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Iron Snout - Fighting Game 1.1.38
SnoutUp Games
Iron Snout is a fun brawling game, where you control a ninja pigletto fight off army of wolves! Swipe and tap to punch, kick or slamyour enemies, steal and use their weapons or knock them out of thearena in an attempt to survive as long as possible in this endlessfight between one little piggy and army of wolves! Features: 🐷mortal combat between hero pig and angry wolves 🐷 fast andresponsive touch controls 🐷 awesome ninja fighter pig 🐷 crazycombos and action movie-like combat flow 🐷 two cool arenas withdifferent enemy sets 🐷 fun achievements and stats Iron Snout is a2D fighting game with fun action-packed mortal combat, to challengeyour reflexes and skills. Turn your finger tap fury into piggiekung fu moves to beat hordes of wolves! Every piggy fight gamesession will be different and provide you multiple fun ways to beatyour enemies - think and react fast to not get beater by horde offoes! Use a pork ninja fighting style to dominate this 2D fightinggame! Swipe fast to make our bacon pig fight hero jump over ordodge under the rocket wolves or swinging wrecking balls! Use onefinger punch attacks to knock your enemies back. Like in other funbeat em up fight games, this little bacon ninja fighter can kung fupunch and kick enemy projectiles back. Beat a sword fighting wolfand it will drop its weapon, which your tiny piggy hero then cancatch and use in the battle. You must defend hero piggy with yourpork chop moves from the fury of bacon hungry wolves, so learntheir attack patterns and react with your best beat em up fightgame moves. In forest arena you’ll battle granny wolf fighters,pogo wolves and chainsaw wielding foes. In street fighting arenafight angry skateboarding wolves, police squad and wolves swingingon a wrecking ball or throwing balls at your kung fu master pig!Get your ninja fight skills ready to battle hordes of angry wolvesin this beat em up brawl game!
Wiggly Pig: Fun Walking Simulator 1.0.5
SnoutUp Games
This little wiggly pig is being chased by a big bad wolf. Keeptapping the screen to move its feet one by one and wiggle forwardand run away from the constant threat in this frustrating but funrage game. Control hooves of your little piglet hero to move itforward and escape the big bad wolf which is chasing your snoutycharacter. QWOP style walking simulator funny rage game with cutepig character, silly skins, frustrating game play and dangerousobstacles. Wiggly pig is one of most fun addicting games for whenyour bored offline. Touching the sides of your screen will movelegs of scared wiggly cute pig. Use that to keep moving forward asfast as you can! Bouncing the leg at a tree or stone will causepiggy to rotate backwards, which is useful for smoothly movingaround the obstacles or getting unstuck. Try to go as far as youcan in this cute funny game. Dodge the mines, avoid slippery iceand silly penguins! Developer of this wiggly pig thing and otherfun games that are addicting : Look here for even more funaddicting games with various pigs and other funny games: Music in this funny game is
Toaster Dash - Fun Jumping Game 1.1.9
SnoutUp Games
Toaster Dash is fun jump game made to challenge your skills, testreaction time and train quick thinking in a style of addictivepuzzle arcade. Complete tons of challenging levels, unlock funnycharacters, chase the highscore in endless jumping obstacle coursesor create your own challenges in level builder! Swipe fast keepyour tiny toaster dashing around dangerously sweet donuts, riskjumping over spikes of forks, teleport through portals and bounceoff the walls to toast as much crunchy bread as you can in this funjumping game for kids and family! Power up your funny jumpy herowith hot coffee and tasty jam to finish toast cooking levelsfaster, get higher scores and climb to the top of leaderboards! ★30+ fun jumping levels of this free swipe game to enjoy ★ 3addicting endless obstacle courses ★ Easy level editor to createnew levels with ★ Funny characters with cute outfits to unlock ★Statistics to show your fast swiping skills and reaction speed ★Tons of crunchy achievements to unlock ★ Leaderboards to prove yourtop swiping skills ★ Piles of bread crumbs! This fun and free swipegame has