, now its time to party friends with grillrecipes and yummy treat with your cooking guide. Fire has burntout, even after ember is at the right temperature so get your chefhat, take all cooking tips and grill chicken barbecue slices withhot toppings and spice and watch how juices are trickling down intotheir glowing ember, producing smoke and sound effects. Use masterchef and cooking mania skills for making and baking spicy fish.Baking food on a camp is a real challenge because there you havedon’t have the luxury of kitchen there. So little star chef bakesmost unique and awesome dishes and completes your cooking feverstory. Bake fish properly on fire and enjoy eating it. Fun andthrill isn’t over yet! Now its time to play a lot of outdoor gamesactivities with party friends. Do your all summer campingactivities and playground area fun in this best girls games. Playdarts adventure, football and cricket along with you friends. Do alot of camping with grill recipes, a yummy treat for party friendsin this cooking game. Enjoy fun-filled bedtime activities, discoverwild camping activities, do fishing eating, shooting like a dartshooter and a lot more stuff to fill your vacation book with epicadventurous and amazing island camp and home build simulator.
Bakery Shop Business Game 1.0
Little managers! Get ready to have your own bakery and becomebusiness manager in the town. Become the bakery bake tycoon way tothe top by making tons of delicious treats for your customers inthe bakery town. Soda cream cake, vanilla shakes with chocolatechip cookies and many yummy treatful desserts to make town tycoonwith the days. So business manager, expand your bake bakeryfulfilling your customer’s order and boosting your bakery townrating, attracting more dessert maker & lovers not only makingyou at top of the business charts but number 1 in the bakery town.Soda pop, cream cake and chocolate chip cookies this is what yourcustomers wants. Buy all the raw ingredients from the grocerysupermarket and bring them to your kitchen, where you bake the mostdelicious items this town's ever seen! Grab the chef hat, get downwith your team & make a huge range of items for your customersin your very own kitchen where you can bake with ovens and stocksuper fun appliances with even more possibilities. This businessmanager game have such an addictive pace that you wont be able toput it down. If you want to be a part of bakery shop games, coffeecafé mania and chocolate donut lovers more, get it all in one inthis business management game. Customize & decorate your Bakeryand place your delicious baked goods however you like! Laying outorganized chocolate cakes, butter cookies with fresh bread, piesand more, your creativity can run wild wit this business managertycoon game. Bake & make soda cream cake to earn money fromyour bakery town to check your business management skills and openup more opportunities. Gain experience as you bake and level up tounlock more and more tasty recipes and more ways to become bestbusiness manager. A perfect bakery town & business managementgame to understand baking process and much more! So download thissoda cream cake making and let the fun starts now!
Airport Repair & Fix it 1.0
Hey kids! Welcome to brand new edition in repairing & managinggames. Airport repair and fix it mania where you have to be anairlines manager and have to supervise and look after the duties ofcleaning repairing and fix it fun. So renovate the place and startmanaging airport in this airlines management games. So, show upyour managing talent, and let the repairing mania started.Airportmanagement crew game for kids. Little repairman! let’s help themanager crew to run the airlines processes smoothly. Planes arelanding on runways and passenger are coming and going from airport.Before their arrival, everything should be clean repaired for yourvaluable customers. Start this plane adventure by cleaning &repairing up all the airport furniture one by one, repair all thebroken windows, chairs and other equipment like a repairman.Customers are coming with their passport visa at the place, sobefore their arrival clean and maintain the checking machine withthe repair equipment and tools to make it look clean and perfect.Many planes are out of order due different crash and accidentdamages. Little mechanics get ready to repair and fix the plane.The mechanic auto car garage is full of tools and equipment usesthem to repair the damaged parts. First examine the plane, identifythe problems and then use best repairman and builder skills tocreate and makeover plane like new one. Moreover, there will alsobe some scars on the aircraft and you can need to repair the scarswith special treatment. At last, come to repair the tail of theaircraft by using the glue to fix it on the tail of the plane.Findyour managing talent in this airline management and manager game& have fun with this repairing and cleaning mania.
