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Zombie Raiders Survival 1.3.1
Experience survival challenge, execute zombies and protect yourfellow zombie hunters! Fight your way through large zombie forestand city environments and kill every living dead in sight! You gethelp from computer controlled team mates so you don’t have tobattle alone. Enjoy realistic RAGDOLL PHYSICS as you take a shot atthe living dead! You enemies get pretty tough as you make progress.They become faster and some of them even have machine guns androcket launchers. You have challenging missions to complete. Thereis hunting with a sniper rifle from a distance, close combatassault in an urban environment, waves of zombies attacking youfrom all sides and much more. Zombie Raiders Survival is a survivalshooter featuring: - Open world zombie survival - True bloodbathwith cool gore, splatter and headshot effects - Amazing realisticfull ragdoll physics - Computer controlled squad mates - Assaultand sniper missions to fight through Rate Zombie Raiders Survivalif you liked it!
Zombie Street Fighter 1.1
Peaceful stroll takes a morbid turn when the streets are suddenlyfilled with raging mutant zombies hoping to eat your face. Showthem how to handle a baseball bat, demonstrate your accuracy with arifle and witness your enemy get run over by a truck. Fight yourway through the city killing as many enemies as possible withdifferent weapons. Run across the road to make the cars hit thezombies chasing you and cause massive car crashes. Witness icecream trucks colliding with your enemy and tossing its bloodyragdoll few blocks away. Hack and slash through 30 missions andsurvive increasing numbers of mutant waves. Collect cash fromroadkills to buy new more effective weapons. You start with asimple baseball bat but soon you will be armed with an axe, sword,shotgun, assault rifle, etc… Slice your enemies with a sword, throwgrenades at them, shoot them with a shotgun or just make them runin front of the passing traffic. Take a shot or swing a hammer, thechoice is yours. Crush your enemies and try not to get hit by aschool bus. Zombie Street Fighter is a zombie survival gamefeaturing: - Third person zombie survival fast paced fighting game- Realistic zombie ragdoll physics - Massive car crashes and roadaccidents - Zombie bloodbath with blood and gore effects - Intensestreet fight hand to hand combat and thrilling gun battles -Intuitive controls and amazing character animations - Stunningendless urban environment SIMPLE CONTROLS - Get in close range tostart hitting the zombies or point the laser sight at them to firea gun! - Change sensitivity from the pause menu
Ragdoll Cannon Blast 1.5
Complete missions, smash ragdolls and destroy enemy defenses withyour blaster! Lots of action and fun guaranteed! ★ NEW - FREE ROAM!Take control of one of the ragdolls and play as a dummy zombie!Jump and run and do whatever you want! ★ Armed with massive cannonyour task is to take down enemies and collapse their fortificationswith no survivors! You have artillery at your hands so you candefend against these undead hordes. You can select zombie police,clown or scientist as your cannon ball. CONTAINS BLOOD AND GOREEFFECTS Blow up and smash cars, street lamps, fences, air planes…the city is your ragdoll sandbox! During your missions you facedifferent massive structures occupied with living dead. Find theirweak spots or any strategically placed bomb to take your aim at soyou can inflict maximum damage. Some enemies are hiding behindthings, some are running so take advantage of the environment.Blast the zombie ragdoll away to see the whole thing collapse andexplosions throwing stuff everywhere. Knock the cars out of theirlanes to make them crash with obstacles and spread mayhem andtorture across the war zone! ZOMBIE HUNTING AND RAGDOLL DISMOUNTINGEasy to play: 1. Hold and move the joystick to aim 2. Release tofire 3. Enjoy TOTAL destruction Ragdoll Cannon Blast is theultimate zombie shooter destruction game featuring: - Totaldestruction 3D urban chaos simulation sandbox - Epic car accidents,bloody and gory effects and extremely addicting gameplay - Stickmanstyle realistic ragdoll physics - Ragdoll dismount game with coolanimations - Knock down buildings and collapse massive structures -Cannon shooter with blood, gore, splatter and slow motion explosioneffects - Complete challenging puzzles using strategy and tactics -Beat the mission and your achievement will be rated as one, two orthree stars Download now for free, leave a review and rate the gameif you liked it!
Ragdoll Sniper 1.3
Ragdoll Sniper is a first person ragdoll shooter sniper assassingame where you take out zombie invaders with cool and wacky FULLragdoll PHYSICS in an urban city environment. NEW: Endless mode -How many zombies can you kill without missing a shot? Armed with asniper rifle your task is to clear the zombie city from the undeadhordes. Take advantage of your environment and use it against yourenemies. It can be hard to hit zombies running around with turbospeed or hiding behind a street sign so you might find explodingbarrels and boxes useful to destroy any obstacles. Take a good aimand CRUSH everything in your way! Fire at a car to knock it out ofits lane and to make it crash against your targets. You can evenfind ways to use a street lamp to bring torture and destruction tothe scene. Prepare for super funny and action packed zombiehunting! You have limited amount of bullets - can you solve thepuzzles to KILL all the ragdolls? Make the zombies fall from thetop of the buildings, crash against the cars and cause massivetraffic accidents. Use the explosives to fly the ragdolls acrossthe whole city. Shoot a zombie standing on a bridge and see itrolling down the stairs! Your achievement will be rated dependingon how many bullets you used to kill the living dead. EXTREMEragdoll killing and dismounting Easy to play: 1. Zoom in to get agood look at the enemy 2. Release to fire 3. Enjoy the bloodbathRagdoll Sniper is a ragdoll shooting game with ragdoll physicsfeaturing: - Zombie fighting in a realistic 3D city simulation -Stickman style ragdoll dismount with challenging physics puzzles -Interactive environment: destroy cars, street props... everything!- Bullet camera with cool slow motion and bloody headshot effects -High quality blood, gore and splatter effects - Free roam as adummy zombie in an open city - the world is your sandbox - Rocketlauncher and massive explosions! Download now for FREE, leave areview and rate the game if you liked it!