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Slots Go! 1.7
Smoote Mobile
Slots Go is a very classic game, which alsoknown as Slots Machines.It brings you true feelings of the Las-Vegas like.The more you bet,the more coins you will win.Come and challenge your luck!Features:- Play it anywhere anytime- Multiple different scenes- Bonus mode- Free scatter mode- Easy-to-play- Given free coins- More will be comming soon...Please note the Slots Go is a free game, but you can use realmoney to purchase in-app items.
FreeCell 2.9.4
Smoote Mobile
FreeCell is a classic and popular cardgame.Goal of Game:Create four stacks of 13 cards, one per suit. Each stack must becreated from ace to king.Table:FeeCell only use one deck of 52 cards, all face-up and arrangedinto 8 groups.Build the four stacks by using these 8 groups:The upper-left corner is four free cells, which is used totemporarily store cards while playing.The upper-right corner is the four stacks, which is used storerequired cards to win.Features:- 4 modes: easy, medium, hard, expert- Easy-to-use- Hints to show next move- Auto-complete option- Auto-save
Solitaire 1.13
Smoote Mobile
Solitaire is one of the most popular classic card games in theworld. (It is also known as Klondike Solitaire or PatienceSolitaire.) Now you can download and play this classic solitairecard game with a super slim package size( <8MB ). And it allowsyou to enjoy the classic solitaire card game in a most effectiveand handy way. HIGHLIGHTS: - Classic Klondike/Patience SolitaireGameplay - Super Fast Solitaire with <8MB Package Size -Addictive Challenges Anytime or Anywhere - Supported More Than 10Languages FEATURES: - Less than 8MB size package - Klondikesolitaire draw 1 card or 3 cards - Multiple languages supported -Single tap or drag & drop to move cards - Auto-collect cards oncompletion - Auto-save game in play - Feature to "Undo" moves -Feature to use "Hints" - Play it anytime or anywhere Solitaire is one of the best cardgames which can keep your brain smart & sharp. Now it istotally FREE for you to download! ( *** not more than 8MB packagesize *** ) Come and start testing your logic and training yourbrain!