Nuggets Chicken Factory - Cooking Game 1.0
Kids, girls and everyone loves to eat chicken fry poulet and yummycarnival treats. But, have you ever wondered how these littlenugget are made and processed in the virtual kitchen? Then here isyour chance to experience chicken wings making in this factorygame. So pull your aprons, grab your chef hat on your head and cookchicken wings with little nugget on the cooking stand in thiscasual game. You will love cooking & packaging of chicken fryin this burger games. Oil does make you obese but in this factorygame it will be under controlled. These little nugget and chickenfry poulet making factory game is for all who love to create yourown kitchen cooking story n this burger games. Problems of eatinghygienic food is solved! As these little nugget are solution toyour obesity problems! With this world food maker and cooking standgame, you would be able to experience virtual but real factoryexperience in this burger games. No need for calories count becauseit’s healthy and organic for all diet conscious people around! Wewill make super delicious fried little nugget and chicken wingsfrom chicken poulet in fryers and other kitchen equipment in thisfactory game. A better way experience then burger games. Otherfactories workers need world food maker help with this cookingstand games needs to be prepared for some hot tasty cooking stand!So with this burger games, take charge of this chicken wings friedspecialty delight in this factory game and fill your menu withmouthwatering little nugget with deep fried chicken. So, what areyou waiting for? Let’s get the cooking stand fun started.In thisburger games, become the incharge manager with your factoriesworker, take this supervisory and do the cooking stand work starts.Like any world food maker, start this game by outing chicken inmachine, mix all the ingredients like salt, pepper and other tomake the balls of meat like a professional cook, put meat ball inthe oil, let get them fry. You are a world food maker but in thislittle nugget making, as a manager you will take care of thischicken fry factory and warehouse equipment to ensure that chickenwings and poulet fry frying oil is clean, the tools & rawmaterials and the packaging is done beautifully to deliver bestcooking supplies to the supermarkets and department stores. Do thepackaging and load into the big trucks and heavy lorry vehicles todeliver these chicken poulet wings to super stores and markets inthis kitchen cook game. Taste like never before! These spicy hotchicken fry and poulet are for you. Grilled wings as cookingsupplies for the customers and your friends is amazing thing intown! So download this factory game & prove yourself world foodmaker and create your own kitchen cook story.
Wedding Party Cooking Food 1.0
Hey best sugary chef! You have big dream wedding order for dessertscooking, so best food maker in the town, time to get in action sograb your cook hat & lets get start this baking themed game. Tomake the greatest dream wedding with food maker apps, you have tostart with the yummy flavor appetite in this desserts cooking. Helpprepare for the coolest parties by baking delicious chocolatecookies with fresh juices and potato fries before arrival ofwedding guests! Mix up the batter. Combine eggs, flour and water.Stir until it’s a smooth consistency and then cut out your mixcakes. Pick lots of exciting frosty toppings to make it lookbeautiful for dream wedding & making it look best for allwedding guests and bride groom. Bake it in the oven and whenthey’re ready, you get to decorate them to make them lookbeautiful! Sugary chef, with mix cakes try all type of vanilla,chocolate and strawberry icings. Layer on toppings and decorationsincluding sprinkles, candies and powdered sugar with this foodmaker game. This is really a great one of the wedding parties! Theromantic decorations, holy ceremony, cheers and laughter makeeverybody happy and touched! And of course, tons of yummy dessertscooking for people in the ceremony are to be made! Such as chococookies, wedding mix cakes, and my favorite fruit tea and coffeedrinks for wedding guests.Let’s make this dream wedding morememorable for bride groom with slice cake making and fruit tartwith French potato fries for the groom table. Include kiwi,strawberries and mangos! Mix up a tasty meringue filling and bakeit until perfect. Don’t forget the whipped cream! At the end makefruity juices of oranges and other fruits for the wedding guests.Weare sure that this virtual kitchen game will be best chef me andfood chef game where you can easily check your culinary skills andprove yourself best dream wedding parties, sugary chef in the town.People can’t wait to taste yummy frosted foods with orange juicedrinks and ofcourse! Wedding party mix cakes, so download this foodchef game & let the cooking starts now!