over 30 hand made levels and 3 endless addicting obstaclecourses for your swiping and dashing needs, but feel free to showyour creativity in a easy level editor tool and create new jumpingchallenges for your friends! Toaster Dash is a fun and free gamefor kids and teens, it contains no IAP purchases, so all content isavailable if your quick reaction time and fast swiping skills aregood enough to unlock game levels and funny characters! Get readyto be hooked to this addictive jump game! Your goal is to keepdashing between slices of bread using your fast reaction gameskills to recharge happy jump power of your tiny toaster. Missingtoast and running out of energy will ruin the mood of the toaster& you’ll have to start over the level. Main challenge objectiveis to keep dodging through obstacle course game & use jamboosts or coffee breaks to reach the gold toast. No need to collectall slices of bread or quickly rush for fastest time, but it helpsif you want to be the best! In the addictive endless jumping gamemode you must think quick and swipe fast to dodge through funobstacle courses to escape the creeping avalanche of chewing gum,which will chase your little toaster increasing its speed overtime. Addicting Jumping Game For Kids And Teens This fun dash gameoffers easy one finger swipe controls to allow player to keep upwith fast jump game play demanding good reaction time and quickthinking. Aim for the next slice of bread, bounce off a wall or abagel and drag the touch at an angle to launch our little hero inthat direction. Aiming jump while moving will require fastthinking, quick reaction & good reflexes, but playing more willhelp you master skills required in fun and free gaem for kids andall the family to enjoy! Jars of jam will help to dodge betweentight obstacle course gaps and collecting coffee will allow a shortbreak to aim for the next jump. If you like fun jump games forfree, you will enjoy Toaster Dash a lot! Build Your Levels in LevelEditor Do you want to create your own levels? Jump in to free leveleditor and start making challenging routes out of cookies, donuts,forks, teleportation portals, jam pads and other items, which areavailable in this addictive jump! game. You can change object size,angle or even movement. Upload the level for sharing and keep yourfriends addicted to this fun swipe gaem! This level builder tool iseasy to use and watching others struggling to beat your troll ragelevels is funny! Enjoy this family friendly obstacle course gamefor free! Look here for more fun and freegames for kids and teens:
Bacon May Die - Brawl Game 1.1.25
SnoutUp Games
Bacon May Die is a fast paced 2D fighting and shooting game inwhich angry pig Bacon must brawl with army of bacon hungry zombiebunnies and kill hordes of monsters, survive boss fights and unlocktons of weapons and outfits! From the developer of Iron Snout comesan action packed sidescrolling fighting game with responsive thumbcombat controls, 100 unlockable outfits and weapons, boss fights,charming cartoon 2D graphics and smooth run and gun game play. Getyour fingers ready for action! 🔥 BATTLE armies of monsters 🔥SURVIVE challenging boss fights 🔥 UNLOCK 100+ funny outfits andcrazy weapons 🔥 HIJACK enemy vehicles 🔥 USE variety of meleeweapons and powerful guns 🔥 ENJOY fun run and gun gameplay Smoothand responsive controls Wiggle your thumbs to warm them up for asmooth swipe fighting controls, where quick taps will make our tinypig hero swing its weapon, swipes will initiate dodging, jumpingand rolling moves and holding touch longer will switch to rangedattack mode with a cool movie-like slow motion effects. Thesesimple thumb fight controls are very easy to learn and you’ll bedoing deadly combos with bad piggie fighter in no time! Fightzombies, monsters and skeletons The sidescrolling road to survivalis full of bad and dangerous creatures, which will stand in a wayof our angry fighter piggy and must be destroyed. In forest arenaour deadly killer ninja pig will face mutated zombie bunnies, bunnybandits, bombers, rocket shooting enemies and brawl with hogfighters. Rush through darkest dungeon which is crawling withspooky skeleton swordsmen, bone throwers and other deadly monsters.100+ items to unlock Bacon May Die, fun 2D brawl game, brings ahuge variety of