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Christmas Sweeper 3
Christmas is coming again! Play this Christmasgame with 800+ levels of match 3 fun, filled with lots of newchallenges! Light the candles, clear the snow to find the gifts,catch the jumping snowmen, fill the gift bags. Drop Santa down thechimney, ignite the firecrackers, fill the big sock and look what'sin the fridge. All while taking care of the snow guns!Christmas Sweeper 3 will keep you engaged until long afterChristmas!There are no lives to lose, and you don't have to annoy yourfriends to progress. Play as long as you want! This game will fillthe long winter evenings with lots of pleasure!Swap, drag and sweep the cute Christmas pieces, like the christmastree, santa's hat, Christmas bells and baubles, gingerbread man andice crystals. Make matches of 4 or 5 to create powerful bombs andpower-ups. And use Santa's mitten to collect a single piece. You'llbe rewarded with cookies and soda.Be sure to share the fun with your facebook friends. Invite themand compete with them in the leaderboards and on the levelmap!If you like holiday themed match 3 puzzle games, click and match,swap and match or any type of casual match 3 puzzle game thenChristmas Sweeper 3 is just for you!Check out our facebook fan page for more match 3 goodness:
Pearl Paradise - Hexa Match 3
Go on an underwater journey and match colorfulpearls in many challenging levels! The hexagonal match-3 gameplayis easy to learn, but crazy addicting!On your dive to the treasure at the bottom of the ocean, you'llhave to match your way through many obstacles, meeting new friendsand foes.Clear the moss off your shiny pearls, grab them out of the arms ofOctave the Octopus and collect them in ancient vases. Break throughrocks, drop and collect seashells, open the clams, and defuse thesea mines. Oh, and don't forget to wake up Angie the cute LightBulb Fish (yea yea it's an Anglerfish), to bring some light to thedeep ocean.You won't get bored down here!When the swimming gets though, there's always Willie the Swordfishto help you take a stab at things, the whirlpool to wash away yourtroubles or the rainbow pearl to match them all!Pearl Paradise is the best hexagonal swap and match game availabletoday! As with all our games, you don't have to wait for lives orannoy your friends to advance. Endless matching fun awaits. Justkeep an eye on that timer, as time will pass quickly while playingPearl Paradise!Be sure to share the fun with your facebook friends. Invite themand compete with them in the leaderboards and on the levelmap!If you like hexagonal match 3 puzzle games, click and match, swapand match or any type of casual match 3 puzzle game then PearlParadise is just for you!For more match-3 goodness, go to
Meow Tales Jewel Match 3 Mania
A terrible cataclysm shatters the bright,peaceful and serene life of the cute Meow tribe. The volcanoerupted, and monsters from a dark portal invade their land. Onlythe light from the elements, hidden in the gems, can savethem!Plunge into this fascinating jewel matching adventure to rescue thetribesmen. Swap and match the gems through 100's of challenginglevels. Defeat terrible bosses along the way, free your capturedfriends and use the powerful boosters to complete your goals!When progressing through the puzzles of the main map, chests willopen in the cave of treasures. Play these levels to win freeboosters and powerups! Want more free stuff? Then you can also tryto complete the daily tasks to make the game even more fun!If you like matching jewels and gems,or any other type of swap andmatch 3 casual puzzle game with a cute background story, than MeowTales is perfect game for you!Share the fun with your facebook friends. Invite them and competewith them in the leaderboards and on the level map! But make sureto help each other as well, by giving lives and other boosters toyour friends.For more match-3 games, go to
Farm Charm - Match 3 Blast King Games 2.1.3
Farm Charm is a charming accumulative match-3 puzzler with lots offascinating levels! Discover unexpected challenges along your way,use the amazing boosters, and meet cute and funny animal friends.WHY DOWNLOAD? • 1200+ beautifully designed and animated levels in 2worlds, with many different and unique challenges! • There are nolives in this game, so you can play as much as you want withoutwaiting! • No need to annoy your friends with requests in order toprogress. • Cute farm pets will help you by charming the apples,carrots, leafs, glasses of milk and other collectibles. •Optionally connect to facebook to see the progress of your friends,and compete with them for highscores. THE STORY OF THE HARVEST It'sharvesting time on the farm of grandpa Joe. The old farmer lives ina charming and slightly enchanted village with his animal friendsMr. Piggy, Mr. Baa-lamb, Madam Frog, Miss Turkey, Moo the Cow andMonsieur Bunny. They jump on the old cart to depart on the bigadventure ahead, through the gardenscapes, forests and acres offertile land surrounding his ranch. Their journey will lead themthrough the fascinating village and country around the charmedfarm. Along the way they have to collect the apples, waterdrops,carrots, leafs, feathers and stars. But