Little Kid Vacation Daycare 1.0.1
All kids love to go for summer holidays withalot of playground fun and other interesting activities. Butthesesuper powerful kids need a lot of daycare and infant careduringtheir playing and all fun. So, get into this vacation games,playtogether with beach girls and cute kids in the vacation &letthe summer holidays fun start! Caring for babies and makingthemcomfortable is the biggest challenge but in this vacation gamesyouwill be giving them visit bath with infant care. So become ababykid sitter in this fun playing game for making summer holidaysmorefantastic. Dressup the little baby, give them a bath, playtogetherwith kids to make their day perfect!Taking care of kids is hard, but make kitchen stories withyourlittle one, do the baby daycare activities all the day inthiscasual game. Give these little kid friend and amazing andchillingbathing time, visit bath clean the kids with shampoo,cleaningsponge, soap, brush and towel in the bathing game. Givethem abubble bath and make them feel comfortable as much as youcan. Withthis infant care you can make your little friend feelamazing andeasy Make their play time a little easier by dressingthem in cuteoutfits. Choose from shirts, dresses, skirts, shoes,jewelry andother accessories, all designed to make the girls lookas cute ascan be in this vacation games. Create and change outfitsuntil theylook perfect!After infant care and food 4 less, all ready for the triptowardsisland during this summer holiday. Yes you won’t get boredagain inthe summer holidays. But yes, before that prepare a nicelunch wuthburgers, cake and drinks and travel towards the beach tomake thesesummer holidays memorable. Start on playing objects, makesandcastle on the beach and eat sweet candy or ice cream attheboulevard with your BFF like perfect beach girls! This time isyourladies, so enjoy it to maximum, have endless fun all vacation,playtogether for all fun, make your own kitchen stories, visit bathtomake yourself cool and calm with this perfect game for kidsduringthe vacation daycare and holiday season in thisvacationgames.The casual games for kids that have the best experience foryoungchildren with a lot of baby daycare activities and summerholidaysfun in this kindergarten games
Summer Fair Fun & Carnival - Festival Game 1.0
A lot of fun activity and carnivale games waiting for you!Hey kids!Welcome to the carnival games especially for all fair city loverswho love rides & yummy fair food. This gameplay is muchinteresting then any candy eggs surprise with prize claw gamesfree. So get ready to explore fun activity at fair city with a lotof carnival foods for all merry foddies and rider gamers lovers.Enjoy the train ride with a lot of swings fun activity andcarnivale fair city in this riding games. So go with your siblings,your best friends and your family to enjoy amazing claw machines,candy eggs surprise games in this fun game. What are you waitingfor? Lets get the carnivale fun activity start!For merry foddiesand claw machine fair city games lovers, this is definitely aparadise giving an opportunity to ride the best carnivale rides andto enjoy carnival foods with a lot of fun activity in this prizeclaw games. Enjoy gameplay like prize claw games free, fair citycarnivale candy eggs surprise to make yummy carnivals bestexperience for all the kids. Start this game by filling the cashregister of fair city with your entry ticket to enjoy the rides forfree in this arranged fair city carnivale. Walk in front of funactivity and a lot of prize claw, candy eggs surprise and ballsports games. Make yummy carnivals more interesting and amazing bysimply making fair city merry foddies like cotton candy and cheesesalted popcorn and a lot of carnival things in this carnivale funactivity. Visit a lot carnival games stalls and food stall to feaston your favorite food. Enjoy playing fun filled and challenginggames of your choice. A lot enjoy prize claw games and carnivalfoods of your own choice. Does this sounds like your dream day oflife? Do all fun activity with carnivale carnival foods at the faircity with a lot of candy eggs surprise and much more! You don’teven have to insert coins at any ATM or cashier accounts, justenter through the cash register for all fun activity and carnivalfoods. Play challenging games with a lot of excitement and thrillto win a lot of gifts and have a lot of fun in this carnival games.So,No more lines to wait in, no more deciding on what to play whilethere is still money left, and no more waiting for the carnival tocome to town! Download this carnivale fun and lets get its startsnow!