items to reward your survival skills and piggy kungfu mastery! Earn coins by fighting monsters and you will be able tounlock funny outfits to dress up your angry pig as famous game ormovie characters. Huge variety of weapons is available to aid yourangry piggy hero! This fun 2D fight game wouldn’t be completewithout the gun shooting part, so you can unlock and use suchranged weapons as pistol, revolver, UZI, machine gun, rocketlauncher, shotgun, ninja stars and even a bee launcher! If youprefer mortal close combat, then there’s a big selection of deadlymelee weapons for you to swing around: baseball bat, sword, scythe,guitar, chainsaw, katana, pan of bacon and other useful zombiefighting tools to power up your bad pig ninja! Fun little thingsThere are many secret mechanics In this pig survival game - you canhire a chicken to be your follower pet and fight by your side,hijack enemy plane and pilot it around the arena shooting rocketsor just knock back projectiles back at your foes! Latest updateadded a medic NPC, which will provide healing and super powers toboost your angry pig fighter! Bacon May Die fun run and gungameplay is inspired by legendary 2D sidescroller games. More tocome! This fun beat em up sidescroller game is under activedevelopment, so you can expect more arenas, deadly boss fights,enemy monsters and weapons added in the future. Don’t hesitate touse in-game feedback function and send your crazy ideas - all ofthem will be considered! If you’re looking for more action packed2D fighting games for boys check out my other projects like IronSnout or jetpack shooter Cave Blast. Follow me: Checkout my other fun and free games:
Hop Chop 10.0.156
SnoutUp Games
Hop, chop and dash in the tiny world of Hop Chop! Dodge dangerousobstacles, avoid traps and defeat enemies! Hop Chop is a jumpyrunner game with fighting and dashing mechanics. Simple one handedcontrols, addictive gameplay, interactive world and a lot ofweapons and outfits to unlock makes it a fun casual game! Tap tomake your tiny pig character jump, hold to slow down the time andpower up the dash! ★ Endless amount of fun ★ 60+ outfits andweapons to unlock ★ Simple one finger controls ★ Daily challenges ★More content coming soon! Unlock crazy outfits! By playing thistiny piggy game you will be able to unlock tens of cool and funnyoutfits for your jumper pig. From super heroes to memes and populargame characters. Your chance to play as pigly satan or porkyunicorn! Easy to learn controls * tap to jump and strike up * holdyour touch to charge up and release to dash forward --- From thecreator of pig games Iron Snout, Bacon May Die and Cave Blast comesa fun tiny runner game with jumping and fighting mechanics designedfor one handed play. Hop Chop game is currently in beta, so if youhave interesting ideas, outfit and weapon suggestions or bugs toreport - contact me via email or Twitter! ag@snoutup.com
Card Hog - Dungeon Crawler Game 1.0.165
SnoutUp Games
Hop on this turn-based dungeon crawler with multiple charmingcharacters, armies of humorous enemies, boss battles, and over 100cards to discover! Crawl around endless dungeons, collect loot, andfight turn-based battles against dozens of unique enemies. Utilizedeck building to alter the game flow and improve your chances ofsurvival with permanent upgrades. Playable offline! ⚔️ Fight inepic turn-based card battles ⚔️ Choose your play style with uniquepig heroes ⚔️ Laugh at funny card interactions ⚔️ Use permanentupgrades to progress Enjoy turn-based gameplay of Card Hog andbattle various enemies (slimes, knights, zombies, aliens, andvampires), collect cards and loot. Master various weapons and magicskills to slay bosses that stand in your path. Unlock hilariousachievements, completely challenges, and upgrade your pig hero. Dieand repeat the run again in a roguelite fashion! Every run isunique and every hog needs a different strategy to master. Learn touse enemies against each other and you'll adventure further! CardHog is a dungeon crawler that merges various roguelike,deckbuilding, and RPG elements into a fun turn-based game. If youlike bacon, enjoy card battles, deckbuilding and need an offlinegame - this one is for you! Made by SnoutUp, creator of baconflavored offline games like Iron Snout, Bacon May Die and CaveBlast.