they encounter many moreunexpected challenges! Will you help them and become the Farm King?MATCH TO COLLECT Swap items to line up 3 or more to match andcollect them. Matching 4 or 5 items will result in various beams ofmagic fairy dust to spread over the level which will charm theitems and double their value! These beams will also increase thevalue of previously charmed (highlighted) items and collect them attriple value. THE CHALLENGES AHEAD There are many tasks that needto be accomplished along the way. Grow the sunflowers and free thebirds, help the bees collect honey and grow mushrooms. Which camefirst, the chicken or the egg? Doesn’t matter, on our farm we haveboth! Match the eggs to hatch them and match the chicks to bringthem home. No surprise, grandpa Joe also really likes fishing! Feedthe caterpillars so they become beautiful butterflies and collectthe jam pots for your winter stock. Also clean the garden from dirtand stones while you're at it. Further ahead you have to fight thesnails and spiders (and their nasty webs), fill up the barrels andhelp fireflies out of a trap! If you travel even further you'llencounter more challenges that are yet to be discovered. PETS ATTHE RESCUE Grandpa's favourite farm pet friends travel along tohelp him out. They each have a special ability: they can charm onetype of item when they have enough energy. This will be atremendous help, so they're the heroes of this saga! There are alsosome amazing boosters available to help you through the harderlevels. Receive some help from outer space and call for a UFO toharvest one type of item. More down to earth is your stock ofhighly explosive pumpkins. For more precision work, you can useyour trusty slingshot to shoot acorns. YOU WILL LOVE FARM CHARM!You'll have an absolute blast with this relaxing casual match 3puzzle game! It's not just a toy, but an entertaining experiencethat will engage you for many months. So don't drop it, Farm Charmwill be the new mania in swap & match town. And it's healthy aswell, since there's no candy, gummy or jelly on the farm. Onlyyummy sweet fruits and tasty veggies in this tale. Now it's timefor our pet heroes to come out from between the hay stack, andembark on the greatest adventure saga! The farm story begins... Formore match 3 goodness, check out our other games on the store. Alsovisit us on facebook at
Halloween Swipe - Carved Pumpkin Match 3 Puzzle 1.5
This must be the most awesome Halloween matching game of the year!If you like connect and match games, Halloween Swipe is a musthave! No lives to lose and no friend spamming required to progress.Just lots of challenging levels of relaxed carved pumpkin swipingfun. With various level goals like unchaining the pumpkins, freeingthe friendly ghosts, removing the overgrowing weeds or connectingreally long chains, this game will never get boring. And if youneed some help, there are some really spooky powerups like witches,toads and spiders! Play every day to get free coins or powerups!Discover the spooky witchy world where the jack-o'-lanterns have tobe linked together and connected to match and collect them. Playtrick or treat with the ghosts, ghouls and witches of the town, andhave a blast with the tasty sweet candy and toys you get! It's atale of monsters and witchcraft, a quest in and around the hauntedhouse. When linking the funny pumpkins becomes hard, there arepowerful boosters available like the creepy spiders, explosivepumpkins, poisonous toads, scary plants coming alive and of coursethe witch flying on her broomstick. This Halloween holiday you'llhave a lot of fun trying to win the hundreds of challenging levelsin this casual and relaxing match 3 puzzle game! Give HalloweenSwipe a try, and start swiping now! For more match-3 goodness, goto
Xmas Swipe - Christmas Chain Connect Match 3 Game 1.6.5
Swipe away with Santa, Rudolph and the Christmas elves in XmasSwipe! This rewarding connect & match game features lots ofchallenging levels. But relax, you can play as long as you wantwithout losing lives or having to annoy your friends! Collect theChristmas gifts, baubles and other trinkets, eat the chocolates andthe candy canes, and clear the snow on your path to reach yourgoal! Lots of fun guaranteed during this Christmas season! If youlike holiday themed match 3 puzzle games, connect and match, swipeand match or any type of casual match 3 puzzle game then Xmas Swipeis just for you! TO REMOVE ADS: Buy any of the coin packs in theshop to permanently remove ads! Check out our facebook fan page formore match-3 goodness:
Sweet Candies 2 - Chocolate Cookie Candy Match 3 2.1.2
Get ready for the biggest puzzle adventure ever, filled with sweetcookie crunching & candy blasting happiness! • This game isHUGE: a stunning *4401* tasty levels for years of candy matchingfun! • No impossible levels! No frustration! Easy enough to beplayable by anyone! • Don't wait for lives, don't annoy yourfriends to progress! Play all day long! • Simple, free andrelaxing! So addicting you can't put it down! Discover thechallenging bright and fun levels in this enjoyable game.Chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and colorful candies in abundance!Sweet? You bet ya! Do you like the taste of jelly, lollipop, jam,juice, soda, marshmallow, gummy and other jellipop treats? Thenfollow our happy flavoured story. Use powerful bombs to blast thesugar out of the fruit into a candy pop fever mania! Be sure toshare the fun with your facebook friends. Invite friends andcompete with them in the leaderboards and on the level map! If youlike candy themed match 3 puzzle games, click and match, swap andmatch or any type of casual match 3 puzzle game then Sweet Candies2 is the right game for you! For more match-3 puzzles, go to