Tow Car Maker & Builder 1.0
Tow Car Maker & Builder Hey little champs! From repairing a carto building a mini truck, you have done a lot in your crazy garage,now its time to build something more. Car builder, get towards yourwork to make tow car for the public service. So grab yourcontractor tools, get the fixit car and truck building start inyour own mechanic garage. La autoshow game gives you chance tobuild, furnish and decorate customized vehicles and to be a tow carbuilder in this crazy garage. What are you waiting for? Start yourprofessional services right now. In this workshop you can makecustomized vehicles of different models and designs. If you likesports car you can make one in this best mechanic game. Little carrepairman get ready to use your expert car builder skills toassemble heavy duty trucks. But before that, be a vehicle maker andbuild a tow car in your mechanic garage. If you like sports car youcan make one in this best vehicles maker games. Little truckrepairman get ready to use your expert car builder skills toassemble heavy duty trucks. Start your professional services byfirst joining car body parts & engine to build the car in themechanic garage. Assemble the whole truck elegantly to avoid anydamages on truck body or paint. Garage trucks of war are going on,to compete you need to provide best services using modern tools andmachines. This vehicle fixit & car builder is extreme fun fortruck care and wash games lovers. Tow truck is almost ready in yourown crazy vehicles garage, now assemble the polished car bonnet,tyres, engine and lights. Now decorate the truck car with yourfavorite stickers and tattoos as much as you want too. Wash the towcar. Your customized and professional services designed truck isready to be sale. Now its time to deliver this tow truck car to thecustomer. Congratulations little repairman and crazy car builderyou have done an awesome job once again. Now download this mechanicgarage games with truck maker salon & have fun!
Animal Zoo Fun trip Adventure 1.0
Get ready to be the part of most interesting zoo adventure and funtrip! A fun kids game for all animal lovers. This trip adventureand educational game that allow the little cute kids to fulfilltheir natural desire to learn. This fun game let the kids play withall their favorite zoo animals in real zoo created environment. Theking of the jungle, LION! Followed by lion, cute naughty monkey,hippo, zebra, giraffe, bear, seal and many more jungle wild andtame animals to play with you. This king lion game will help todevelop and stimulate children mind and allow them to get creative,giving them ability to know about zoo animals with all fun filledactivities in this crazy zoo day. An ideal learning game speciallydesigned for kids. So little super crazy kids, get ready to getknowledge with fun in this zoo tour adventure game.Start thiscasual game by entering the zoo, take your ticket and start youradventurous tour ever! Visit your favorite animal’s cage one by oneplay with the animals that amaze you the most, and perform youractions in right order. Feed these naughty creatures with food.Hippo is waiting feed this animal with food in this animal caregame. Look seal is performing amazing water stunts to entertainyou! RUN FAST, select all the toys that a seal can play with. Theyare happy.In this fun loving games, clean up, wash animals and feedanimals. Fantastic! Get all the girls and boys together to exploreand rescue this tycoon animal zoo during this fun trip! You canfeed animals, clean up their rooms and take care for animals as abeloved and talented zoo keeper. Rescue their life and don’t keepthem hungry, they want food! Play with them, get them free take alot of selfies and pictures to make this time memorable. Thistycoon is made for boys and girls to enjoy. Rescue the hungrybeasts and care for animals with the best zoo keeper. Play allinside zoo fun games and animal adventure before you exit the zoo.Enjoy animal cute mischief with this amazing fun game.