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Koolakinga 2.14
Drive smartly and dodge bubbles touching thescreen, catches the shields, have fun with your furtive moves,survive as long as possible in the submarine jungle and comparesyour time with the whole world! // Koming soon : Unless you preferby default the retro-style arcade pixel-art, import your assets andtune up your app ! Participate too to the game-art contest and seeyour assets in the game and/or be part of the jury ! Are you ready? Koolakinga !an indie game by © Snekkart
Swapalette DEMO 1.31
++++ NOTE THAT THIS IS A DEMO ! LOOK ATOTHERVERSIONS IN THE APP STORE IF YOU WANT FULL FEATURES(COMINGSOON...) ++++Control the color's chaos!Welcome to SWAPALETTE DEMO, the new reflexion puzzle, anoriginalconcept !Group the same colors of the palette in limited time withminimumof smart swaps to match blocks an make them disappear ! youwin whenall blocks are out the screen. Faster and smarter you are,more youscore ! Be carefullto keep the aggregate of blocks to avoid isolated unmovableblocks,Be carefull when you move a color cause you can rehigh thedistancebetween other strategic and become thebestpaletteswapper of the world!Compare your score with the whole world and explode theleaderboard!an indie game by © Snekkart