Kango Islands - Connect Garden Flowers Match 3 1.3
Help Kango the kangaroo collect magical flowers from the lostisland! Link flower buds of the same colors to make beautifulflowers blossom and clear the flowerbeds before you run out ofmoves! Match 3 or more flower buds to make the world bloom intospectacular colors. Game features: Swipe and connect the colorfulflowers, to make chains and match them. Longer chains give bonuspoints and power-ups. Clear the dry sand and the rocks or collectthe buried gems! Include the swiped flowers to reach the levelgoal! Getting overgrown? Activate flower-ups for a helping plant!Have a blast by connecting the blossom, swiping the rose petals andfind your way through the lost island. The lost island is alsocalled the adventure island. It’s not just a paradise island whereyou can sit down and relax. So, watch out for the dry sand on thebeach. The dry sand is not good for the flowers. A creeper plantwill trap your beautiful flowers and stones will block your path.But if you manage to overcome all obstacles and let your flowersblossom, adventure island will become treasure island. If you havesome idle time and you like match 3 puzzle games, connect andmatch, swipe and match or any type of casual match 3 puzzle gamethen Kango Islands is the ultimate blossom saga for you! Kangoisland is completely free to play but some optional in-game itemswill require payment. TO REMOVE ADS: Buy any of the coin packs inthe shop to permanently remove ads! Look out for awesome deals andreturn every day to get one bonus item! For more match-3 sweetness,go to
Three Disks - Ultimate Match 3
Bored? Then get ready for your newaddiction!This simple yet stylish swap & match game will becomeyour newde facto time killer. With different level goals,obstacles, bombsand boosters, Three Disks delivers a rich gamingexperience withoutbecoming too complicated. Fun for everyone!WHY DOWNLOAD?• 850 CHALLENGING MATCH-3 LEVELS• NO LIVES TO LOSE, NO WAITING• DON'T ANNOY FB FRIENDS WITH REQUESTS• SKIP HARD LEVELS• NEVER GET BORED AGAIN!You will enjoy this colored disks matching game for manymanymonths. It's so addicting you can't put it down! We mean itwhen wesay: Boredom Eradicated!Three Disks shines where other match 3 puzzle games fail.Thisgame will let you focus on endless fun. Don't wait for lives,don'tbother your friends with requests, don't get stuck forever onultrahard levels!Three Disks lets you play when you want, for how long you want,andof course, where you want!Just like other casual puzzle games, we offer many boostersandcontinues to help you through the game. These areentirelyoptional, but you do need enough stars to progress throughthegame!Free diamonds and bombs are rewarded almost daily to loyalplayers.Nice discounts are available regularly to those who do liketo buythese goodies for help.This nifty brain teaser is not about connecting the dots.ThreeDisks doesn't even let you match candy, sweet cookies,cupcakes,fruit or other farm food. Nor juice or jam. There are nobubbles,panda's, cats, bears or other pets to pop. No toy, jelly orblossomto blast. Even no super heroes in this saga! Just coloreddots,stars and gems, and blocking blocks.Three Disks really goes back to the basics. To what makescasualmatch-3 puzzlers the definite timekiller for young and old.Andthat's why you'll love it!For more match-3 goodness, goto
Easter Sweeper - Chocolate Bunny Match 3 Pop Games 2.3.3
Spring is in the air! Get in the mood for Easter with thiswonderful match 3 game! There are no lives to lose, and you don'thave to annoy your friends to progress. Play as long as you want.This game will fill your holidays with lots of pleasure! Features:Play over 1500 mesmerizing levels filled with many challenges.Collect the golden eggs. Fill your basket with chocolate goodiesand get the Easter bunny out of the magic hat. Clear the remainingice. Make the spring flowers bloom and collect the firstbutterflies. Eat the cookies, uncover the tasty cakes and fire offthe explosive candy canes! Swipe and match 3 of the sweet Easterpieces, like the Easter eggs, the chocolate bunnies, the creamycupcakes, the candy stars and green spring leaves. Match of 4 or 5to create powerful bombs and power-ups. And use the magic wand tocollect a single piece. You'll be rewarded with cookies, cakes andlots of chocolates! Be sure to share the fun with your facebookfriends. Invite them and compete with them in the leaderboards andon the level map! If you like Easter games, holiday themed match 3games free, click and match, swap and match or any type of casualmatch 3 puzzle game then Easter Sweeper is the perfect game foryou! Easter Sweeper will keep you engaged until long after Easter!
Christmas Sweeper 4 2.1.0
Santa Claus is coming to town! Play this brilliant Christmas gamewith charming levels of match 3 fun, filled with lots of newchallenges! Light the candles, clear the snow to find the gifts,crush chocolate cookie, fill the gift bags, blast gift box, clearout donut blocks and break the frozen ice. Drop Santa down thechimney, ignite the firecrackers and fill the big sock. Join thestory of Mr. and Mrs. Santa, Rudolph and Christmas elf adventure!Christmas Sweeper 4 won’t let your heart be frozen until long afterChristmas! With fantastic new graphics, music, it will give youmindless experience of real winter holidays. New features, numerousboosters, and combos will help you to solve puzzles This game willfill the long winter evenings with lots of pleasure in a familyatmosphere! Swap, drag and sweep the cute Christmas pieces, likethe Christmas tree, Santa's hat, Christmas bells and baubles,gingerbread man and ice crystals. Make matches of 4 or 5 to createpowerful blast bombs and power-ups. And use Santa's mitten tocollect a single piece. Try a new type of cubic match, that willmake paper plane. That gift will help you to blast occupied targetsand will give you unbelievable experience. You'll be rewarded withcookies and soda, lives and sweets. Snowman, frozen ice sculptureand many more are waiting for you! If you like holiday themed match3 puzzle games, click and match, swap and match or any type ofcasual match 3 puzzle game then Christmas Sweeper 4 is just foryou! Check out our facebook fan page for more match 3 goodness:
Christmas Sweeper 2 1.5
Get in the Christmas mood with this relaxing match-3puzzler,featuring over 2600 enjoyable levels and many hours, no,manyMONTHS of fun! Christmas Sweeper 2 features big landscapelevels ofsimple and relaxing match-3 fun. You even get unlimitedmoves! Youalso don't have to wait for lives, or annoy your friendsto play oradvance in this game. With soothing Christmas music andbeautifulgraphics, Christmas Sweeper 2 is an ABSOLUTE JOY to play!If you'retired of complicated candy matchers which keep stressingyou outand punish you with limited moves and lives, then this gamewill bea relieve! This lighthearted and easy match-3 game will notbreakthe bank either. All levels can be won without spending acent. Buteven our boosters are cheaper and more powerful than whatyou'reused to! As such, Christmas Sweeper 2 is played and loved bymanyplayers, with special care being taken to make it fun forseniorsas well. So give this game a try and start swapping andsweepingChristmas trees, baubles, bells, gingerbread men and more.HelpSanta and Rudolph to collect all the chocolates while enjoyingtheatmosphere and the Christmas music. Christmas Sweeper 2 has beenaplayer's favorite holiday game since 2014. And now theofficialversion is also available on Android. Many players enjoy itthewhole year round! So open this Christmas present NOW, it's FREE!
Sweet Hearts - Cute Candy Match 3 Puzzle 1.4.1
Love is in the air! The most romantic game of the year hasarrived:Sweet Hearts! This lovely match 3 puzzle saga features noless than2400 relaxing and challenging levels. Play the calmingpuzzles whenyou want to relax, or when you're in the mood for somegirly pinkmatch 3 fun, after looking for love in a dating app. Nomatter ifyou're hot or not, you will love this sweet and cutematching gamewith loads of enjoyable easy levels. Use the explodingheartbooster, the cross booster or the colored heart booster tohelp youcollect the candies, stars, pink letters, hearts, bows andmore.Make big matches to create more powerups, get down thelovelypresents and collect the tasty chocolates. Also make sure toinviteyour friends to share the love! You might even meetsomeonespecial.
Happy Shape Blast - Classic Match 3 Jewel games 1.0.3
Back to basics! That's what we did with this classic MATCH3puzzler. NO waiting for lives! NO running out of moves!NOcomplicated game mechanics! NO annoying your friends toprogress!Just simple old school swap and match, with colorful funnyshapes.There are almost 1000 big landscape mode levels. Somearechallenging, some are easier, but all are fun and playablebyanyone! Match the colorful blocks, balls, triangles and moreshapesby swapping them and lining up 3 or more. Create bombs andboostersby matching more to help win the levels before time runsout! Takeyour time to play and relax, just like with the old schooljeweland candy matching games. You can play Happy Shape Blast alldaylong, for days, months or even years to come! Have fun andenjoythe challenge!